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Referencing the References: Do We Need New Jokes?

568d ago ... (I'm writing seriously about jokes and isn't that the biggest joke of all? Yes.) Memes and that, am I right guys? Cake is a lie, Battletoads is hard and where is Half Life? lol. Most everyone enjoys seeing something that they recognise in something else that they’re fond of for a little giggle every now and then, but I’m not wrong in thinking that videogames seem to be the one medium that us...

The Ideal Final Fantasy VII Remake

753d ago ... In the history of videogames, Final Fantasy VII stands as one of the most important. This is a self-evident truth I don't need to elaborate on. However, a lot of people acculturated to the empty, graphics showcases that comprise "next-gen" videogames, don't really understand the importance of Final Fantasy VII, let alone how damn good it is. A lot of people can't get past the retro-ness of it,...

PC Gaming and why I prefer Consoles.

1406d ago ... So, unless you haven't been on this site for about the past 6 months you will have, without doubt, seen some game called Battleifeld 3. The buzz around it is massive partly due to the graphics, mostly however, because most believe it will kick COD from its perch at the top of FPS's. What it has also caused is a war between PC gamers and console gamers. In this blog I will discuss why I game on...

Steam Power

1500d ago ... Let`s go back to 2003 for a second. Valve announces that they are going to release their much anticipated Half Life 2 game on a new distribution channel that they created called Steam. It took many off guard, people were telling each other 'what the hell is that for ' , anyway at least the name was matching ; Steam = Valve, allright. After a while, Valve released the famous Orange Box - a 3...

10 Games i want to see at E3!!!

1815d ago ... KK, first, i want to name my 10 games. But plz give me yours too. I wana see what games ppl are hoping to see. Oh and before i get remarks on spelling etc again, I am Afrikaans, so English not my language :) 1. Intersteller Marines - yes, i cant wait to see this graphics powerhouse in actual gameplay. 2. Doom 4 - Even if Doom 3 wasnt the best, the graphics sure took gaming to the next lev...

Half Life, through the ages

2196d ago ... A rambling of the life of Half Life
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