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Gravity Rush Review [Game Rumble]

704d ago - Game Rumble: Gravity Rush is a PlayStation Vita exclusive game released in June 2012. The game wa... | PS Vita

Gravity Rush Review | GameCola

902d ago - "This impenetrable, finely tweaked, miniature godsend needs to be experienced, loved and cherishe... | PS Vita

VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

Gravity Rush Review | PS Addiction

969d ago - An apple falls from the tree, striking the head of Sir Issac Newton. Curious, he first described... | PS Vita

Gravity Rush | VGB Review

983d ago - Directed and written by the minds behind survival horror gems Silent Hill and Forbidden Siren, co... | PS Vita

Falling Has Never Been So Cool | Gravity Rush Review -- BagoGames

992d ago - Mitch from BagoGames Reviews Gravity Rush for PsVita: So if I asked you, have you ever wondered w... | PS Vita

GameFocus - Gravity Rush Review

994d ago - GameFocus - If one was to look at the available titles for the PS Vita, the ones that could be co... | PS Vita

Dan & Bob Review The Universe: Gravity Rush

1041d ago - GB said - "GigaBoots kicks of our new in-depth review series with Gravity Rush for the PlayStatio... | PS Vita

Review: Gravity Rush | CyberShack

1052d ago - Gravity Rush for the PS Vita is a nice little number which almost succeeds with what it is trying... | PS Vita

Gravity Rush Review |

1077d ago - Gravity Rush is different. That should be enough to make you pay attention. In an industry marred... | PS Vita

8bitfix Review - Special Forces Pack DLC (Gravity Rush)

1079d ago - The third and final DLC planned for Gravity Rush hits the PSN for $3.99. Like others before it, t... | PS Vita

8bitfix Review - Maid Pack DLC (Gravity Rush)

1079d ago - Gravity Rush brings us the second DLC pack from the PS Vita title, the Maid Pack. As interesting... | PS Vita

Gravity Rush [Review] |

1080d ago - Ian Fisher writes: With a central mechanic that hasn’t been done before, Gravity Rush manages to... | PS Vita

Impulse Gamer: Gravity Rush Review

1087d ago - Impulse Gamer: I must admit that I was getting a little scared that the PS Vita would become anot... | PS Vita

rawDLC: Gravity Rush and Resistance: Burning Skies video review

1090d ago - After being starved for content following an impressive launch the PS Vita needed a boost and no... | PS Vita

Gravity Rush Review | What Culture

1094d ago - WC writes: Gravity Rush knocked Uncharted: Golden Abyss off of the top and becomes my favouri... | PS Vita

Empire: Gravity Rush Review

1094d ago - Empire: A slice of oddball Japanese ingenuity finally hits the PlayStation Vita - surprisingly th... | PS Vita

Gravity Rush review: The fundamental force of fun [SideQuesting]

1096d ago - - "Issues aside, Gravity Rush is absolutely the best game for the Playstation... | PS Vita

GotGame: Review | Gravity Rush

1097d ago - GotGame: The story takes you to a strange city in the sky called Hekseville. You play as Kat, a s... | PS Vita

Review: Gravity Rush (PSV) -

1098d ago - Gravity Rush has been a much anticipated title that many hail as a possible “system seller” for t... | PS Vita

Review: Gravity Rush | Clearance Bin Review

1098d ago - "Gravity Rush is about a girl named Kat who is a gravity shifter. This means Kat can look in a d... | Mobile

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Splitkick - Gravity Rush Review

1098d ago - Splitkick: There was a time when Japan was a haven for fresh new ideas, a place where developers... | PS Vita

SBG Review | Gravity Rush: Turned inside, outside and upside-down

1100d ago - Chris Dominowski: "It doesn’t take a genius to see that Sony’s new PlayStation Vita is going thro... | PS Vita

Gravity Rush Review - Dusty Cartridge

1105d ago - Welcome to Hekseville, the flying city in the clouds, where your main mode of transport is fallin... | PS Vita

VG: Gravity Rush Review

1108d ago - VG: Gravity Rush is a tad too esoteric to serve as the Vita’s still-MIA killer app, but it’s unqu... | PS Vita

New Game Plus - Gravity Rush Review

1108d ago - Brad from New Game Plus tackles Gravity Rush on the Vita and asks the question 'is this the first... | PS Vita
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Gravity Rush

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