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  It's Sabotage!

By Valenka Imagine for a moment that Hotline Miami and Syndicate were getting busy with Starsky and Hutch on the television across the room and...

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Lollipop Chainsaw Is Grasshopper's Most Successful Title Shipping Over 700,000 Units

682d ago - It's important to note that 700,000 units shipped worldwide doesn't necessarily mean units sold,... | Xbox 360

New Game + | The bizarre brilliance of Suda51, part two

695d ago - Andrew Passafiume: "From this point forward, all of Goichi Suda’s projects would veer away from t... | Culture

New screenshots and details for Sine Mora on Vita

698d ago - The game will feature Vita exclusives such as a new character, and a GPS enabled gallery mode. | PS Vita

Hopping Mad: The Inspired Oddness of Grasshopper's Early Games

699d ago - 1up - How Suda 51's studio made a name for itself with a decidedly different direction. | Culture

Filmwatch June Contests

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New Game + | The bizarre brilliance of Suda51, part one

716d ago - Andrew Passafiume: "Usually in New Game+, I discuss components of games, gaming culture, and the... | Culture

Grasshopper Manufacture announce Game Campus Festa Winners

761d ago - Xbigy Games Writes: The winners of Grasshopper’s student development program Game Campus Festa ha... | PS Vita

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment E3 2012 Company Spotlight

774d ago - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment had a strong year in 2011 with Batman: Arkham City leading... | Xbox 360

Twinfinite: Why Aren't Games Fun Anymore

779d ago - Staff writer Zack Wheat explores the gaming industry's turn towards dramatic, dark games, and adv... | PC

Twinfinite: New Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer Introduces Juliet's Sisters

799d ago - In case you were wondering, yes, some of us here at Twinfinite are in love with this game. Ano... | Xbox 360

Grasshopper Remains Confident Retail Games Won’t “Die Out”, Exploring Steam

814d ago - PSLS: Akira Yamaoka, the CCO of offbeat developer Grasshopper Manufacture recently shared his... | PC

Grasshopper Manufacture Keen On Steam & Akira Yamaoka Wants To Make A Horror Game

817d ago - Like other console game creators, Grasshopper Manufacture is also interested in digital distribut... | PC

Lollipop Chainsaw trailer shows off combat system

817d ago - Xbigy Games writes: A new trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw details the game's combat system. The vid... | Xbox 360

No More Heroes developer still doesn't have a Wii U dev kit

820d ago - Despite Nintendo making it clear that it intends to strengthen third-party support with the Wii U... | Wii U

Grasshopper's Suda on Lollipop Chainsaw and the new media landscape

824d ago - One can tell Lollipop Chainsaw is a Grasshopper Manufacture game within just a few minutes, from... | Xbox 360

Diabolical Pitch Now Available Exclusively for Xbox 360

825d ago - The latest title to arrive from the widely praised Grasshopper Manufacture, Diabolical Pitch, is... | Xbox 360

New From Grasshopper and Suda 51: Killer is Dead

827d ago - The second game in Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games' partnership (following Lollipop Ch... | Xbox 360

Digital Reality: Microsoft asked us to "tone down" Sine Mora difficulty

833d ago - OXM UK: "It's a tough play... but it could have been tougher still. Fearful of deterring pain-ave... | Xbox 360

Finishing up Sine Mora (Part 2) - GameFan Magazine

839d ago - GameFan says:"It’s done, Sine Mora is conquered! Wait… there is an alternate ending? Okay, well u... | Xbox 360

Watch us play through Sine Mora (Part 1) - GameFan Magazine

840d ago - GameFan says"Sine Mora is the type of game that doesn’t come around all that often; it’s bold, pr... | Xbox 360

Lollipop Chainsaw Preview [Twinfinite]

843d ago - A Preview of Lollipop Chainsaw played at SXSW. | Xbox 360

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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Feature: Chainsaw Reaction [Press2Reset]

847d ago - Lollipop Chainsaw looks set to upset some with its gory kills and sexualized protagonist. But is... | Culture

Harvest Moon creator Wada forms Toybox Inc.

849d ago - Joystiq: Yasuhiro Wada has had a long career. He's best known for creating the Harvest Moon seri... | Industry

New Lollipop Chainsaw featuring bikini

853d ago - Kadokawa Games unleashed new screenshots of Lollipop Chainsaw | Xbox 360

Lollipop Chainsaw Gets New Super Japanese Trailer

867d ago - Lollipop Chainsaw wants you to look at zombies being chopped in pieces, and a cheerleader’s under... | PC

Grasshopper Manufacture Releasing New Game This Summer In Japan

869d ago - NHN Japan and Suda 51′s studio Grasshopper Manufacture ( Games such as: No More Heroes, Shadows o... | iPhone

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