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User Review : Gravity Rush

  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Gameplay
  • Story needs more work
  • Camera sometimes is on crack :|


This is my second review on this site.

I really don't get why the game is getting not so good scores. It has beautiful graphics, amazing art style, a nice story, and uniquely entertaining gameplay; and the music.....OMG the MUSIC!! Yet your generic FPS released year after year after year gets rated at least with an 8.5 ¬_¬

In Gravity Rush you can CHANGE GRAVITY!!! What is cooler than that?? The controls are really tight and responsive. My only complain is that the camera sometimes does not know how to orientated itself (gravitational wise), when you are constantly changing gravity. You may end up turning your head and the vita like a dumb in order to continue looking at Kat in the same perspective RE LOL XD. You can upgrade your moves by collecting crystals, making your abilities awesomer XD

The animations are superb. It is as if the game was running 120fps, it is so damn fluid. All the animations like walking, running, kicking, falling are amazingly done. The game has rich colors, nice character models and detailed environments.

The music in the game is quite unique. It reminds you of those PS1/PS2 gems. Pure awesomeness. The FX are also really cool. The characters speak some kind of "unique" language like in Shadow of the Colossus; but I dont think it is a problem, because it adds more elements for a surreal world.

The Story is really good, and you could say that is has like "2 stories", the one you are playing and the other one that is shown like a background story that tries to add more story elements in the game, but it lacks some elaboration in order to merge flawlessly with the main story. In resume the story does a good job but needs more explanation. Maybe that is because the game was done with a sequel in mind. :D

The game lasts around 13-14 hours. 10 hours for the story mode and 3-4 hours to complete the 21 challenges. Some of the challenges can be a bit difficult for some, but with enough practice you will gold them in no time. I did all of them after beating the game, it took me a couple a hours. There is some cheap DLC on the way, that will add more gameplay hours XD.

Even though the game has not online, it has your standard leaderboards system, so you can compare your score achieved on the challenges with your friends and other gamers in the PSN.

This game may or may not be a system seller, but it is a must buy for everyone who owns a PSVITA....BUY IT, BUY IT NOW!!! BECAUSE I WANT A SEQUEL!!! XD

Art style is terrific and technically the graphics are superb.
The music is PHENOMENAL!!!
Unique, fun and responsive; with sometimes a twisted camera lol :D
Fun Factor
The game is really great and fun to play. Its story may need to explain things a bit better, but you will still enjoy it.
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Heavenly King2118d ago

Come on guys approve my review :)

coolbeans2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

It doesn't really look good on your part when you have to leave a comment asking others to approve your review (although it's been approved now).

If others deliver reports about the quality, be sure to PM those 'reporters' and converse with him/her on what they wish to see improved. If you take their suggestions and reevaluate your work: it will get approved in an instant. :)

LiViNgLeGaCY2116d ago

I completely agree. 10\10 game.

dafegamer2108d ago

this game is getting great reviews its just people like greg miller from ign and gamespot destroid this game
also it has a Metascore of 84
making it a contender for GOTY