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Half Life 3 Wishlist: What Are The Most Wanted Features For HL3

710d ago - As the wait for a Half Life 3 continues, the huge Half Life fan base is beginning to lose their m... | PC

Half Life 3 Won’t Live Up To Expectations

794d ago - This week Valve is making 3 big announcements about its future as a company. The first big announ... | Industry

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Top 3 Combine Deaths of Half Life 2

916d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Combine. These guys are the backbone of the industry of oppression that seems to... | PC

Why Half Life 3 Will Revive PC Gaming

1110d ago - It is almost certain that Half Life 3 will be released one day, But can it bring back PC gaming t... | PC

10 Xbox 360 Games We Want Announced at E3 2012

1278d ago - From the feature top 10 list: "Oh the infamous Entertainment Electronic Expo... | Xbox 360

Top Five Fantasy Kickstarter Projects |

1299d ago - run down the top five projects they are longing to see raised as kickstarter proje... | PC

Valve Is Scared To Make Half Life 3

1301d ago - It’s been 8 years since Half Life 2 was released and 7 since episode 2 hit store shelves. Yet we... | PC

List of Possible Hints For Next Half-Life: Source Engine 2 And More

1353d ago - OXCGN: "See? You’re already getting excited. That’s what Valve is going for in terms of mar... | PC

2011's Predictions: Nintendo, Minecraft, Half-Life 3, and Black Ops 2

1431d ago - For almost a year now, I've been writing this column, where I look at current trends in gaming an... | PC

How I learned to stop pining for Episode Three

1520d ago - Michael Corbisiero writes: In May of 2006, Half-Life 2: Episode Three was announced. It was said... | PC

Half-Life star mentions Valve's 'new game'

1580d ago - GlaDOS actress set to voice mysterious title | PC

5 Sequels That Were Sorely Missed At E3 (Hooked Gamers)

1625d ago - E3 2011 was unquestionably dominated by sequels and reboots. Despite the industry wide focus on r... | Culture

What Could 'No More Single-Player' Mean For Half-Life?

1678d ago - Steve Haske writes, writes "Now that Portal 2 has hit store shelves (and is garnering a lot of at... | PC

Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is coming, so just chill.

1706d ago - Escapist Magazine "You will ever see [more Half-Life], yes. We are not done with Gordon Freeman's... | PC
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Half Life: Episode 3

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