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Halo 4 Review | VGU

754d ago - Check out VGU's review of Halo 4! | Xbox 360

Xbox360GamerSA Review: Halo 4 "impressive cut scenes and masterful sound effects"

757d ago - A review of the recently released and highly anticipated Halo 4. | Xbox

[GM Review] Red vs. Blue Season 10(Blu-ray)

767d ago - GaniManga says "It has been so long since the first the first episode of Red vs. Blue first debut... | Xbox 360

Halo 4 Review - The Sun

771d ago - You say Halo, we say good buy, as Master Chief steers series into the 24th Century. | Xbox 360

Far Cry 4 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken finds his inner tiger in Kyrat. | Promoted post

Review - Halo 4 | Thirteen1

779d ago - It must be a daunting task, stepping in to take over from a company like Bungie. After all, not o... | Xbox 360

Eurogamer Review: Halo 4

780d ago - Eurogamer: "It's a beautiful game, with none of the garish colours that spoiled the remake of Com... | Xbox 360

In-depth Review: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Electronic Theatre

1096d ago - Ten years since the launch of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, and ten years since developers B... | Xbox

TheReviewcast - Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

1127d ago - Ten years ago,what would become one of the most influential games in console history was released... | Xbox 360

Halo Anniversary Review - TekGoblin

1127d ago - TekGoblin: Back when 343 announced it was going to release a new version of Halo CE for it’s 1... | Xbox

ROQ Review: Halo CE Anniversary

1129d ago - Well, to start things off. Halo CE Anniversary is a remake of the first Halo CE from 10 years ago... | Xbox 360

Neocrisis: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

1131d ago - Neocrisis: The original Halo ten years ago made a huge impact of console gaming. It was the first... | Xbox 360

Book Review: Halo – The Art of Building Worlds - Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming

1132d ago - Ten years have flown by as we've cut down Grunts, played hours of Team Slayer on Blood Gulch and... | Xbox

Single-Player Review: Halo CE Anniversary - Game-Smack Ireland

1132d ago - There was a time before the First Person Shooter genre was oversaturated, a time in fact when peo... | Xbox 360

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review (GodisaGeek.com)

1132d ago - "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has successfully re-captured the original title brilliantly and... | Xbox 360

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review (Gamerlive.tv)

1132d ago - Master Chief returns, and it's a most welcome one. | Xbox 360

The Great Journey - Halo: The Art of Building Worlds Review (thisisxbox.com)

1158d ago - ThisisXbox writes: "It’s hard to believe that nearly ten years have flown by since Bungie first u... | Xbox 360

D+PAD Magazine - Halo: The Great Journey – The Art of Building Worlds - Reviewed

1165d ago - D+PAD Magazine writes: The front cover of Titan Books’ ‘Halo: The Great Journey – The Art of B... | Xbox 360

(WGB) Halo: The Essential Visual Guide - Review

1168d ago - Baden of WolfsGamingBlog: "Having just finished reading and reviewing the revised Halo Encycloped... | Xbox 360

WGB: Halo Encyclopedia 2011 Revised Edition - Review

1169d ago - Baden of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "Before I begin this review I have a startling, shocking, horren... | Xbox 360

[TBDW?] HALO: The Essential Visual Guide Review

1178d ago - Exactly as the name would suggest, HALO: The Essential Visual Guide is far more than just words.... | Xbox 360

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Nave360: Defiant Map Pack review

1368d ago - Nave360 - Ben reviews the latest DLC for Halo Reach, the Defiant Map Pack, which was developed by... | Xbox 360

Gaming Till Disconnected Review: Halo: Reach Single Player

1553d ago - I review the single player elements of Halo: Reach, looking at the campaign, Firefight, along wit... | Xbox 360

Multiplayer.it: Halo Reach review

1558d ago - A story with an intense and passionate dedication to the single player campaign that was missing... | Xbox 360

Classic Game Room: Halo Reach Review

1561d ago - Part 1 of 2. Classic Game Room reviews HALO REACH for Xbox 360 from Bungie. Noble Team, prepare t... | Xbox 360
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