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Grand Theft Auto V review (PS3)

Number-Nine | 848d ago | User review
Reviewing: Grand Theft Auto V
A wonderful mess.
The skies are clear, the weather is weather, the beaches are gorgeous, the blood stains on the pavement are sweet, and the frantic yells of pedestrians running from a psycho with a gun in his underwear is satisfying….ah, nothing like it. The game that lets you get away with everything under the sun if you can lose the cops for 3 seconds just to do it all again is back….Grand Theft Auto .

After the mega disappointment that was GTA4, GTA5 doesn’t fail to keep my attention from the get go as you are pulling off some of games main features that consist of heists and character switching. The potential is on display as pulling off the robbery and getaway was adrenaline pumping fun, and the character switching worked flawlessly.

The world of GTA5 is large with so much to so, and graphically stunning. However, the beauty on the inside is quite ugly. It didn't run entirely smooth as I had experienced a momentary freeze from time to time, and late textural pop ins. It was pretty buggy too as some of the characters mouths would stay shut, and during the mission where Michael is kidnapped by this Asian group the game failed to switch to Franklin leaving me dangling upside down. Could have been a game breaker but I was able to progress after the 3rd try.

The game revolves around 3 main characters; Michael, Trevor and Franklin, each adding something to the story. Michael has a professional look to him, but not very mild manner. Trevor is a straight up psycho adding hilarious comedic relief. And Franklin is an easy going guy tired of pretty crimes…looking for the big money.
These 3 will take part in well thought out, creative missions called heists where plot and plan to steal large sums of cash, jewels, or gold. During the robberies you will need to utilize each character to gain the advantage on the enemy. Each character also has special abilities that will prove to be extremely useful.

I found missions outside of the heists were very bland however, especially the secondary/side missions. There was a mission dedicated to yoga….I mean, how fun. Another was undertaking tasks for some crack head hooker that needed you to do her boyfriend’s job…towing cars. These missions seemed to lack creativity and chaos the series is known for.

Online is a mess right now and it’s a shame. The concept could be great. There are so many activities to do that can involve more than 1 person, robberies, racing, and missions that can be extremely fun, especially with a friend. The problem is that it’s pretty glitchy and the constant booting is frustrating. It takes a while to get back online so it makes getting kicked from the servers even more annoying.

Also, it take forever to find a full game and nobody ever joins when you host a game. Finding games becomes a chore and extremely tedious when you have to quit, load, find a game, quit, load, rinse and repeat until you find one that is suitable to what you're looking for.

During my playing time I found Grand Theft Auto V to be extremely overrated, and my feelings might extend toward the series as a whole. There were a lot missed opportunities that Rockstar could have capitalized on. It had decent story that could have been much better if it did a better job pacing it. Online could have been great but is plagued by glitches, errors and frustrations. Missions outside of the heists were dull and surprisingly, the soundtracks to the game were awful.

I know I sound very critical but I still enjoyed my time with GTAV more so than IV. Characters were great, Heists were awesome,and gameplay/character switching was well done. Its a good game that misses out on being something special if they put some more time to polish it up.

O well, back to knocking out random people.
Character swapping
Online problems
Micheal's annoying family
Awful soundtrack
Graphics The visuals are stunning but points taken off due to late textures popping in, and an occasional freeze. Also encounter a bug that froze during one of the missions that could have been game breaking. Had to repeat the mission 3 times before I got it to get it to work.
Sound The voice acting was great and that's about it. The radio stations lacked some catchy tunes that I'm use to. Channel X was extremely disappointing and if I hear "amoeba" one more time I'll run some poor soul over. too late.
Gameplay Character swapping and Heists are the highlight. Everything else is subpar or average.
Fun factor *Story* It starts off well, stalls. Picks up and stalls again. It drags on and doesn't know when to end. Some things just don't make sense. It wasn't bad, but could have been much better.
Online Rockstar has really missed the boat on this. Online is almost unplayable due to the problems that occur. Once everything is running, I can see great potential.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
lex-1020  +   848d ago
Prepare yourself for lots of hatred. People are going to be tearing into you and your review because you gave this game a low score. Good luck mate.
mushroomwig  +   845d ago
It cracks me up that people consider 7.0 a low score.
gametipcenter  +   844d ago
7 out of 10 is a pretty low score. It's a C if you put it as a grade.

The 5.5 for Online is the most confusing to me. Unplayable in the first few days yes, since a ton of people couldn't play at all, but the majority of those issues were resolved the first week. This type of stuff happens with most online launches these days, I come to expect it in the first week.
Kaini_Industries  +   842d ago
10 = actually worth playing
9 = worth pirating and playing for maybe 3 hours
8 = mediocre, barely acceptable
7 = commercial failure
All below = utter shit
StraightPath  +   843d ago
Pretty terrible review . Did a 12yr old write this?

Just because you found Micheal's family annoying that is a negative and also just because the music did not suit your taste? Some of the points are far off from the truth. Don't waste your time again to write a so called review you came off as an idiot and a troll.
lex-1020  +   843d ago
This is a pretty terrible comment. Did a 12yr old write this?

Just because you found Number-nines review annoying that is a negative? And also just because the review did not suit your taste? Some of the points of your comment are far off from the truth. Don't waste your time again to write a so called comment. You come off as an idiot and a troll.

Much like your comment a review is an opinion. He didn't like Michael's family and so that hurt the game for him. You are rejecting his opinion on something because it's not the same as yours. Grow up and learn that the exact same thing you say to him can also be used to describe you.
Number-Nine  +   842d ago
It was more of a funny comment than anything else. His family were a bunch of annoying, snobbish, and spoiled people.

It wasn't a negative on the game, just my feelings towards those characters. I just dislike them.
gametipcenter  +   847d ago
You don't like the music.. ok. I don't like all of the music either, but I also understand that there is a ton of choices of music in the game. Did you expect them to make it all music that you personally enjoy?

A lot of the online issues have been resolved for the majority of people. The fact that they're still happening to you is unfortunate, but does it deserve a 5.5 due to a handful of people still experiencing problems? I am having a ton of fun online right now. Nearly every session I join is full, people always joining me when I host jobs (I nearly always host jobs), and freeroam has been a blast too.

All in all, I think 7/10 is a silly rating.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   845d ago
Don't think of it as a rating, think of it as an opinion
Nes_Daze  +   844d ago
What? " online issues have been resolved for the majority of the people?" I still see horrible glitches everywhere and disconnects. A "handful"?? How do you know it's a handful?

Fact is online hasn't worked properly, and overall as a game it really isn't that great. 7/10 is way smarter than a 10/10 like some foolish reviwers did.
ape007  +   845d ago
"During my playing time I found Grand Theft Auto V to be extremely overrated, and my feelings might extend toward the series as a whole"

if u don't like something, simply don't play it

GTA V is a masterpiece, i think any open world fan with a functioning dopamine pleasure system would agree

never seen a series in my entire life that succeed in almost all aspects, in CORE GAMEPLAY, in longevity ,size/scope , variety, in re playability, in story /voice acting/narrative, in Atmosphere, soundtrack in personality, in charm as Grand Theft Auto, it's the REAL DEAL

GTA and Super Mario should used in depression tests, if u see them bad and enjoyable then you're more likely have depression
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lex-1020  +   845d ago
What are you even saying in your last sentence? Am I depressed because I like Super Mario? Or am I depressed because I like GTA V? Or Because I think they're bad? OR do I have to think they are both bad AND enjoyable at the same time to be depressed?
ape007  +   843d ago
head glitch, Not Enjoyable*
Nes_Daze  +   844d ago
Lonegvity? What longevity, I never had a reason to return to the singeplayer, picking up random collectibles all over the city, yeah that sounds fun...the story dragged down the well written characters, every feature that returned from San Andreas was dumbed down. GTA5 is overrated, plain and simple.
ZombieGamerMan  +   838d ago
You know I beat the game couple weeks ago and I still jump in to play that game and just mess around so just cause you need a substantial reason to get on does not mean it lacks longevity.
Nes_Daze  +   838d ago
@ZombieGamerMan, yeah and I jumped into Far Cry a few days ago and then stopped playing after 5 minutes. GTA5's singeplayer lacks longevity.
bunfighterii  +   844d ago
I'm surprised you hated the soundtrack? Wow. I think its pretty brilliant.
Anzil  +   844d ago
i agree
newflesh  +   841d ago
Music is good but could be better. Too much pop, for example
Jerbert  +   844d ago
Although I do like GTA 5 and all, some of the review is true. Bugs and Glitches were still around frequently, also the multiplayer needs to be fixed too. The patches have came but deathmatches spawns are terrible, and the missions are ridicoulus when all you have is a pistol and the high ranked players get to start with an AK47. It makes the game ridicoulus and boring, since you need money for stuff, and it aint really easy to get. Free roam seems like something to do, but other players still enjoy murdering you for no reason and making you have to pay money to enter passive mode. I thought the multiplayer was going to be cool, and it is in some aspects. But jesus its like trying to make GTA 4'S multiplayer RP'ish. People trying to either murder you constantly or some good sports are basically the players of GTA Online. The story was all I really liked in the end.
TuxedoMoon  +   837d ago
A poured a good amount of hours into the online mode and Recently beat the single player mode. I do think that this game deserves a 7/10. I do agree with many of the points made. The story itself was very underwhelming. The characters and issues presented were very weak and felt like an annoyance rather than a REAL threat. The gameplay is much better than GTA4, but flying planes and helicopters were ridiculously tedious. The single player mode was simply boring.

Then there's the online! Holy crap is that a mess. Glitches galore with things not spawning and when you do get to play, trolls are killing you. Even in passive mode, trolls WILL get you (run you over with their car). Getting missions is a pain too. You have the grind the same couple missions to progress, which gets tedious. Going back to the player's a mixed back of trolls or elitists who won't play with you because you're low level. The online REQUIRES you to have friends before hand to play with. It's definitely not a game for new people to make friends on.

Is a 7/10 bad? Not at all. It's way more realistic than a 10/10. There are glaring issues that WILL and should bog down the score. This game is far from perfect.

I grew up in the old days when you used your skill to unlock costumes and characters for free. Instead of using the 10 point scale, why not just have 3 points; Terrible, average, amazing. GTA5 would fall under average, imo.
tee_bag242  +   835d ago
Good work for getting out there and trying.
2 of your listed con's in your final score you never wrote about in your review mate

They were:
- "Micheal's annoying family"
- "Awful soundtrack"

You're entitled to your subjective opinion but at least try to back your point of view up with some reasoning.
Tell the reader why you've reached that conclusion.
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