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Quiet Comments Kojima’s Creative Freedom On Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

1d 17h ago - In our long interview with Stefanie Joosten, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s Quiet has pro... | PC

What Is Hideo Kojima Going To Do Now?

11d ago - According to anonymous sources Hideo Kojima's contract with game developer and publisher Konami e... | Industry

See What TV Series Premiers this Month

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Kojima and del Toro Collaboration 'Needs to Happen,' Says Norman Reedus

14d ago - IGN: "The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, who would have been the star in Konami's now-cance... | Industry

Close Up: A Hideo Kojima Book: The Ultimate Guide to Metal Gear Solid

17d ago - What is it about Metal Gear that us fans find so fascinating? This strange franchise full of cons... | Culture

Hideo Kojima Possibly Explains MGS5's Ending: “There Is A Blank Space”, “Will Not Be Filled”

28d ago - Because in that blank space, there is always a hero, says Kojima in MGS5's official novel. | PC

Is that really how Metal Gear Solid V ends? Kojima is hiding something [Spoilers]

30d ago - A reddit user has translated the Famitsu article: As you all might know, the Japanese gaming m... | PC

John Carpenter didn't sue Hideo Kojima because 'he's a nice guy'

32d ago - DTOID: "John Carpenter (Ghosts of Mars; Gorgon, the Space Monster) recently talked to Hollywoo... | Industry

Carmack vs. Kojima – The Legacies Compared

36d ago - Hideo Kojima and John Carmack are two of video gaming’s greatest minds and most iconic developers... | PC

The NewsCube Podcast 85: Sticky Fingers

38d ago - The Cubed Gamers team discuss issues of the day in gaming, including StarCraft match fixing, the... | Culture

Kojima's departure is the end of an era for Japanese development

39d ago - Not all publishers will handle the mobile transition as badly as Konami - but they're all headed... | Industry

Hideo Kojima Is Still An Employee At Konami

39d ago - There are sources that says that hideo kojima is still an employee at Konami. | PC

Konami Denies Hideo Kojima Has Left Company

40d ago - CGM Writes: In a report by The New Yorker, it claimed that Hideo Kojima had left Konami for good... | Industry

The Strange Parallels Between Destiny and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

52d ago - Destiny and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain couldn't be more different, right? Actually, the... | PS3

Gaming industry greats, part one: Gabe Newell, Hideo Kojima and Rhianna Pratchett | Gearburn

52d ago - "Today we are living in the “golden age” of gaming. The world of video games has never enjoyed th... | Culture

Is Konami’s Decision To “Continue” With The Metal Gear Franchise Simply A Move To Hurt Hideo Kojima?

60d ago - TTZ: Can there be another Metal Gear Solid without creator Hideo Kojima? Would Konami simply cont... | Xbox 360

Konami Interview: Committed to Core Gamers, MGS doesn’t need Kojima

62d ago - Gameondaily interview Graham Day, the UK Community Manager for Konami who discusses their recent... | PC

This Is Not Hideo Kojima

69d ago - Brian Ashcraft: "I have been going to the Tokyo Game Show since 2004. I believe this is the fi... | Industry

Every game can be a Hideo Kojima game, if you just believe

72d ago - Sam Prell: "No longer bound to Konami, Metal Gear Solid series creator, writer, producer and d... | Industry

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Is Hideo Kojima's Finest Work

72d ago - The Phantom Pain is possibly the best stealth open world game in existence, possibly the best act... | PC

Hideo Kojima Tests Out PlayStation VR and Oculus Touch

73d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Hideo Kojima has been testing out PlayStation VR and Oculus Touc... | PC

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Fake MGS announcement website now links us to a Silent Hills revival petition

75d ago - The fake website that had trolled people for an upcoming MGSV announcement from Hideo Kojima has... | PS3

A Quiet Conversation

75d ago - Jim Sterling: I’ve got my umbrella primed for a torrent of boiled piss, as I’m about to sugges... | PC

Opinion: The Konami Conundrum

77d ago - NZGamer: nami have had an interesting year thus far. Alongside announcing plans to focus on free... | PC

The lost Kojima games we'll never play

77d ago - GR: "I watched Silent Hills along with everyone else as it burst - Hindenburg-esque - into fla... | Industry

Movies, Games and Hideos

77d ago - GS: My mum is a staunch pacifist. As a child I was never allowed anything even remotely violent... | Culture
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