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I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

4d ago - Martin Robinson: I've often wondered what would happen the day it's finally announced. The... | Culture

10 Game Franchises That Need Another Installment

14d ago - 10 franchise I feel are deserving, or in dire need of another installment | PS2

Half-Life 3 is still the harshest April Fool ever. But these are pretty bad too

15d ago - The best - or cruelest - gaming April Fools pranks ever. | Culture

5 Likely April Fool's Rumors You Should Preemptively Discard

17d ago - April Fool's Day is a hectic day for gamers. Damn near every company in the industry releases fak... | Culture

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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The Top 5: Abandoned Franchises

55d ago - This week the members of the Gamer Horizon crew list off the game franchises that they most want... | PS2

Half Life 3 Still Up On Blocks?

58d ago - Half Life fans have been waiting for years for news about Half Life 3, and some are running out o... | PC

Half Life 3 – Why is it taking so long?

76d ago - When Half-Life 2 came out it not only lived up to the legacy created by its predecessor, but crea... | PC

Leaky Valves: Half Life 3, Steam OS exclusive?

77d ago - Over the last few days the gaming internet has been abuzz with rumours and leaks supposedly that... | PC

Half Life 3 With Oculus Rift Compatibility In The Works?

82d ago - 10 years. That is the waiting duration currently experienced by each and every Half Life fans and... | PC

The Half Life 3 Paradox – Will the game ever be released?

97d ago - 'Seven years after the announcement of Half Life 2: Episode 3, Valve has not spoken about the gam... | PC

Risky Business: why Half-Life 3 might never release, even though we desperately want it

100d ago - Dealspwn uses simple logic to argue that Half-Life 3 might never release, going beyond Newell's r... | Culture

Why We Believe That Half-Life 3 Can’t Immediately Happen

101d ago - A reactionary piece on why Attack On Gaming believe that Half-Life 3 can't happen immediately fol... | PC

10 Most Anticipated Games Stuck in Development Hell

111d ago - Arcade Sushi: "Game limbo is that mystical realm in the video game industry where none but the br... | PC

Half Life 3: What Source 2 Engine Could Bring To Gameplay

116d ago - Valve has been really quiet on Half Life 3. Despite that, fans know that the third sequel is in d... | PC

Half Life 3 Wishlist: What Are The Most Wanted Features For HL3

119d ago - As the wait for a Half Life 3 continues, the huge Half Life fan base is beginning to lose their m... | PC

Should we expect Half Life 3 in 2014?

139d ago - A lot of Rumors have gone around the web during recent years about Half Life 3 coming to life. Ev... | PC

Half Life 3: Getting Weaker With Age

140d ago - Fans of Half Life 1 and 2 are getting older as time passes and so their priorities will be shifti... | PC

SteamOS: Destined For Greatness?

189d ago - From Strategyinformer.com: "Well. It’s happened. The biggest announcement in over a decade of PC... | PC

Why Half Life 3 Is Important To Gamers

193d ago - What makes gamers want Half-Life 3? Why do they want it so badly? It is a question that at one po... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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Good Game: The Gaming Week in Review (Week 3)

194d ago - Get up to date on GTA Online, Destiny, Half-Life 3 and more in this week’s gaming news in review... | PC

The Half-Life 3 Trademark Herring

194d ago - Entertainment Fuse writes: "In the digital age, we can no longer worry about ink being spilt. Non... | Industry

Half Life 3 Will Disappoint You

197d ago - The fervent feedback of the masses to these tiny, otherwise inconsequential bits of information i... | PC

Half Life 3 Is Never Coming, Here’s Why

197d ago - Joshua Mobley of VGU.TV tells us why Valves shift towards the free to play model and growing game... | PC

Valve Announcement #3 – Will it be Half Life?

201d ago - onPause writes: After this week’s big announcements of the Steam OS as well as the Steam Machi... | PC
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