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User Review : Heavy Rain

  • Great story{Amazing greaphics{Different from most anything else you will play
  • Voice acting is a little off at times{Moving charracters is weird sometimes

Heavy Rain pulls you in and does not let go until the end

I bought the game, and it actually sat around for a few days as i was somewhat busy, and was not sure what to expect from it but I wanted to give it a try. After starting the game, I hard a hard time putting the controller down. There is almost no point in the game where you are bored and think this is a good time to stop playing. The story is great, It connects on a emotional lever all throughout the game, the decisions it asks you to make, sometimes you have to pause the game and really think about what you want to do, what the outcome will be.

The graphics of the game are amazing, there is some low texture items at every once in a while but you have to look for them to notice. The voice acting is good but at times it looks a little off. The controls are weird at first but you get used to it as the game goes on. I have not finished the game yet, I had to work and stopped playing and now I feel like I want to hold off finishing it as I do not want the experience to come to an end. I have to admit the game does start off a little slow at the beginning, but once you get further into the game you will understand why it starts off slow. The game does a very good job of keeping you on your toes about the storyline, and also connecting to the characters you play.

I would recommend buying this game and not thinking about it twice, for the money its a great experience, something that is very lasting for me. And it also feels like a great change from MW2 or some of the other games out there, it really gives you new appreciation to owning a console.

Great change from other games, very well done for a new type of game
Great, but occasional low textures on small objects
Voice acting is great but can be a little off at times
Fun Factor
Can be a little slow at first but then you do not want to put the controller down
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GiantEnemyCrab2928d ago

Nice review but wow you had a different reaction than I did. This game gets no more than a 7 from me. Broken camera, bad controls and bad voice acting killed it.

butterfinger2927d ago

This game was too much of a glitchfest among other negatives (specifically the ones Crab listed) to be worth $60.

shazui1232926d ago

Controls make the game what it is. Camera feels good, best voice acting I've seen in videogames for quite a while. Never came across a single glitch and neither have any of my friends who play it ( 11 of them) Maybe this game just wasnt for you enemycrab.
Butterfingers you shouldnt even be here, fanboy. Worth $60 more than any other game this year IMHO.

butterfinger2926d ago

I don't give a sh!t if a million of your imaginary friends have played the game, it suffers from game-breaking glitches, corrupted save data, and freezing on a lot of copies (sorry, but I trust myself and Google more than your made up friends). Also, I find it absolutely hilarious that you call me a fanboy. What console are you trying to say I am a fanboy of? It's quite apparent that you don't know jack sh!t about me, and haven't even looked at my past comments or bio. Apparently having a negative review of a mediocre game makes you a fanboy in your eyes. Another thing; the best voice acting you've "seen"? There are two things wrong with this - for one, you don't "see" voice acting, and for two, you are absolutely retarded if you consider that voice acting anything better than decent. I hate to hear the robotic sounding conversations you and those imaginary friends have.

shazui1232925d ago

I dont give a sh!t that you're too blind and plain dumb to notice a great game when it comes. Im sorry but arent you the nerd with imaginary friends who sits on the forums here all day arguing with people that heavy rain is a bad game? ;)
There are hardly any bugs and glitches in the game, no more than any other game (less than ME2) I am calling you a fanboy simply because you act like one, you idiot. Mindlessly coming into ANY discussion about heavy rain and trashing it. Take note that every time you do, you are disagreed with by almost everyone. You are wrong and one day you'll realise this. This game is far from mediocre. Also the best voice acting that ive seen = best that ive witnessed, observed etc. Its extremely sad to get all grammar whorey with me over the internet, it makes you look like even more of a petulant child :)
Btw nice one calling me a retard, made you look real mature, surprised me because I didnt think you had THAT small a penis.
Good luck enjoying the best game of this year my friend (heavy rain btw)

butterfinger2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Look how defensive you get about your little purchase! Did you spend all of mommy's milk money on it? It's laughable how you try to say that I am immature then go on to insult my penis. LMAO. Maybe we should really be asking why the first response that comes to your mind invokes the thought of a man's penis. You can try to convince yourself as much as you'd like, but only an absolute MORON would think this game was new and exciting. Besides all of the things I listed before that are technically wrong with it, the plot is that of a bad movie. It's stupidly predictable.

BTW, are you that worried about what others think about you? I don't care if 10,000 people disagree with me on this site. It's a well-known fact that it is overrun with simpleton, blind PS3 fanboys like yourself. I find it odd that you would consider me a fanboy for bashing a game, also. Which console do you see me saying good things about that makes me a fanboy of it? Hmm... well... pretty much all of my comments pertain to the PS3. All you can do it insult people, though. You literally can't prove you are right at all. You're even too scared to PM me, but insult me in comment sections that I haven't been in. LMAO. Not to mention the fact that you won't put your PSN ID up on N4G. Are you too scared that we will all find out that you haven't played the game or don't have any friends? XD

maverick11912925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

wow look at crab and butterfinger trying to persuade everyone its just plain crap name me a game with a better story?

controls feel good
nothing up with camera
sorry but no glitches and i have the patch aswell that so called gives you more problems

you two just dont like because its not a FPS and its something thats completely different for a change and isn't your average go here kill here die here repeat

im sorry but this game is definitely worth the £60

butterfinger2925d ago

It's so cute seeing you little fangirls come in here and try to say that people that don't like this game only enjoy FPS. You have absolutely no idea what types of games I play, so perhaps you should stop assuming. Or maybe, you guys should post your PSN IDs on N4G like I did since I have nothing to hide about the games I've played (feel free to see where I beat the game twice lol). A game with a better story? There are a ton of them! Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 1 AND 2, Resistance Fall of Man, Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect, both games from the God of War Collection, and those are all just games from this gen! You children need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid that has clearly brainwashed you into thinking this was some sort of special experience. It felt like I was watching a made for TV movie with sad acting and characters that moved like robots from time to time.

maverick11912925d ago

1st of why do you think that everyone who replies to you is a child?

2nd use paragraphs

3rd mass effect better story than heavy rain lmao

you say heavy rain is basically a poorly made game yet you bought it? LOL you must of liked something about it to purchase it know one goes out and just buys a new game because its new people look at reviews and videos and then decide on whether to buy it so you must of liked something

why do you assume everyone is a child just because they reply back to you?

oh thats right you think you're better and mature than everyone LOL

how is the plot stupidly predictable? when you only find out who the killer is near the end im sorry but alot of people where surprised at who the killer was and didn't think it was him/her (not giving spoilers away)

stop going all green hulk defending your comments

you always try and make everything personal because someone replies back to you if you dont believe me pm and we'll talk it out add me online etc please give it up

you really do need to get your head out of your ass for once stop getting so personal because someone replies to your post you're acting so like a baby

no wonder you're ignored by 49 users please give it a break

butterfinger2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Perhaps you are not a child, but I don't see you proving that point to me. You ask me to use paragraphs, but there is absolutely no need as I everything I am typing pertains to one subject. Also, a bit of advice, before asking someone to fix something, maybe you should consider using capital letters, proper punctuation, and all of the words you meant to say. This, "you think you're better and mature than everyone," makes absolutely no sense. If you want to learn how to use your big boy voice, I will start treating you like a man, but until then you still look like a little kid in my book.

OK, I just read the rest of your garbage that you posted. I guess I will mention that you were the first one to attack Crab and myself trying to make it sound like we only play FPS when you know nothing about either one of us. Secondly, I must say I find it ironic that you mention my ignores. That is what happens when you have been on this site for 2 years and don't agree with every PS3 fanboy like yourself. Let me be the first to point out that I also have 10 people that track my profile. So let's see, you have 8 people ignoring you and no one tracking you (I'm guessing it's because you don't really offer anything of any significance to these threads). I've also noticed that you have 2 less bubbles than I do as well. It looks like people don't really want to hear what you have to say all that much.

maverick11912923d ago

wow look at him going into competition yeh but i have more bubbles than you

ive been on this site for 2 years and i only comment on the odd article frankly i dont care if you have a billion bubbles more it doesnt mean anything

more bubbles = more time spent on here means you basically just stick on this site all day i have a job and friends i got on this site everyday but only comment on the odd article

plus the more ignored you are shows you do talk some trash

me being here for 2 years and only 8 ignored on my list is far better than 49 in 2 years

stop acing like you're mr right and know it all bubbles ='s nothing

"but until then you still look like a little kid in my book."

that means no sense at all btw and frankly i dont want to be quizzed about how i dont make sense when you dont yourself

and you replying back about my english LOL shows you are a fussy git
its not a english class get over it people understand it move on

no point in replying back to you, you turn everything into a insult competition and thats sad spend less time on this forum like some people

thor2923d ago

Calm down folks, some people loved the game (I'm one of them) and others didn't like it so much. I personally can't understand why you'd think the story and voice acting is bad unless you're comparing it to films rather than other games; the story and voice acting in most games is laughably bad. Sure there are moments where the acting is poor, but I think for the most part, when you have some people claiming that it's great, it can't be that bad, now can it. Otherwise it wouldn't have fooled those people into thinking it's good.

I've had a couple of freezing issues, and a couple of graphical glitches, but I don't think it's fair to score the game down for these problems. After restarting I didn't have any recurring problems. There are plenty of other games out there with many bugs and glitches. Mass Effect suffers from visual artifacts on my computer, and it's more than powerful enough to run it! Doesn't make it any worse as a game.

The controls pissed me off during one chapter where I had to crawl through some vents. Worst gaming moment ever for me. So frustrating. But other than that, I felt the controls were generally smooth - point your head towards something, press R2, then look around when you reach your destination. Didn't spoil the experience at all, other than that one chapter which I can forget about.

I have no idea what Crab was talking about with the "bad camera". The camera angles are cinematic, and you can change them with L1 to look around. The control system is such that you let go of the left stick and just keep walking with R2 as the camera angle changes. The camera never got stuck behind objects and L1 always let me see whatever it was that I wanted to look at.

butterfinger2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

you have done nothing but insult me from the first comment you made. I was not the one that called you out. I ALSO was not the one that made this into an English lesson by telling you to use paragraphs, and my comment made complete sense. It isn't my fault that you don't have proper reading comprehension skills and think that separating almost every sentence constitutes a paragraph. What grade are you in, big guy? LMAO. It's hilarious how you start all of these things, but don't have the intelligence to realize what you have done or know how to stop it. Of course, then you went on to insult me by saying I have no life. The weird thing is, I DO have a life and you have just made another incorrect assumption about me. I have my own place, a job, I don't need mommy and daddy to buy me everything, can you say the same? Bubbles clearly show that more users want to hear more from you are saying and the fact of the matter is NOBODY is tracking you, and barely anyone has given you bubbles while 8 people have ignored you. I, personally don't care, but ONCE AGAIN you were the one that brought it up FIRST. Maybe you should stop starting fights with people that you have no chance of winning due to your inferior level of intelligence.

@Thor - I hope you realize none of this has been directed at people like you. I have been attacked constantly on this site for not liking this game, so I have felt the need to prove my point. Your comment was extremely well-balanced and unbiased. + Bubbles

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Dsnyder2923d ago

I knew when I first saw this game that most people would not get it. For the longest time I have always wanted a videogame that acted like a movie where you could choose your own path to determine the ending. Thats exactly what I got. This game take choice to a whole new level, none of that good or bad ending crap. There is a lot of in between choices. A lot of choices that make you question what good and evil really is. It messes with your mind and you get on edge. Thats what impressed me the most. There were moments where my hands were sweating from the tension in the story.

If your not intellegent enough to see what the goal of this game was, then go back to MW2 and Halo 3. Most people are too blinded by console wars or scared of the unfamiliar to get this game and I truly feel sorry for those people.

maverick11912923d ago


i love the game because its the only game that made me feel that i had to make the decisions and the story would open up based on my decisions i made the story basically which to me seemed amazing

butterfinger2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I will just assume that you are LOL'ing at yourself, because only a fanboy would feel so much pressure to defend his beloved PS3 exclusive. I bought the game on day one and beat it twice in three days, did you? Of course, you are the one that gets banned for being a fanboy, so that must say something about you. You know who I feel truly sorry for? I feel sorry for people like you guys that think you are somewhat more intelligent or mature for playing this game. Quantic Dream has clearly manipulated the simply minded with this one. You are so blind to it that you don't even stop to notice the plot holes or terrible voice acting. You probably played the entire game with your mouth open. lol. I would also like to note that I don't own Halo 3 OR Modern Warfare 2, but you have 4 shooters listed in your favorite PS3 games along with your self-confessed love for Metallica (LMAO). Once again, another ignorant fanboy comes in here pointing fingers and calling other people fanboys without even bothering to do any research of their past comment history. Your ignorance is way more mind-blowing than this game was.

BTW, Maverick, you made the story? LMAO. SPOILER ALERT: The killer is the same EVERY time! XD

Dsnyder2921d ago

Now wait just a second.

Are you trying to say that you dont like Metallica?

maverick11912922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

butterfinger please shut up

your embarrasing yourself

if you see my profile it really shows i dont care about n4g and my profile i just go for the odd news article and post the odd time not like you comparing that im sh!t because i have no one tracking me wooopdy doo i dont care do you get a prize for being tracked? NO

your basically calling him because of the games he plays wow fanboy much?

people obviously know you talk trash when your being ignored by 49 user (soon to be the big 50 congrats) and you've been here the same time as me

and oh yeah i do have a job and place so dont assume im a kiddy grow up and stop thinking that because someone comments you that you have to argue it out and beat them

last time i post about you now you're getting to the point where im actually laffing at what your putting so im ignoring you basically i win in your terms

stop making it all into a competition dude

butterfinger2922d ago

here for me to compete with! I am arguing with a couple of PS3 fanboys, and if you did some research into other's comments, you would actually learn a thing or two about them instead of just assuming sh!t all the time. DSnyder makes it very clear that he is a fanboy with just about everything he posts. It's not a big deal if you are a fanboy, but I'm not one so I don't need to hear that I am. Also, I would just like to point out that you KEEP going back to the stats on my profile, but you get your panties in a bunch when I mention yours. Did you notice that my ratio of ignores to tracks is also much better than yours? I have 5 ignores for every 1 track, while you have 8 ignores to every, um, well no one cares what you have to say apparently. lol. You can respond to this or PM me if you STILL can't resist the urge to respond, but I won't be returning to this page as I am now out of bubbles. You are an absolute waste of space that is full of nothing but lies. Your 3rd grade writing ability is the real joke here.

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