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Gamersmint Review: Heavy Rain - That sinking feeling

1763d ago - Gamersmint writes : "Heavy Rain is an ambitious game that tries hard to fuse two entertainme... | 1

The BitBag: Heavy Rain Review

1765d ago - The BitBag writes: "Kristen reviews one of the most amazing intresting games of this generat... | 1

PlayDevil: Heavy Rain PS3 review- the most depressing game of all time?

1766d ago - Heavy Rain has to be one of the most anticipated PS3 games of 2010- but did the PlayDevil reviewe... | 1

TQcast: Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist Video Review

1766d ago - Pros: Interesting play through, 5 possible endings, Madison Paige never gets old. Cons: Anno... | 1

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Evil Avatar: Heavy Rain Review

1766d ago - Evil Avatar writes: "Certain game designers like Hideo Kojima, seem a bit out of place in th... | 1

Game Critics: Heavy Rain Second Opinion

1767d ago - GC writes: "Back when survival-horror games were a capital-T "Thing," the gaming c... | 1

Review: Heavy Rain- Game-Smack Ireland

1768d ago - Jason from Game-Smack Ireland reviews the Playstation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain. Does this game blur... | 1

GameOn: Heavy Rain Review

1769d ago - The game's story revolves around a serial killer, known as the Origami Killer; the man is quite c... | 1

Gamer Limit Review: Heavy Rain Chronicles Episode 1: The Taxidermist

1769d ago - Gamer Limit writes "The actual run-time may be short, but this narrow focus and versatile st... | 1

The Lost Gamer: The Heavy Rain Chronicles- The Taxidermist Review

1770d ago - The Lost Gamer writes:"If you were a fan of Heavy Rain then the price tag is easily justifie... | 1

AggroGamer Mini Review: The Heavy Rain Chronicles: The Taxidermist

1772d ago - AggroGamer: "So you played through Heavy Rain and seen all the endings, now what do you do?... | 1

Diehard GameFAN Review: Heavy Rain

1775d ago - Diehard GameFAN writes: "That's right. I'm finally getting around to reviewing this. You're... | 1

Examiner.com Review: The Heavy Rain Chronicles Episode One - The Taxidermist

1776d ago - Heavy Rain's first piece of downloadable content, The Taxidermist, has arrived. Is it a worthy ad... | 1

Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist Review on NGN

1777d ago - New Game Network writes: "Heavy Rain for PS3 is probably one of the most engrossing and invo... | 1

Itchy Thumbs: Heavy Rain Review

1778d ago - Itchy Thumbs writes: "When we, as writers, begin to play a game, an initial sense of how to... | 1

Gamer 2.0 Review: Heavy Rain

1778d ago - Gamer 2.0 writes: "When trying to create a dynamic story where a player's decisions create u... | 1

About: Heavy Rain Review

1778d ago - About writes: "Heavy Rain is a gorgeous next gen adventure game that tells a dark and fascin... | 1

Insomnia: Heavy Rain review

1778d ago - Alex Kierkegaard writes: "Heavy Rain's problems are numerous and extensive, and we will shor... | 1

PopMatters: Heavy Rain Review

1779d ago - GP writes: "In one chapter in Heavy Rain, two characters pull guns, and I'm suddenly in a st... | 1

MyGamer: Heavy Rain Review

1779d ago - Since the initial tech demo revealed back when the PS3's hype train had just begun, Heavy Rain ha... | 1

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

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Gametactics Reviews Heavy Rain

1779d ago - Back in 2005, Quantic Dream released Indigo Prophecy. It was their attempt to do what few develop... | 1

GameOver: Heavy Rain Review

1780d ago - GameOver writes: "Heavy Rain is Quantic Dream's latest attempt to blend traditional gaming a... | 1

TQcast: Heavy Rain Review

1781d ago - Quantic Dreams and Director David Cage have much to say with this dark story of loss and pain. Ta... | 1

Games Xtreme: Heavy Rain Review

1781d ago - As the videogame industry grows all kinds of new and innovative ideas flourish into life providin... | 1

GIAG: Heavy Rain Review

1781d ago - GIAG: "So here we stand, on the precipice of a new age of gaming, where story is as im... | 1

Heavy Rain

Average Score 8.8 Reviews(383)
Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
JP 18 February 2010
AU 25 February 2010
US 23 February 2010
EU 24 February 2010
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