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Famous Horror Artist Junji Ito was Involved with Silent Hills

63d ago - Following the reported cancellation of the game Silent Hills, announced through the popular demo... | PS4

Fake MGS announcement website now links us to a Silent Hills revival petition

76d ago - The fake website that had trolled people for an upcoming MGSV announcement from Hideo Kojima has... | PS3

Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

8 Directors Who Should Make Video Games

77d ago - There has been much interest from film directors to jump into making video games. From some who'v... | Industry

The downfall of Konami, how Konami burned its own fanbase and talent pool

96d ago - For me (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground), it´s been a rather tormenting experience to see (and hear)... | Culture

Fear and Learning in Silent Hills

208d ago - A look at some of the take away lessons the gaming world should have from the release of P.T. to... | PS4

Four Guillermo del Toro Movies Worthy of a Video Game Adaptation

208d ago - Hardcore Gamer: We all know the horrendous track record of video game based movies and vice-versa... | PS4

Can a Kojima/del Toro Collaboration Still Happen?

212d ago - Hardcore Gamer: "When P.T. first hit PlayStation Network, I claimed that it could reboot the tire... | PS4

Silent Hill Is One More Nail In Konami’s Coffin

217d ago - Well, it was something that everyone was wondering about in the wake of Konami’s explosive—and st... | Industry

Silent Hills Cancelled: Other Horror Games to Look Forward to in the Near Future

217d ago - CraveOnline: "Yesterday our fears were all but confirmed when Silent Hills co-director Guillermo... | PC

Here's The Original Audio of Del Toro Saying Silent Hills Won't Happen

217d ago - Guillermo del Toro won't work on Silent Hills, hear it from the director himself (if you can over... | PS4

Guillermo del Toro Tells Story of P.T.; Promises “Something Better Than Anything We’ve Done Before”

455d ago - During Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference which is currently being held in Japan a video... | PS4

EpicDome: Breaking the Silence: Three Heroes Unite to Save Silent Hill

472d ago - The Illusive Man says:"Gamescom provided one of the biggest pieces of gaming news to date: Metal... | Culture

Guillermo Del Toro Talks The Strain Video Game

472d ago - Guillermo del Toro was at San Diego Comic Con promoting Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim 2 and The Strai... | Culture

Can Kojima Save Silent Hill?

472d ago - The best advertising stunt for a game has occurred during GamesCom, and it comes from none other... | Culture

Metal Gear Solid V: Guillermo del Toro and Other Film Directors Highly Praise Kojima's Trailer

521d ago - Many still say that video games aren't art, but the wall is cracking, and many from the film indu... | PS4

Guillermo Del Toro Talks BioShock, Halo, Games And Movies - Gamerhubtv

893d ago - The Pacific Rim director was at E3 2013 to discuss his new Warner Bros. movie. The gamer also tal... | Industry

Del Toro’s Insane picked up by new developer, release “a good two years” away

1103d ago - Guillermo Del Toro’s stab at videogames seemingly ended when THQ’s financial woes prompted them t... | PC

The Bearded Gamer Show: Episode 16 - My Devil Can Cry That All Day

1447d ago - In this new episode: the most played games of 2011, the indie backlash to the new Xbox 360 dashbo... | Xbox 360

Hellboy Director Hates Game Cutscenes

1471d ago - "'I'm not watching a movie, f*** you'. I want a game." Ever since movie director Guillermo Del... | PC

Guillermo Del Toro: Games We'll Be Playing in 2020 "Will Be F***ing Masterpieces"

1490d ago - "For videogame nerds, it's long been the subject of frustration: In the last three decades, there... | Wii

Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post

THQ: Guillermo del Toro's Insane Isn't a Guaranteed Trilogy

1727d ago - Last December, THQ revealed that its project with film director Guillermo del Toro would be a tri... | Industry

Del Toro 'can become great game director' - THQ

1748d ago - Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro is "completely engaged" with the creation... | Industry

Rumor: Del Toro game will be trilogy, contain RPG-elements

1842d ago - TVGB: "Some more buzz about the THQ-helmed game being developed by film director Guillermo del To... | PC
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