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Heavenly Sword Blu-ray Review | Metal Arcade

277d ago - Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes: Heavenly Sword was a breathtakingly beautiful and critical... | Culture

Underrated Game of the Week: Heavenly Sword

679d ago - Underrated Game of the Week: Heavenly Sword | PS3

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Heavenly Sword Review | Sony-Gamer

775d ago - A review on Heavenly Sword from a Home theater perspective covering things that are often omitted... | PS3

VGTribune Retrospective Review: Heavenly Sword

2052d ago - VGTribune writes: "An evil king, Bohan, seeks the Heavenly Sword for himself to increase his... | 1

Game Meets Girl Reviews Heavenly Sword

2195d ago - Game Meets Girl from GamesOnSmash.com reviews Heavenly Sword. View the video review after the jump. | 1

Loot Ninja's Heavenly Sword Review

2790d ago - Heavenly Sword is probably the biggest hyped game on the PS3 thus far. The game has an epic story... | 1

Destructoid review: Heavenly Sword 8/10

2790d ago - For a game that started life as a PC title bound for next-gen consoles -- the Xbox 360 among them... | 1

Heavenly Sword gets a 9/10 from Extreme Gamer

2792d ago - The canadian reviewer had this to say :- Heavenly Sword's lush presentation, graphical prowe... | 1

Heavenly Sword gets a 9/10 from Deeko

2792d ago - The reviewer had this to say :- In the end, I think the Playstation 3 has finally gotten ano... | 1

Heavenly Sword gets 6.5 from AusGamers.com

2792d ago - There's a lot riding on Heavenly Sword for Sony at the moment. With Xbox 360 still kicking ass (w... | 1

Heavenly Sword Review by PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)

2792d ago - PALGN Scores: Graphics: 9.5 - Brilliant across the board. Heavenly Sword sets a new standard... | 1

Heavenly Sword Review by VideoGames.co.nz

2792d ago - Pros: Epic setting, motion sensor weaponry, fantastic audio and quite literally a cinematic quali... | 1

Heavenly Sword Review - 8.0

2792d ago - Ripten.com reviews the Sony PS3 exclusive title Heavenly Sword. "Heavenly Sword is a go... | 1

Review: Heavenly Sword 9.4/10

2793d ago - A stunningly beautiful martial arts drama set in a mythical time and place in the Far East, Heave... | 1

Heavenly Sword Review

2796d ago - Heavenly Sword, a game from heaven with a beautiful women who looks like she was sent heaven. Tod... | 1

PS3 Fanboy review: Heavenly Sword

2797d ago - When talking about Heavenly Sword, it's hard not to bring up SCEA's fantastic God of War series.... | 1

Gamespy Review Heavenly Sword

2805d ago - After receiving a retail copy of Heavenly Sword, Gamespy has posted their final review of the gam... | 1

Heavenly Sword: DailyGame Review

2805d ago - DailyGame: "With production values rivaling the best Hollywood films and diverse but short g... | 1

Heavenly Sword - "Hot girl, cool sword. A match made in Heaven"

2805d ago - Hot girl, cool sword. For many gaming fans, it sounds like a match made in heaven. But what makes... | 1

Heavenly Sword: TrustedReviews.com Review

2805d ago - Stuart Andrews of TrustedReviews wrote an in-depth 4-page review of Heavenly Sword. His verdict:... | 1

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'Heavenly Sword' bridges gap between gaming and cinema

2806d ago - The Maneater: "If you are interested in games as movies, 'Heavenly Sword' is your bag. If no... | 1

AtomicGamer gives 8.9/10 to Heavenly Sword

2806d ago - Finally another great review of this amazing game. This is what the reviewer said :- Ni... | 1

PSU Gives Heavenly Sword a 9/10 "Masterpiece"

2806d ago - The environments, cast, characters, storyline, and virtually everything in Heavenly Sword is asto... | 1

Great-looking 'Heavenly Sword' comes up short

2806d ago - MSNBC contributor Ken Smith writes: If Sony's "Heavenly Sword" were a film, it wou... | 1

PGNX MEDIA gives 9.3/10 to Heavenly Sword

2806d ago - This is what the reviewer said :- The PS3's latest must-have. A game that critics called &qu... | 1

Heavenly Sword

Average Score 7.6 Reviews(69)
Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
EU 14 September 2007
US 12 September 2007