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Herman Hulst FTW and why Rico shouldn't revive you.

1987d ago ... Let me begin by saying that Herman Hulst (Guerilla Games' Managing Director working on Killzone 3) has to be the best spokesperson alive, gaming or otherwise. The level of confidence he exudes is spellbinding! Did you see him on Sony's E3 stage? He was brilliant. He honestly looks like he could have starred in Terminator... in terms of tech specs, his mug seems to indicate he is an even more ad...

KILLZONE: A Discussion of the Evolution

2751d ago ... The mere mention of the word alone is enough to drum up more emotions and opinions depending on who hears it than that of a particular candidate's name in the current U.S. presidential election. This is a world away from the humble beginnings of a company now called Guerilla Games, which finds their humble roots in the year 2000 as a small Dutch developer that was swallowed up by a larger Dutc...
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