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User Review : Heavy Rain

  • deep and intuitive story and characters{multiple endings adds extra replay value{graphics and art direction immerse you in the tragic world
  • voice acting is off at points{occasional texture pop up{clunky controls at times

Small Decisions make a BIG difference

If you are reading this review you probably have already either played quantic dreams most recent interactive drama or have seen countless amount of trailers for this beautiful piece of art they force me to call a game.If you are the latter and you still struggle to find a decent reason to purchase this epic, I assure you Heavy Rain is probably one of the best if not the best way to waste 60 dollars.

Heavy Rain as a game by todays standards atleast, is a huge fail.It doesn't have a monosyllabic space marine as its protagonist, nor does it have that sterotypical hot headed soldier leading his troops into battle against a distant alien race.What it does have is a architect dad, a private eye detective, a fbi agent, and a photographer, all trying to find a lead to save a new victim from the diabolical hands of the serial killer known as the oragami killer. Face value, you would normally look at this plot as another lifetime movie,which in some espects it is, but with that being said I would be lying to you if this wasn't the most emotional experience I ever had with a video game.

Its hard for me to explain what make this game so emotionally engaging without spoiling key plot points for you, but I can say that you will feel some sort of emotion for every character you play as. Each character you play as is lovable and relatable. Wether it be for the fact that you can see a bit of yourself in the characters or that you sympathize for them and there situation, you are undoubtfully going to feel attached to them, espically for the character Ethan Mars, the scenes in which he was in are probably the most thought provoking scenes I have ever experienced in gaming history.

Story aside, the core gameplay is "different" from what gamers are use to. They are no preset button to attack or defend, nor is there a preset button to jump or do activities that are usually seen in video games today.Heavy Rain replaces the traditional control sceme from "x" to jump and "square" to attack by conveying actions through context senstive buttons (also known as quick time events) that allow players to do actions that are most "covenient" for any particular given time in a game. Movement is simple enough, R2 to walk forward, left analog stick to move to the direction you want to, right analog stick to exmaine things. The control sheme as controversial as it is, works fairly well for the most part. There are times when the controls are alittle clunky, espically when you are in a tight corridor, but nothing game breaking. The gameplay mechcanic itself works seemlessly with the story. Since Heavy Rain is a game that has a branching story and every little decisions has a drastic change on the plot,the controls are easy to grasp and get use to, which is something I suggest you do before proceding very far in Heavy Rain.

So with all that said theres only two things left to touch on the graphics and sound. Heavy Rain is probably the most photorealistic game out there. The character models are top notch and the scenery are both tragic and poetic in there own little disturbing way.There is a little texture pop in here and there but nothing drastic. The musical score is excellent and the voice acting is good. There are times when voice acting seemed alittle sketchy, but for the most part its fantastic. There are times in Heavy Rain where the characters voice express pain and agony that will send chills down your body.

In closing, Heavy Rain is techincal marvel that should not be missed by any playstation 3 owner. Its story will suck you in and its believable tale of these 4 individual lives is probably one of the immursing experience ever created.

The game controls as controversial as it may be works pretty well, and the quick time events maybe one of the most innovative way to tell a story in a game
The game itself is goreous in a very gitty and disturbing way.There are texture pop ins here and there but thats not enough to take away from Heavy Rains' beautiful set piece.
The sound is excellent for the most part. Voice acting can be strange at times but nontheless good.
Fun Factor
The game is definitely not "fun" to play.Not because the game is broken but because it puts you in real life situations that you would rather not like to picture yourself to be in. The game itself is definitely enjoyable to play probably more so than any other game on the market.
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CadDad2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Good write-up. You covered a lot of the same bases I would if I were to try and describe my feelings on HR. Good work!


GiantEnemyCrab2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Wow some of these user reviews are great but way generous.

This game is a 7 for me. Broken camera, bad controls and horrible voice acting..

You would LOOOOOVEEE Ninja Blade since you seem to think QTE's are all the rage with your 10 for fun factor.. and more fun than any game on the market?? Wow, QD should hire you. :)

shazui1232807d ago

get out of every heavy rain review there is. Noone shares your odd opinion so deal with it dude :)

butterfinger2807d ago

Crab is absolutely right. Of course his opinion is odd on N4G, because he isn't a blind PS3 fanboy that is trying to justify his purchase like you are, shazui.