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Natsume E3 2012 Booth Overview and Digital Future [Capsule Computers]

1084d ago - Natsume's biggest showing was for Harvest Moon, but they had plenty of their digital offerings to... | Wii

Rising Star Games Announce Two New Harvest Moon Titles

1753d ago - Rising Star Games has today announced that two new Harvest Moon games are set to hit the market,... | Nintendo DS

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Natsume on success and wearing many hats

1989d ago - The other week Examiner got some insight straight from CEO Hiro Maekawa on how Natsume has manage... | 1,3,5

K-Project Eden Review: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

1990d ago - Harvest Moon games usually get passed up, but Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming offers just enough pu... | 5

The Escapist Review: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

2046d ago - The Escapist: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming (DS) is a puzzle game in which your goal is to harv... | 5

GamesRadar: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Review

2062d ago - This isn't the first time the seemingly disparate worlds of farming and puzzling have come togeth... | 5

GameZone: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Review

2066d ago - GameZone writes: "Farming is anything but a frantic process. It requires the patience of a s... | 5

NWR: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Review

2067d ago - For a puzzle game departure from a slow-paced simulation series, Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming re... | 5

GamerDad Review - Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

2083d ago - So let's say you enjoy the idyllic farm life in the Harvest Moon simulation titles, but find the... | 5

411mania: The Release List for the Week of August 24, 2009

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The New Releases Show Week of 08.23.09

2104d ago - Gamervision writes: "This week's new releases woke me up from my summer snoozing like a pu... | 1,2,3,4,5

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Gameplay Trailer Released and New Details Revealed

2122d ago - Natsume today released the official gameplay footage for Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming, first sho... | 5

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Sprouts This August

2130d ago - Natsume has just announced that their next Harvest Moon game, Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming, will... | 5

GamersInfo: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming First Look

2165d ago - GamersInfo writes: "There's a story to go along with all of the logic puzzles, but you have... | 5

NWR: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Impressions

2181d ago - NWR writes: "Natsume brings Harvest Moon back to the handheld puzzle game market with a new... | 33,5

GameZone Preview: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

2182d ago - In relation to last year's Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness on the Nintendo DS, Natsume is relea... | 33,5

Binge Gamer E3 2009: Hands On - Harvest Moon Frantic Farming

2183d ago - Binge Gamer writes: "Read the site enough, and you'll quickly learn that the Harvest Moon fr... | 33,5

Gaming Union: A New Crop of Harvest Moon Previews

2185d ago - Gaming Union writes: "Ever since the original Harvest Moon on the Super NES in 1997, Natsume... | 33,3,5

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming and Sushine Island Screens

2192d ago - With all of the news surrounding the latest Harvest Moon games being developed by Natsume, Defaul... | 3, 5

GameZone Interview: Graham Markay Discusses Harvest Moon's Newest Puzzle Game, Frantic Farming

2214d ago - GameZone writes: "Harvest Moon is known for producing insanely addictive simulation gameplay... | 5

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411mania's Release List for the Week of April 20, 2009

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IGN: Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Hands-On

2236d ago - Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming is still a touch-screen exclusive design, but instead of scribbling... | 5

Guilty Pleasure Games: What's Yours?

2291d ago - "There are some things in my life that I'm proud of. I have wicked strong fingernails and ma... | 11

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming - 10 New Screenshots

2292d ago - Natsume has released 10 new screenshots for their upcoming Nintendo DS title, Harvest Moon: Frant... | 5

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Announced for Spring 2009

2292d ago - Natsume Inc. (a publisher of family-oriented games) today has announced that they will be publish... | 5

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

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