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Death of the Console FPS

152d ago ... In a time before the micro-transaction, the glittering brightness of 1080p and the unflinching fluidity of an unbreakable 60 frames per-second, there was a period of simplicity and incredible design. For due to the remarkable feats of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Halo 3 before it, 2007 provided us with two of the most ground breaking and unmistakable first-person shooters ever created....

An Xbox-only Gamer's Move to Playstationation

233d ago ... As the sun sets on the current generation, I reflect on the last 7 years of my gaming life. I was a spritely 14 year old when I got a 360 in 2006. I saw some great times with the 360. I think about my love for the fable series (fable III is a myth), the friends I made playing the gears series, and hell, I was just playing halo 3 the Thursday before PS4 launch. I've also had brief run ins with P...

The Game Console that i will be buying this generation is..?

380d ago ... I am not a fan boy I am a vagrant core gamer I have in the past owned ; a PS3 ,a Xbox360 ,a PS2 , a Xbox, a PS1 ,a N64 , a SEGA Mega Drive , Nintendo Gameboy , An Atari ST , Spectrum ZX and 5 different Gaming PCs . My loyally to any particular brand is not guaranteed. I will choose the console which best suits me . So which console will I buy this Generation? The last generation I bought on...

Microsoft’s E3 Show and Rating

394d ago ... Microsoft knew they had to come hard and be all about games after the horrendous Xbox One reveal, and that’s exactly what they did. But did it work? Metal Gear Solid 5: Microsoft kicked the game off with Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain, and boy does it look amazingly good, however, it’s also coming to PS4. It seems like MS and Sony have switched lovers with Sony courting Bungie, and Micro...

Can Destiny beat Halo?

508d ago ... Recently, Bungie unveiled their brand new video game titled Destiny. If you guys do not know, Bungie were the original creators of the gaming franchise, Halo. After their final Halo game creation, Halo: Reach, they left their whole universe in the hands of Microsoft at the end of 2010 which then formed 343 Industries. 343 Industries is a growing company with over 200 hard workers, and they alre...

PC -Why I love it

687d ago ... I have been itching to write a blog post about something over the past few days. A post that could communicate how I feel about the world of PC Gaming and why I believe it is such a magical and unique thing. This blog post is the third attempt to scratch that itch, with the two previous posts being scrapped because I did not like the direction they were taking. I started gaming on PC 2 years ag...

Have you forgotten the core, Microsoft?

754d ago ... First of all, sorry for any grammar failes in this blog. I just used Google translate to translate it from Norwegian to English. I've been a PlayStation guy in my entire life. I have a PlayStation 2 that I got for Christmas a few years ago, I have two PSPer, a PS Vita and PlayStation 3 I've always liked Sony for their focus on the game and especially the core players. For about 3 years ag...

Gran Turismo 5 Selling Faster Than Halo 3?

1234d ago ... The latest figures have released regarding the sales of Gran Turismo 5, a PlayStation 3 exclusive. They certainly paint a nice picture of how fast this game is selling. GT5 has seen 6.37 million copies moved in six weeks, according to Polyphony Digital's website. So how does it stack up to the sales of heavy hitters on the Xbox 360, such as the highly rated, 10+ million strong Halo 3? Jef...

Why Reach dissappoints me

1376d ago ... What do firebombs, flamethrowers, fuel rod guns, maulers, missile pods, plasma cannons, SMGs, Spartan lasers, spike grenades, and spikers all have in common? They’re all found in Halo 3 multiplayer but not in Halo: Reach multiplayer. Is this something that I find is excusable? Absolutely not. If there were a slew of new weapons to replace these in Reach I would consider it a fair trade of...

Halo Reach has made me recant

1429d ago ... Many of you N4Gers know me as "the worst PS3 fanboy troll on the site". So, as an unrelenting troll, I wanted to give my honest opinions about the upcoming Halo Reach game, based on the videos, articles, and (brief) time I've seen the beta first hand. I believe that Halo Reach may possibly change my opinion about the Halo franchise. I was a big BIG fan of the Xbox and Halo:Combat Evolved last g...

Halo Reach and Gears 3: Proof that the 360 Still Has Some Fight Left in it

1439d ago ... In 2007, the Xbox 360 was an unstoppable force. Fresh off the heels of the release of the now famous Gears of War (arguably the true beginning of the next gen of gaming as we know it *on consoles anyway*) Microsofts not-so-little (and quite noisy) box enjoyed exclusive blockbuster release after blockbuster release. Just a few notable hits included sci-fi epic Mass Effect, the gigaton release of...

Why I've bought every game with a level editor

1453d ago ... DOOM, Halo 3, Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, Far Cry 2, Crysis, TimeSplitters, etc. I've bought all of them, because it makes me feel one step closer to making my own game. I've tried the C++ route, well... I've tried and given up. I've tried even using game engines like Unity and UDK, and given up. I cannot grasp making a game when it offers stupidly high amounts of options, or cod...

Innovation... Or Not

1489d ago ... Something's been bothering me for the past few years: innovation. Specifically, the word "innovation" and how carelessly it's been tossed around by gaming "journalists." (Yes, the quotations marks are there to indicate a lack of authenticity and/or legitimacy. More often than not, "innovative" seems to be a nonsense word--a cluster of letters with no real meaning, only a vaguely positive con...

Somewhat Off Topic - My Rabbit Ate My Xbox 360 Controller

1492d ago ... My rabbits undeniably cute but he really likes to eat random things and lately those things have unfortunately been rubber. Sometimes this rubber belongs to expensive video game peripherals, Xbox Live headsets, HDMI cables and power cords. In this particular case my rabbit decided to eat my Xbox 360 controller. Now as you can see the damage didn't completely destroy the controller but it has...

Halo 3 Virus Spreads

1814d ago ... Brandy Nevils writes: "This is just a short spoof I wrote for someone about Halo 3, and how addicting it is for some. I thought it'd be a good first blog post. Not to be taken seriously of course- and only to be read for a laugh. Janine: "Today on HealthWatch- the latest strain of the deadly Halo virus that claimed so many lives in 2001 is now back and stronger than ever. Her...

Is There a War on Good Games?

1939d ago ... From Halo 3, GTA4, Uncharted, and to most recently KZ2 and RE5 games run to blogs and forums to complain about every little thing that is wrong. Some is "FANBOY HATE" we all know that others are less than skilled gamers then there are the ones who HATE good games.

The Biggest Double Standard This Gen Exposed

2008d ago ... HALO 3 and Killzone 2, trailers versus in-game: why both should be compared to their trailers, and why is the media is doing its job so poorly?

Halo 3: The Anger Inducing Solo Campaign and Me

2321d ago ... Halo 3's solo campaign is quite disheartening. As seen on gonemicrosoft.com

Gay boy Gets Virtual Verbal Beating in halo 3

2411d ago ... Gay boy Gets Virtual Verbal Beating in halo 3

Microsoft Sued Over Halo 3's Consistent Crashes

2415d ago ... Microsoft Sued Over Halo 3's Consistent Crashes
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