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User Review : Halo 2

  • Great Gameplay.{Great Storyline.{The Energy Sword is usable
  • No real ending in campaign mode.{Weapons are not balanced enough.{A huge list of glitches are present in the game.

Earth will never be the same

The year is 2552, though the events of Halo 1 have impeded the Covenants progress and their society on the brink of Civil War, they have now gained a foothold on our most precious prize of all...Earth!

Okay, heres when things get complicated.

Halo 1 was a great game, but it had it's flaws, for instance the second half of the campaign got repetitive quickly, and the weapon balance was terrible at times in multiplayer (the pistol was a rifle in disquise), what Bungie hoped to accomplish in Halo 2 did not happen either.

The Controls in the game are pretty much the same but a bit diffirent due to the inclusion of Duel Weidling and vehicle boarding, of course, both have become Halo staples. Another edition was that all vehicles are now destructable, and the enviroments are more interactive this time, I wouldn't say destructable though.

The Campaign mode returns, but sadly it did not live up to all of it's hype, the environments are smaller and more cramped than Halo 1, the AI is very clumsy at times, good, but clumsy, and the ending was anti-climatic, but worst is that the environments get repitive in this game aswell and the graphics pop-ins and other notible bugs can take you out of the immersion.

Biggest problem with Halo 2's campaign mode though is that you do not spend much time on Earth at all!

The games Multiplayer though more than makes up for it, it supports 16 player fragfests over Xbox Live, a first for the Halo franchise, the games Matchmaking is not only revelutionary for console online games, the party system in Halo 2 just rules, allowing you to stick with your friends in custom games, and online ranked/unranked matches. Two player Co-op returns, but sadly no online co-op.

Sadly the weapons in Multiplayer are not that balanced, the SMG is not a very good starting weapon, it is weak and barely gives you a chance to fight back, and at times the Sniper Rifle and the Energy Sword are overpowered, rocket lock-on makes Warthogs obsolete and the Shotgun is crap off-host.

Final Thought:

All in all, while the Multiplayer lived up to all the hype, the game suffered because of poor management of their own employees and the game was rushed out the door. The storyline was great don't get me wrong, but the levels are just to cramped at times for my taste.

Halo 2 was a huge success, over 1 billion games played online and it broke sales records by generating $125 million in it's opening day. I do reccomend the game, but keep your expectations for the campaign mode low.

The gameplay is near perfect, but many glitches that effect the gameplay knoicks it down a bit.
Texture Pop-ins ruin the overall look in this game.
They did a pretty good job with the sound, the soundtrack also shines once again.
Fun Factor
One of the higher points of the game and something Bungie got right once again, the game is fun.
The online Cheating is what keeps this game from getting a Perfect score.
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baum3551d ago

The online aspect, while the best part of the game, is basically just another FPS, nothing new really. The campaign is the most boring one I have ever played on any game, FPS or not. I simply finished this one just to see what the hell Xbox fanboys get orgasms about, but it seems that they were born yesterday.

The flood is not scary, it is just annoying. You can pretty much play the game killing just one or two foes at a time and then go hide till you recover from the damage, rinse and repeat. And come on, the Aliens talking, grunting and whining? In our language? For god's sake, these are the most ridiculously child-oriented enemies I've ever seen.

On the art style, this game has cartoony colors and there is no way it deserves an M-rating. A T-rating suits it better. And the guns? Meh, they all feel the same save the sniper, shotgun and blade. The game is too pink, and has very few explosions.

The storyline can't get any worse, as it is inconclusive, there are no impressive bosses or battles, it is too short, and it is way clichéd. This game should be called: "MAN SAVES ERTH FROM ALIENS WOW LOL". Master chief is the least emotion producing character I've ever played with on any game.