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Games That Never Made It Out of Beta

145d ago - What MMO or MOBA titles do you know that never made it out of beta? We list down six interesting... | PC

The List: 5 Singleplayer Games That Could Be MMOs

358d ago - David Jagneaux of MMORPG writes: "As has become customary here at MMORPG, this week’s list is the... | PC


Now - The largest video game wiki platform on the web, featuring hundreds of community-driven wiki projects. | Promoted post

"Bold and beautiful" Halo MMO would have been "massive blockbuster for Microsoft"

1161d ago - OXM: "It was a very exciting time at Ensemble," reveals Halo Wars developer. | Xbox 360

Blizzard's Titan and Ensemble's cancelled Titan

1663d ago - Inspecting the theory of Blizzard's new MMO being Ensemble's cancelled MMO - Titan or Halo MMO. | PC

Top Sexiest Females Exclusive to the Xbox This Generation

1888d ago - Jonathan Lynch writes: "When it comes to games, this generation of home consoles hasn't seen... | 2

Top 5 Most Bad-Ass Male Leads in Recent Video Game History

1891d ago - Brandon Thompson writes: "In the world of games the male lead has a lot of responsibility on... | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Videogame Roundtable Episode 8: Hating Microsoft, Too

1901d ago - Jonah Falcon and Richard Elliott host the latest Videogame Roundtable, as Jonah declares his hatr... | 1,2,3,11,12,13

Halo MMO a "WoW killer"? Unlikely.

1903d ago - Maybe people should start focusing on making their MMO's original and fun, rather than pumping ou... | 2, 12

Six Awesome Games That Were Never Released

2087d ago - Loot Ninja writes: "Feeling a bit too happy today? I'm not – looking over this list of... | 1, 2, 8, 12

Top 8 Gaming Franchises that Need to Die

2088d ago - PS University writes "Our Top 8 lists make a triumphant return this week and I've decided to... | 1,2,3,11

Real World Halo Warthog

2133d ago - Early in August, Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, Australia, was host to a Halo 3: ODST event.... | 2,11

Halo and Gears Comics Out Tomorrow

2170d ago - X360a writes: "Following a distress signal from the overrun city of Jilane, Delta Squad... | 2, 11, 12

Bungie - A One-Trick Pony?

2206d ago - "After announcing their fifth Bungie-developed Halo game, we wonder if Bungie has maxed out... | 2

Why Halo franchise is not a sleeper

2235d ago - South Side Gamer writes "Every once in a blue moon there is a magical game series that will... | 2

Panorama Bonanza

2251d ago - radiant penguin stopped in with a bunch of new panoramas - great work! Check 'em. | 2

Video Game Characters Mt. Rushmore: Who is on Yours?

2273d ago - In the video game world there has been no such monument built so PWN or DIE thought it would be f... | 1,2,3,7,11

Halo Encyclopedia coming

2276d ago - Crispy Gamer: For those who can't get enough Halo information, DK Publishing has announced they... | 2,13

How FPS Became the Hottest Genre in Gaming

2290d ago - First-Person Shooters weren't always as popular as it is now. Here is how the genre has evolved t... | 1,2

Can Halo forever be Microsoft's trump card?

2308d ago - Quentyn from AnalogHype writes: "I think it would be an understatement to simply say that Ha... | 1,2,13

Domestic Heroine: The Reality of Dating a Videogame Hottie

2407d ago - The women in videogames are magnificent specimens. They are the object of fantasies for videogame... | 2, 3, 8, 11, 12

LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post

Developer Talks About Halo MMO

2410d ago - Softpedia writes: " We all know that Ensemble Studios, one of the biggest developers of stra... | 2,15

Halo MMO was well underway

2416d ago - Develop: Ensemble team working on title was up to nearly 40 people; game model was based on World... | 2,13

Bungie and Microsoft Drifting Apart - Exclusive Interview

2428d ago - "A tense relationship between the companies is opening the door to the PS3 and more…"... | 1,2,12,15

Master Chief Costume - $630 Worth of Awesomeness

2441d ago - Need an uber badass, yet nerdy, Halloween costume? Costumes, Inc. has begun offering an officiall... | 2,11

Cool Stuff: Master Chief Helmet That You Can Wear

2451d ago - Slashgamer Writes: "Just in time for Halloween, Microsoft has officially licensed this Halo... | 2,8
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