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2015 Gaming Prediction...and Hopes | High Score Reviews

14h ago | Opinion piece | Bryan talks about his predictions...well...maybe more hopes than anything.

5 Things I Hate About... Half-Life

12d ago | Opinion piece | Be-Mpowered: 'I don’t hate Half-Life. I realise the title of this very post seems to be indicate the exact opposite of that, but I understand its i...

5 Fundamental Truths About Games We Should All Accept Already

2d ago | Opinion piece | There have been a lot of debates about games over the past few months. Here's some facts to face.

Top 5 Games Due In 2015 You Need To Be Pumped For

25d ago | Opinion piece | Be-Mpowered: 'While 2014 wasn’t a jaw-dropping year for games, it was still pretty damned good. As well as cementing the PS4 and Xbox One as machines that aren’t just going to sit under a televisio...
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