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Game Music Daily Week Nine

484d ago - Check out these great soundtracks! StarHawk, Heavy Rain, Awesomenauts, Katamari Damacy, Warsow,... | PS2

Graphics Over Gameplay: Can ‘Beyond’ Creator David Cage Innovate?

563d ago - David Cage is talented. He works as a musician, writer and video game designer but is best known... | PS3

At a Glance: Psyonix

Now - Psyonix is an independent developer that has also worked closely with some of the biggest publishers and developers on a wide array of titles. Toda... | Promoted post

GodisaGeek's Games of the Generation: 20-16

581d ago - GodisaGeek: "Part 2 of our Games of the Generation counts down from 20th to 16th". | Wii

Top 5 Games from Current Generation with Best Facial Technology

643d ago - GearNuke: This generation is about to end soon. Next month, we will finally get our hands on the... | Xbox 360

Moments: Heavy Rain’s Finger Dilemma

664d ago - How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love? These haunting words meet you at the ope... | PS3

David Cage: "The one thing I've learned is to never listen to businessmen"

687d ago - For those of us not in the room, it’s quite hard to imagine how David Cage pitched Heavy Rain to... | Culture

Modern video games... as playable text adventures - Heavy Rain

713d ago - GamesRadar - Ever wondered how modern video game stories would play out as classic text adventure... | PS3

5 Games To Help You Survive The Heatwave

714d ago - Gary Swaby of thekoalition.com writes: As I sit here in my vest and shorts sweating away half of... | PS3

Presentation Over Gameplay: The Growing Trend in Game Design

787d ago - Not too long ago, graphics were all the rage. Now it seems a new plague has emerged to ruin fun e... | Industry

David Cage: “I’m not creating products, I’m trying to create experiences”

791d ago - Heavy Rain was received with mixed reactions when it launched in 2010, and creator David Cage has... | PS3

Fan Art Feature: Gaming propoganda and posters by Titch-IX

792d ago - StickSkills: "Mark Thomson is a talented artist. A student from the United Kingdom, Mark has crea... | PC

Top 10 Rainiest Games [Game Rant]

803d ago - April showers bring may flowers, and a few memorable gaming experiences as well. Here’s our list... | PC

The importance of emotions in video games

810d ago - VideoGamer Portugal: Because a video game can be able to make us cry. | Nintendo DS

Five Rare PlayStation 3 Games

838d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Before the PlayStation 4 releases and starts to gain momentum with gamers, we dec... | PS3

The Top 20 Most Depressing Video Games of All Time | Tech Digest

853d ago - A run down of 20 of the most depressing games of all time, including gems such as Fallout 3, The... | PS2

The Reinventing of the Adventure Game

871d ago - Eskimo Press: "Remember those point and click classics? All those great series like Police Quest,... | PC

Heavy Rain maker argues that games need to grow up and offers nine ways to make that happen

880d ago - David Cage scolded the game industry for making the same games over and over and urged the game i... | Industry

The Story Mechanic Part Fourteen: David Cage: Cutscene Murderer

899d ago - GodisaGeek: "What does Heavy Rain do that makes me think I can drag some relevancy out of it in 2... | PS3

Adventure Time: The Return of a Great Gaming Genre

902d ago - If The Walking Dead’s garland of Game of the Year awards and $40m of revenue prove anything, it’s... | PC

Rated M for Maturity

939d ago - GdiNews: "The M or 18 rating used to be reserved for games which were simply violent or bloody an... | PC

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

Gaming Revelations: Who Really Killed Jason?!

1027d ago - 8bitfix writes: It was a normal sunny that quickly turned to tragedy. We are all familiar with th... | PS3

Gaming by Definition

1059d ago - ThunderBolt: When I played Uncharted 3 I played it for the story. That was an example of a bol... | PS3

10 of the most beautiful box art designs in gaming

1080d ago - The gallery inside features games across multiple eras of the industry’s history, but they all sh... | Culture

PS3's 'Beyond: Two Souls' Gives Us Gameplay, Plot, and Ellen Page

1080d ago - 2010’s Heavy Rain wasn’t merely a PS3 game: It was an cinematic choose-your-own adventure with mu... | PS3

7 dream game movie posters: Joss Whedon's Mass Effect, Sam Worthington as Master Chief...

1139d ago - CVG: Will these potential blockbusters ever get made? | PC
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