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GameSpy: Heavenly Sword Out of the Box

3009d ago - GameSpy writes: "As a launch title for the PS3, this game would have been an epic achievemen... | 1

Heavenly Sword Updated Hands-On

3011d ago - GameSpot got their hands on a near-final build of Heavenly Sword to see how the anticipated actio... | 1

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PS3 Paradise - Warhawk, Lair, Uncharted & More

3016d ago - Techtree's Navneet Prakash writes: "In spite of being under a lot of scrutiny lately for i... | 1

Heavenly Sword Preview

3022d ago - Heavenly Sword tells the history of a revenge, that Nariko, a heroin with the red hair, against a... | 1

BC's First Impressions: Heavenly Sword

3024d ago - Heavenly Sword promises to be the first epic exclusive game for the PS3. With huge battles and bo... | 1

CVG previews Heavenly Sword

3028d ago - Ambitious doesn't seem like a big enough word for Heavenly Sword. We've all heard whispers about... | 1

Inside Gamer Heavenly Sword Impressions

3028d ago - For Inside Gamer the game season has started already. Yesterday, came a big surprise: the preview... | 1

GameSpot: Heavenly Sword Updated Hands-On

3029d ago - As one of the first PlayStation 3 games to catch people's eyes, way back at E3 2006, Heavenly Swo... | 1

Heavenly Sword - "Sexy Redhead. Huge Sword. Next-gen"

3031d ago - That's how Tameem Antonaides, co-founder of Ninja Theory, described Heavenly Sword to SPOnG when... | 1

Eurogamer Preview - PlayStation 3: 2007's Most Wanted

3036d ago - Of all PlayStation 3's forthcoming releases, the most interesting and significant is neither a ga... | 1

Heavenly Sword Hands-On Preview

3037d ago - It's no secret that Heavenly Sword has been in the works for some time. Most people were initiall... | 1

Heavenly Sword hands-on preview with Ninja Theory's sexy redhead

3037d ago - Even the most seasoned gigolo will tell you to stay away from red heads. Fiery, adventurous and a... | 1

Heavenly Sword - updated hands-on

3038d ago - It's been a dry first year for PlayStation 3 owners, but the trickle of long-awaited exclusives b... | 1

Eurogamer:Heavenly Sword first impressions

3040d ago - By now you'll have read Eurogamer's recent Heavenly Sword first impressions. By now you'll have d... | 1

Hands-On With Heavenly Sword

3042d ago - Today at the office, IGN were fortunate enough to receive a preview build of Ninja Theory's great... | 1

Heavenly Sword Chapter 2 Gameplay Video

3043d ago - A member at Kotaku.com received an early build of 10 levels from chapter 2 of Heavenly Sword. Alt... | 1

Heavenly Sword demo'd

3044d ago - JOYSTIQ: "That was it...? As the most significant chunk of data to hit PSN since Gran Turism... | 1

Heavenly Sword: Hands-on - A day with a near final version..

3044d ago - Will Freeman of Pro-G writes: " From the first cut-scene it strikes you. The emotion in the... | 1

Heavenly Sword Preview- Twelve minutes video including new footage

3050d ago - Here is a brand new 12 minutes preview of Heavenly Sword including a brand new gameplay footage.... | 1

Eurogamer's first impressions: Heavenly Sword

3050d ago - Heavenly Sword is one of those annoying games that everyone has heard everything about, but nobod... | 1

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Joystiq impressions: Heavenly Sword

3055d ago - No, it's not Goddess of War. Many have been quick to pass this game as "God of War with a ch... | 1

New Heavenly Sword Impressions and Screens From UK Show

3063d ago - The UK Show Bravo featured Heavenly Sword, and with it some new unseen exclusive footage, which h... | 1

E3 Pre-Event Coverage: Heavenly Sword

3065d ago - Flowing red hair, a short skirt and sexy acrobatics; it doesn't take much to fall for Nariko, the... | 1

Heavenly Sword Dev Blog

3071d ago - The folks at IGN have given Ninja Theory the chance to share with you the latest news and behind-... | 1

Heavenly Sword Preview By Techtree

3098d ago - Techtree says: There is something very enchanting and intriguing about girls with weapons, n... | 1

Heavenly Sword

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