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Pacing and Structure in Video Games

21d ago - Where and when certain developments in a game occur is pretty imperative to creating as smooth an... | PS3

3D Artist is Really Into Half-Life

125d ago - Evidence number one: a highly detailed (and awesome) Unreal Development Kit recreation of Dr. Kle... | PC

The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

Half-Life Reimagined As An Isometric Game

128d ago - And just like that, Half-Life looks like a mid-90s RPG, or CD-ROM action title. | PC

Video Game Heroes Take on Superheroes in a Bloody Live Action Short

190d ago - The CorridorDigital YouTube channel has released its latest live-action video game VFX short, and... | Culture

Definitely, The Top 5 Irish Video Game Characters of All Time

287d ago - Posted by Colm Ahern Last week, Ubisoft formally revealed Assassin’s Creed: Rogue with a glori... | PC

Speedrunner Finishes Half-Life In Twenty Minutes

408d ago - Half Life fans, get ready for a treat. YouTube’s member ‘quadrazid’ has finished this classic FPS... | PC

The History of Half-Life Video: For you Die Hard Valve fans

427d ago - SteamFirst: If you are a fan of Steam and Valve it is almost a given that you have a innate love... | PC

Half-Life: Raise the Bar Is A Great Fan-Made Fan Film Based On Valve's Classic FPS

591d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Machinima has shared a new fan short film, based on Valve's classic FPS title.... | PC

Random Encounter - Half-Life Deathmatch

631d ago - GameSpot - It's time to swing crowbars and throw snarks as Danny randomly encounters the multipla... | PC

InRetroSpect Raw: Top 5 Gaming Weapons

659d ago - The InRetroSpect team have a strict twenty minute time limit in which to decide on their top five... | Xbox

Game Out Loud Podcast Goes to Valve

696d ago - This week, Rob, Colin, and Jordan are joined by Ryan Debraal to discuss their recent visit to Val... | PC

From 1992 To 2012: Graphic evolution of First Person Shooters

818d ago - DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘drloser333′ has created a cool video that showcases the grap... | Xbox

Half-Life Alpha v 0.52 - Developer Playthrough

861d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Last week, we informed you about the alpha version of Half-Life. Since a lot o... | PC

Earth Special Forces - New DBZ Mod for Half-Life Trailer Looks Epic, Puts To Shame Commercial Games

861d ago - DSOGaming writes: "In December, we shared with you a teaser trailer for Earth Special Forces, a D... | PC

Half-Life Alpha Version 0.52 - Tech Demo Gameplay From 1997

867d ago - DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘MarphitimusBlackimus‘ has uploaded a gameplay video from the... | PC

Crack-Life, the latest Half-Life mod is funny and NSFW

938d ago - A new mod for the original Half-Life has popped up on the web called Crack-Life. The video is ver... | PC

Half Life Meets Portal in New Fan Film When Gordon Met Chell

952d ago - Today, in the world of the awesome internet, a little bit of YouTube surfing brought a gem of a f... | Culture

The Horrible Show Live #319 - Franchise Debuts

957d ago - Justin, Josh and Ethan dig deep to figure what makes for a truly memorable debut for a new video... | PC

'Enter The Freeman:' Amazing Half-Life Short Film

967d ago - NRM: "Machinima has always been a slightly ropey industry in terms of material to be taken seriou... | Culture

Video: Black Mesa Source – Watch the first 20 minutes

983d ago - James Love, VGTODAY.net: "As you’re probably well aware, a little Source Engine mod called Black... | PC

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'Find The Source' Is Perhaps The Best Black Mesa/Half Life Tribute You'll Ever See

990d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Now this is how you create mind-blowing tributes (or trailers). Pedro Calvo ha... | PC

These Half-Life Headcrab Cupcakes Are Suitable For Your Next Birthday Party

1008d ago - The hunter becomes the hunted. Please enjoy eating these Half-Life headcrab cupcakes responsibly. | PS2

Please Gordon Freeman, Do Not Cut Off Your Ear

1057d ago - Kotaku: Artist Drew Northcott brings us "Vincent Van Gordon", a Van Gogh inspired portrait of... | PC

Follow the bunny-hopping path through PC gaming's history

1065d ago - Omri Petitte of BitMob writes, "Growing up, I plunged myself into the breakneck and keyboard-crac... | PC

The Horrible Show #310 - Going Indie

1097d ago - Justin, Ethan, and Josh discuss the rise and the future of indie games while attempting to define... | PC
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