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Hitman: Absolution User Blog

Dying Light's [Lack of] Preorder Exclusives

381d ago ... The topic of exclusive content in games has been a two-sided discussion since day one. On one hand, some people find it to be a nice incentive to buy a game on a certain platform or from a certain retailer, while others feel that it is an unnecessary evil that divides the community and allows some players to have access to more content within the game than others. Nine out of ten times, though,...

Breaking Down Xbox one (Part 3: Competition)

836d ago ... Competition The Wii U can’t compete with the Xbox One in any way as far as hardware goes. But the Wii U has one clear advantage and that’s price (library is always subjective). You can buy a Wii U for $299 and it comes with a game, that’s a $200 savings and price will be a common theme amongst the different comparisons. The PlayStation 4 is the Xbox One’s main competitor going into the...

Hard Pressed to be Impressed

1185d ago ... As we're nearing the beginning of a new year, I begin to wonder if 2013 will bear the sweet fruit of a mind-blowing video game. I often find myself thinking back to this year and considering the rather unimpressive displays I've experienced, my hope is nearly running dry. During my recollection of this year in gaming, I remember only a small handful of games that were able to whet my appetite,...
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