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User Review : Halo 3

  • Awesome Campaign mode{Multiplayer is better than ever{Lots of custimization (Forge, Custom, Game options, Player models, ect)
  • Some Multiplayer Maps are annoying.{Melee sytem needs more work.{Minor hit detection isses.

The Fight is Finished

The year is 2553, sometime after the events of Halo 2, Earth has been all but conquered by the now Brute lead Covenant, the Prophet Of Truth seaks to activate the remaining Halo rings by using an age old Forerunner Artifact called The Ark.

Now Humanities hope rests on a new alliance with former enemies and one man.

Well, I waited 3 years for this game, Halo 2's cliffhanger ending left a sour taste in my mouth, and only this could make things better for the Halo franchise. I have a few minor complaints, but then again, nothing is perfect, it's just minor things that make multiplayer annoying at times, and the singleplayer campaign a tad bit dissapointing, but atleast brings things to a satisfying close.

The campaign mode is just awesome, better than Halo 2, Not as much back tracking, less repititive level design, and it is alot more open and fun than Halo 2's cramped corridors, bridges, ect.

Battles are simply awesome in this game, I love the scarab encounters, the enemy AI is pretty unpredictable this time around, The way enemies react to you, deploy equipment, etc is just simply awesome, Grunts are now dangerous aswell. But sadly, you allies can still be brain dead at times.

When it comes down to storyline, again Bungie did a great job, the cinema scenes are just amazing in this game, voice acting is superb, sadly though I dislike the Prophet Of Truth's new voice, they sadly replaced Michael Wincott with Terence Stamp who just does not do the characters voice justice.

The Soundtrack is also back to it's former glory, no outside bands this time like Halo 2's soundtrack.

Now, the controls are tweaked a bit, but overall it's an improvement from Halo 1's and 2's old scheme, only a few buttons have been affected, it amy take a bit to get use to it, but you will grow accustomed to them in no time.

The Multiplayer again returns better than ever, the new map editor makes things more customizable, and saved films are just awesome, armor permutations really make player customizations much more fun, but sadly some of the maps are just boring, Hit detection on the Sniper seems buggy and the new melee system causes many "WTF just happened?," moments.

Overall, this is just an awesome game, I would expect to see some minor improvements in the upcoming Auto Update, and hopefully some better maps in future DLC. The good thing is, the campaign mode just kicks ass, especially with 4 players over Xbox Live.

This is the Return Of The King of all Videogame trilogies.

The melee issues and hit detecton are the only things holding the game back from perfection in gameplay.
While the Graphics are not the greatest and the game could use some AA, the Lighting in the game alone makes up for it.
Bungie has always done great on the sound quality in their games, in halo 3 if there is a battle going on far away in the distance, it actually sounds like that. Minor details like that truly make this game a gem.
Fun Factor
The game can get frustrating at times, but that does not mean it is not really fun.
There is room for some improvement, but this is the best online Experience on Xbox Live since Halo 2.
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