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Heavy Rain Previews  

Heavy Rain: Defining A Genre

1631d ago - It has been said that Heavy Rain may only cater to a niche market and while that may be true, how... | 1

The Game Journal - Demo Impressions: Heavy Rain

1632d ago - The Game Journal writes: "Heavy Rain's demo makes a strong first impression. Somber music pl... | 1

For 'Heavy Rain' Sake, Know Your PS3 Controls; Demo Impressions w/ Topless Pic

1632d ago - PerezStart writes: Ever get mixed up pressing a button on your controller? Triangle instead of S... | 1

VGC: Heavy Rain Demo Impressions

1632d ago - VGC writes: "First, for those that don't know, Heavy Rain is an interactive drama. Almost ev... | 1

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Heavy Rain Demo Impression (via Platform Nation)

1632d ago - In less than two weeks, the full game will finally be released exclusively for the PS3. It's been... | 1

VGChartz: Heavy Rain Demo Impressions

1632d ago - VGChartz writes: "From what I've played (and this is my first experience of the genre),... | 1 Heavy Rain Demo Hands-On Impressions

1633d ago - Heavy Rain's demo offers two chapters of the interactive dramatic thriller. How is the Heavy Rain... | 1

Why Heavy Rain will redefine gaming: Demo impressions

1633d ago - "With access to the Heavy Rain demo coming earlier than expected, The Gaming Vault took it u... | 1,11

Heavy Rain Retail First Look

1635d ago - Mike Tomasson, writer from Platform Nation talks about his first experiences with the retail vers... | 1

FG: Heavy Rain Preview

1640d ago - FG: "Heavy Rain is one of the most exciting prospects that we have seen on the PS3 to d... | 1

Hands-on: Heavy Rain: A Masterpiece of Game Development - Examiner

1641d ago - Sony and Quantic Dream had a mission to create a game experience like no other. While Indigo Prop... | 1

Heavy Rain Hands-On Impression | Just Push Start

1641d ago - "Since it was announced two years ago, Heavy Rain is a title that gamers are wondering exact... | 1

Gamez: Heavy Rain Preview

1644d ago - Gamez writes: "Four recognizable characters who each in their own way with a mysterious seri... | 1

Gamebosh: Heavy Rain Preview

1648d ago - When big name publishers announce AAA titles, most gamers have an initial, knee-jerk reaction as... | 1

InsideGamer: Heavy Rain Impression

1650d ago - IG writes: "Misery, gloomy locations, personal problems and that a serial killer running aro... | 1
20° Preview: Heavy Rain

1654d ago - How far will I be able to go to save those I love? Apparently, I begin by letting t... | 1

Exploring the 'Physical Action/Reaction' of Heavy Rain

1655d ago - Nick Chester @ Destructoid: "After spending hours with a preview build of Quantic Dream's He... | 1

Gamesurf Preview: Heavy Rain

1655d ago - Gamesurf: Involve the player, "pierce" the screen and cross that barrier that separates... | 1

GameKult Preview: Heavy Rain

1658d ago - GameKult: Whereas at the turn after Fahrenheit with undeniable qualities but tempered by a scenar... | 1

Hooked Gamers: Heavy Rain Preview

1659d ago - After they finish with Uncharted 2, Playstation 3 owners have another exclusive coming their way... | 1

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review

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Heavy Rain Impressions : CES 2010

1660d ago - "For, Heavy Rain is the most mysterious game of the year. The PS3 exclusi... | 1

Fragland: Heavy Rain Preview

1661d ago - Fragland writes: "It's difficult to write a preview when there's so little to say in order t... | 1

Yahoo: Heavy Rain Preview

1662d ago - Intense human drama stretches PlayStation 3 to its audio, visual, and interactive limits, making... | 1

CES: Heavy Rain PS3 a slick thriller

1662d ago - Sony Corp.'s U.S. game division this week demonstrated the latest build of the title Heavy Rain f... | 1

Level7 Preview: Heavy Rain

1665d ago - Level7: I have never seen a game that I want to write so much about, but that I should write so l... | 1

Heavy Rain

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Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
JP 18 February 2010
AU 25 February 2010
US 23 February 2010
EU 24 February 2010
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