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The Problem With MMORPGs

2d ago - Harjit doesn't dislike all MMORPG's. But god, does he hate a few, and there's one prevalent reaso... | Culture

How Do I Start? A Beginner's Guide to MMOs

13d ago - An introduction into the world of MMOs, the challenges and excitement to be had, and a brief over... | PC

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Poking My Head Back Into: Guild Wars

13d ago - Guild Wars came out when I was about seventeen. I remember it was really different from what we'd... | PC

Top 5 moments in Guild Wars 2

19d ago - With Guild Wars 2's first expansion on the horizon, Thomas looks back on his most memorable exper... | PC

Guild Wars 2 is 75% off this weekend - and probably the best value £8.75 you'll ever spend

20d ago - Dealspwn: "Guild Wars 2 is fantastic. An enormous world with numerous factions, great PVP, a stro... | PC

How the Living World irreversibly changed Guild Wars 2

23d ago - Ed Orr examines ArenaNet’s innovative approach to the MMORPG and how it has prevented stagnant st... | PC

Tyrian Chronicle: Revenant Revealed

35d ago - The first details about Guild Wars 2’s first new class since launch, Revenant have been released.... | PC

Best Relationships in MMOs

43d ago - Throughout art and literature there are romances that stand the test of time. Where would Cyrano... | PC

Weekend Playlist: MMO Revelations

45d ago - HITC Tech's Adam Gell arrives to the Guild Wars 2 party a couple of years late, but he's having a... | PC

Is the Guild Wars 2 Dailies Change Good or Bad?

49d ago - Doing daily quests is part and parcel of standard mmo gaming. The daily quests in Guild Wars 2 ha... | PC

Top Five Features of Guild Wars 2

55d ago - Guild Wars 2 has proven to be an extremely popular online game since it originally launched. It h... | PC

Upcoming RPGs of 2015: Day Three

57d ago - Nothing's going to stop this train of game coverage as RPG Site takes a look at the Upcoming RPGs... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Reveal Wrap-Up – Did ArenaNet’s announcement deliver?

59d ago - Dealspwn writes: "The rumour and speculation mill has been running rampant for weeks, with fellow... | PC

Heart of Thorns: a new age for Guild Wars 2

61d ago - Pixel Dynamo's Edward Orr gives an in-depth analysis of the new features coming with Heart of Tho... | PC

Why It's Time for a Guild Wars 2 Expansion

63d ago - When their original Guild Wars game was released, one feature was their PvP whilst the other was... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Speculation

63d ago - Excerpt: "This article is going to talk about things that were revealed in the latest part of the... | PC

Christmas MMO Holiday Event Roundup for 2014

93d ago - The Christmas season is the most joyous part of the year, both in the real world and in mmorpg ga... | PC

The Good, Bad, and Ugly About The Guild Wars 2 Finals

108d ago - Excerpt: There isn’t much to say about the Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series. Literally. No... | PC

The Tyrian Chronicle: Seeds of Irritation in Guild Wars 2

112d ago - MMOGames' Shannon Doyle writes: "Arenanet did something this episode that I absolutely hate.... | PC

MMO Rage: Guild Wars 2 GemGate

123d ago - There are times when an mmo gamer is sent into a towering rage due to a major change in the game... | PC

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Guild Wars 2

131d ago - While Guild Wars 2 has kept players coming back on an almost daily basis since the game's beta, i... | PC

The Tyrian Chronicle: Echoes of the Past in the New Land

140d ago - Guild Wars 2's exciting Living Story returns after a mid season break with Echoes of the Past wit... | PC

The Tyrian Chronicle: Unpopular Choices in the Name of New Players

154d ago - It was originally intended for this week's Guild Wars 2 column to be light hearted and fun. But t... | PC

How important is character creation and customisation?

154d ago - MWEB GameZone Writes: "Creating and customizing a character is a key aspect to some gamers while... | Industry

The Tyrian Chronicle: Where Am I in Guild Wars 2?

161d ago - This week we say goodbye to David who has written our Guild Wars 2 column since its start and say... | PC
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