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From FogKnight   RPGs are one of the biggest genres in the history of gaming. As text-based video games have role-playing elements implemented in...

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What Quantic Dream Can Learn from Telltale Games

358d ago - Heavy Rain, an interactive drama released in 2010 by Quantic Dream, puts players in a role in whi... | PS3

Friday Night Rant: Get This Stuff Out Of My Games

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Realistic or artistic: How do you prefer games to look?

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Modern video games... as playable text adventures - Heavy Rain

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Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Before Playstation 4: 5 ‘Must Play’ PS3 Games

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Heavy Rain Text Adventure: The Beginning of a New Trend?

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5 Games To Help You Survive The Heatwave

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Stupid Console Games You Should Play : Heavy Rain

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Video: Heavy Rain... if its characters were posh Brits

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The Best Video Game Soundtracks of This PlayStation Generation

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Could Episodic Gaming Change The Future of the Industry?

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Interview with David Cage from Quantic Dream

379d ago - Turkish Video Game Portal Merlin'in Kazanı interviewed with Quantic Dream's boss David Cage. | PS3

Stolen Moments: Uncharted 2, among other thieves

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Super Murderous Bros. – about games and violence

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Top 7 PS3 Experiments

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The in-game heroes

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Phoenix Down 13.1 – Heavy Rain

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Gamer-at-Arms – Metagame

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Top 10 Best Mystery Games of All Time

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PS, We Love You: Harnessing the Power of PlayStation 3

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Mind Zero (Vita) Review

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Phoenix Down 13.0 – Heavy Rain

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LGA's Top 10 PS3 Exclusives

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The Best Games of the Past Console Generation

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Top 10 Mindboggling Plot Twists in Video Games

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Hardcore Gamer Show, Episode 25: The Blast Cast

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