Dev of the Day : Red Barrels
  Red Barrels: An Interview with David Chateauneuf and Philippe Morin

It has been a long time since we have seen an interesting survival horror game - until OUTLAST was released by Red Barrels. With OUTLAST they set a...

Halo 3 All Stories  

5 immensely abused game mechanics

129d ago - If you've ever played against other people, you have probably fallen victim to some trollish acts... | Culture

Fails of the Weak 180

132d ago - Geoff and Jack bring you this week's Fails of the Weak in Halo 4, Halo 3, and Halo Reach! | Xbox 360

Fails of the Weak Volume 178

147d ago - Geoff, Ryan, and Ray bring you this week's Fails of the Weak in Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, and Reach! | Xbox

Love is in the Air: Top Five Co-op Games

147d ago - Today is Valentine’s, and what better way to commemorate the stoning and decapitation of the bles... | PC

Filmwatch June Contests

Now - Join us as we give away a ton of cash this month! | Promoted post

Top 5 best gaming love stories that never happened - Valentines day Special

152d ago - Valentines day gaming special. The day of love is nearly upon us and I’ll be celebrating the best... | GameCube

Rumour: Halo 3 and 4 also being ported to Xbox One

162d ago - Stevivor -- "It doesn't stop today, people! "NeoGAF user ntkrnl is also claiming that Halo 3 a... | Xbox One

Achievement Hunter Presents: GO #14

163d ago - In the 14th episode of GO!, without using Halo: Spartan Assault and Spartan Wars, the guys have b... | Xbox 360

Top 10 games the last console generation

189d ago - We take our hats off to the greatest games of the last console generation. They shan’t be forgotten | Wii

10 games to play before Titanfall

196d ago - Call Of Duty 2 established the Xbox 360 as a shooter’s console right from launch, but it was Mode... | PC

Gamer Guilt: My Quarter Life Crisis

221d ago - Pixel or Death's Jarrett P. explores what it means to be a gamer in an adult world, while examini... | Culture

Toys R Us Black Friday Online Deals Now Live With New Promos

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The Best of This Generation: Xbox 360 Exclusives

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Pixelitis Picks: Looking back at the Xbox 360

232d ago - "In less than 48 hours, Xbox One will begin making its way into peoples’ homes, thus edging us in... | Xbox 360

The 10 Best Xbox 360 Exclusives

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The Nerd Cabinet Games of the Generation

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End of a Generation: Evaluating the Xbox 360

245d ago - A look back at what the Xbox 360 did to and for the gaming community. | Xbox 360

Breaking the Halo - A Year of Halo 4

247d ago - GR-UK writes: "Even if 343 never quite reached the high standards set by Bungie, their first effo... | Xbox

Top 5 Playable Support Characters

253d ago - OnlySP: We often shower endless amounts of love upon the primary protagonists of our games while... | PC

Top 10 Creepiest Xbox 360 Easter Eggs

255d ago - Top 10 Creepiest Xbox 360 Easter Eggs | Xbox 360

Scarab to Scarab - A Halo 3 Trick

259d ago - From ZealotSG: Scarab to Scarab is a fun trick conceived for Halo 3 Done Segmented. It’s nowh... | Xbox 360

Watch Dogs Review

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25 Special Edition Video Game Packages That Are Worth The Money - complex

264d ago - counts down the 25 best special editions of video games, including Fallout 3, Halo 3,... | PC

Burning through Money – Top Ten Most Expansive Video Games to Develop

264d ago - You probably know the budget of some big-budget films like Avatar, which is over 500 million. But... | PC

Bungie Weekly Update - 10/18/2013

265d ago - DeeJ: This week at Bungie, we visited an old friend (for free) in a virtual arcade, and welcom... | Xbox 360

The Halo Bulletin: 10.16.13

267d ago - B is for Bravo: I’ve heard people say that once you work in the videogame industry, you star... | Xbox 360

2013 Guilt O' Lantern Contest

267d ago - From We're still working on a full prize list... but we know enough to be ab... | Culture

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