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Guacamelee Previews  

Out This Week: New Releases(7th - 13th April)

1037d ago - OrdinaryGamer takes a look at the games releasing this week on all popular platforms. A pretty co... | PC

Hands-On Preview: Guacamelee! - Electronic Theatre

1039d ago - Set to launch on PlayStation Network next week, Drinkbox Studios’ Guacamelee! aims to fill a hole... | PS3

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Guacamelee! Preview - Zero1Gaming

1045d ago - Joe previews the upcoming mexican inspired metroidvania style action, platforming, fighting adven... | PS3

Game Informer - Exploring Guacamelee's Colorful Mexican World With Brute Force

1048d ago - Game Informer - Sony recently showed off a slew of downloadable indie games at the Game Developer... | PS3

I'll have a wet carne asada burrito, heavy on the Guacamelee, please - GameZone

1051d ago - GameZone's David Sanchez writes, "Guacamelee is due out sometime during spring on the PlayStation... | PS3

GamesBeat: Guacamelee! is a gorgeous brawler that proudly shows its roots (preview)

1060d ago - GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: "Luchadores are criminally absent from video game culture. You can... | PS3

Destructoid: Metroidvania-brawler Guacamelee is guacamazing

1060d ago - Holy Guacamelee, Batman! Este juego es muy bueno. "One of my favorite parts about Mexican cuis... | PS3

The Glory of PS3 and Vita’s Metroidvania Romp, Guacamelee! - IGN

1060d ago - The game borrows heavily from the “Metroidvania” stylings set down in the ‘90s by the likes of Su... | PS3

Guacamelee delivers brawling, platforming, and chickens - GameZone preview

1207d ago - GameZone's David Sanchez spends some time beating up sombrero-wearing skeletons and outrunning dr... | PS3

Guacamelee (PS3/PS Vita) Preview | GamingIllustrated

1207d ago - GamingIllustrated writes: "Guacamelee is a side-scrolling action-platformer done in the Metroi... | PS3

Guacamelee Preview: goat jumping through dimensions | Shack News

1216d ago - Shack News: "Drinkbox Studios, the team behind the two Tales from Space games, is working on yet... | PS3

PAX: Hands on with Guacamelee | LevelSave Preview

1241d ago - Chris writes,"They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well “they” are wrong; th... | PS3

The 10 best indie games at Rezzed - Games Catalyst

1298d ago - "One of the highlights of the recent Rezzed show in Brighton was the abundance of indie games ava... | PC

Guacamelee Preview - TGH

1307d ago - "What happens when you combine Mexican wrestling with a platforming adventure game in the vein of... | PS3

Destructoid - E3: Guacamelee! on Vita is bueno, but needs tweaking

1337d ago - Destructoid: "Most of the buzz has centered around the PlayStation 3 version of Guacamelee!, but... | PS3

Guacamelee! PS3! PS Vita! Pub Fund! Chickens! - PSBlog

1349d ago - Posted by Graham Smith // COO, DrinkBox Studios - Hello good-looking, internet-savvy PlayStat... | PS3

GamerNode | Guacamelee! Hands-On Preview

1385d ago - GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "This metroidvania-style action-platformer stars a down-on-his-lu... | Xbox 360

Preview: Guacamelee [SideQuesting]

1387d ago - Dali Dimovski of writes: "Drinkbox Studios, makers of the incredibly lovely Tale... | PC

PAX: ‘Guacamelee’ Preview – What Are You, Chicken? | IGM

1396d ago - From the same minds that came up with Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack comes the Mexican-ins... | Xbox 360

PS Uni - PAX East 2012: Guacamelee! Preview

1398d ago - Joe Garcia previews Guacamelee! by DrinkBox Studios, developers of the critically acclaimed Tales... | PC

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PAX East 2012: Guacamelee hands-on (Blast Magazine)

1399d ago - Blast Magazine: Aside from being a clever portmanteau that makes me think of brawling avocados, G... | PC

ZTGD | Drinkbox Bringing Luchador Laughs with Guacamelee (Hands On)

1400d ago - Mike Futter wirtes: Somehow, we’re living again in the age of killer 2D platformers. Drinkbox is... | PC
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