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iamnsuperman | 735d ago | User review
Reviewing: Grand Theft Auto V
Does GTA V deliver? urmmmmmm
Rockstar’s GTA V has finally released and the GTA franchise is finally back to San Andreas (in particular Los Santos) which is arguable the best location the GTA series has ever been set in. It has been just over 5 years since GTA IV came out for the PS3 and 360. A lot has changed since GTA IV came out but has GTA V caught up with modern times. The answer may surprise you.

GTA has never been renowned for its in depth story but GTA V is a new low for the GTA franchise. The problem starts with its characters (or lack of characters). GTA V has three main protagonists (Michael, Franklin and Trevor) whose stories intertwine with each other to give the game direction. The issue is none of these characters have any real depth to them. Let’s start with Franklin who is the most pointless protagonists out of the three as he doesn’t do anything. He has no real role in the group and often is the tag along to Michael and/or Trevor’s story. There is one, possibly two, incidences where Franklin really takes the lead. What makes this a problem is with how the ending played out as Franklin which shoved into the driving seat when he has always been that background/tag along character (don’t worry I will not go into it. If you want to know please read my most recent blog titled GTA V problem: Story/Storytelling). Michael is no better. He is the retired criminal who craves to get back into the game at the annoyance of his family. Michael has a lot going on in his life but none of those issues are explored into any depth. He often saw a physiatrist, argued with his wife, children and past friends but these things are merely introduced at a superficial level which means Michael had very little, meaningful, character progression. Trevor is by far the best character out of the three with his offensive and psychotic nature but even he doesn’t avoid the superficial theme. His interaction with Michael really ruins this character (something I briefly mention later) and he could have been so much more. There are parts where he says and does something interesting (something I can’t get into due to it could spoil certain parts of the game) but they are just dumped and ignored in the following scene. It is not only a wasted opportunity but an example of poor writing. The other characters are equally poor. There isn’t one main antagonist but lots of smaller antagonists that are treated to a similarly poor conclusion.

Like its characters, GTA V’s story is lacking in quality. The problem was it had no drive and the inter character relationships were shallow. When all three characters meet up, the game turns into some crappy soap with two ex-lovers constantly fighting with each other with a random black extra in the background unsure if the developers even remember he is a playable character. The story tries to keep upping the ante with new characters and situations but the problem is it never resolves those issues until the last five minutes which comes across as a really random event (to the point where I was unsure the game was ending until the credits starting coming in).

Even though the story is lacking and the characters have as much depth as a puddle the missions are generally fun. There are a few occasions where I was really bored, mainly the side missions which felt like they were padding out the experience rather than adding to it, and that is the one major positive I could take away from playing the campaign. But the missions are very limiting for an open world game. It is worth noting that GTA V isn’t an exception as many open world games do this but the fact is you feel very constraint in an open world game. This is most apparent in the Heist missions. They are very structured, to the point where the only choice is Heist A or B and what car you want to take to get there. Also the last Heist doesn’t fit well into the story. It is mentioned hours before then forgotten about until nearer the end of the game. This would be fine if the story naturally fed into the Heist mission but it doesn’t. The story decides to pause just so the Heist can be done. It felt tacked on.

GTA V’s single player mode isn’t a totally mess. Graphically this game is good for an open world game. Rarely do I see the frame rate drop and the character models look and act natural. I like the art style which Rockstar has gone for a realism look but still managed to retain some GTA charm. The core gameplay mechanics are phenomenal (shooting is perfectly ripped from Max Payne 3). They physics engine may be a bit silly at times (you can end up jumping into walls and doing yourself some serious damage) but it works and shows up a lot of other games. Driving and flying has weight to it but it is still easy to wipe those vehicles around the map. Talking about the map, it is huge. Actually huge is an understatement. It is one massive playground. It is sparsely populated but the city area is big enough to get your town needs. An issue with the map is that it highlights how it isn’t used to its full potential. It feels certain things would have been perfect to use in the story but are totally ignored (for example the massive prison). I get they need stuff that feels new for the online component but it is still a wasted opportunity especially since, at the moment, it isn’t interactive at all. Apart from the obvious using the map as a massive playground, there is a lot of stuff to do in the map. Fully fledge tennis /golf mini games are available, there are races to complete, property to buy…. you name it GTA V has it. I am going to single out one aspect that need fixing and that is the stock market. I have heard other people have had no issue but the more online stock market doesn’t work. I found the market rarely fluctuated. The in game one is perfect and I earned and lost a lot of money using it but the other one seems to be a bit static.

I could go on describing the insane amount of things to do in this game but I will leave it there. Just be aware there are a lot of small things to do in GTA V. One thing that isn’t a small feature is customisation but I still would have liked more (for both driving and gun customisation). The problem is there is only one option to really choice to make your gun/car better. Apart from car paint jobs the rest feels limited. I upgraded all the weapons by about a quarter of the way through the game and I dabbled in the car customisation but I found it unnecessary as part of GTA’s design is to take the nearest vehicle and make do (also there was the whole car in garage glitch which made you not want to spend a fortune on one car).

Sound is a big thing in GTA games and I feel GTA V does a good job. I quite like the radio stations and it made me fall in love with “DJ Mehdi – Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix)”. There are a gret range of stations but each station doesn’t have a great list of tracks. This is a minor issue but I would like Rockstar to release song packs (for free/small fee). The radio track list is not at the same level as Vice City, nor was I expecting them to be, but It is still one solid list of songs. The general soundtrack is okay but nothing special. It does add a new dimension to GTA but it isn’t one of those soundtracks you buy and listen to on the go nor is it rememberable. One the other hand, the voice acting is very good and it is nice to see unknown actors take those roles in such a big budget game. Also guns, vehicle….. sounds are perfectly executed and really gets you immersed in the game

Now I am going to briefly talk about the online component. This is a total mess. It basically doesn’t work. I have gotten as far as the character customisation screen which by the way is awful and complicated. You may be thinking it is unfair for me to comment on something Rockstar could fix and I have every faith in them fixing it but as it stands right now it is a complete disaster. I was expecting for a dodgy launch of the online component but I didn’t think it would be this bad and that is unacceptable since they have had two weeks (and years of development) to make sure procedures are in place to reduce what is happening now. It is just pure laziness and I feel more like a beta tester for a game I paid full price for.

Overall this game has major problems. Its entire story/story telling/characters is appallingly done. I know the GTA series isn’t renowned for story telling but things have changed since GTA IV came out. Other developers have adapted and overcome story telling boundaries. It feels Rockstar is still stuck in 2008. Also the online component is a mess. That being said there are some good points to this game and it would be unfair to brush over these achievements. Would I recommend this game to anyone? No. At the moment GTA V is a $60 d*ck around simulator because the other stuff is poorly done. I just hope Rockstar can redeem themselves by fixing the online component.

Just a quick side, but relevant, note about the score. With past experiences giving a popular game a “low” score I must address the reason why (if it isn’t clear in the review) this game’s score is so “low”. If the online worked/ignoring the online component this game is a 7. Even if the online mode turns out to be a masterpiece in engineering I still wouldn’t give it higher than a 7.5 as the issues I brought up bring this game down.
Big map
Hardly any glitches
Core gameplay is great
Online, currently, does not work
Story is a mess
Characters are a mess
Graphics Really good for an open world game. Little-to no frame rate drop, character models and environments look gorgeous. Hard to deny Rockstar made a good looking game
Sound I think the radio stations are really good and the general environmental/gameplay (guns....) sounds are well done. The general soundtrack is a bit forgettable.
Gameplay The core gameplay is superbly made. Just the story and everything associated with that isn't
Fun factor I found the missions to be fun but the story wasn't engaging enough. At the moment this game leaves a sour taste in you mouth as the only redeeming thing is the open world playground (which is fun)
Online Just doesn't work at the moment. It is appalling it is at this state after being in development for so long. I feel like a beta tester for a product I paid full price for.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
majiebeast  +   734d ago
Winter is coming.
memots  +   734d ago
or a sh*tstorm
Ezz2013  +   733d ago
Sh*tstorm comes in sh*twinter though
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newflesh  +   734d ago
I'm 98% sure this will end up the same story as with Gta 4. I mean massive intergalactic hype and all those 10/10 claiming it to be the best game eva' but in two months time it'll be viewed as a BIG disappointment and another low for Grand Theft Auto series. Which it is basically. Today is 2013, not 2004, when the only rival of gta was the game called true crime. We've seen many great open world games since then, Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row series to name a few. Gta 5 just doesn't hold up as well here and now as it did in 04 with San Andreas, which is still awesome and probly the best gta game. And seriously after the magnificent LoUS it's really really hard to eat something as silly as GTA V "story"
IcyEyes  +   733d ago
I think GtaV is an incredible well crafted game with an awesome graphics, but I agree with you, this is an over-hyped game that put you in awe in the first hours of game, but with time just loses all the initial appealing. Nevermind, it's a score 9 for me (it's a solid game, this is a fact), but for sure not a "best game ever worth 11/10".
Aceman18  +   734d ago
i finished the game, and on my second play through, and i disagree this game is awesome. the story was fun, and the characters are great. for me its an easy 10, but i respect that you didn't like the game.
GenericNameHere  +   727d ago
On your SECOND playthrough? My first playthrough, that stupid GTA Online broke my game by removing Michael. I just wanted to get the story out of the way, but *poof*. He just disappeared once I installed the patch. Did several side missions for both Franklin and Trevor, and even some online, but nothing. I did a New Game, and I'm not having fun anymore. Feels so boring having nothing to do, forcing me to do those stupid Tanya missions, and having to re-do 64% of the whole story again. I've already complained about this a billion times, but I'm just disappointed at this game now. Before the glitch, I definitely had fun. But a game-breaking glitch like that... I don't know whether to suck it up and get back to where I was (last story mission I finished was searching the construction building for the "THE BIG ONE" heist), or just watch the rest on Youtube, but then I won't experience it :(
Aceman18  +   727d ago
i've had no such issues as i just finished second play through. i will actually do the last play through so i can finished the last of the 3 endings. then i'll touch multiplayer.

but i'll play it after getting through Beyond Two Souls
Syko  +   725d ago
Aceman, You know you can just replay mission and do the other two endings right? I mean I love the game and got 100% but I am not looking toward going back and doing it all again.

GTA: Online has worked great for me and my buddies on 360. I had problems getting in day 1 but once I tried over and over and finally passed the tutorial mission we have been playing non-stop with no problems. Currently sitting at level 160 and about 3 Million in the bank. The online is great and a ton of fun. I would suggest playing it instead of replaying the story. Just get 100% and move on lol.
ape007  +   734d ago
with all due respect, it ain't about gaming anymore for some people

"The core gameplay is superbly made. Just the story and everything associated with that isn't" gameplay a 6

that's a movie review not a game review,. besides the story, the voice acting and the execution are all done very well
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Amazingmrbrock  +   731d ago
did they give it a story? Yes. Then it gets reviewed as such. You can just review a game based on gameplay when they put so much emphasis on the story parts. These aren't nes games that are running on 95 percent gameplay 5 percent story. These days games are running closer to fifty fifty with ten percent give and take in either direction.
ape007  +   731d ago
it's still gaming, Core Design>>>>story
Amazingmrbrock  +   731d ago
That way of doing things is holding 'gaming' back as a form of entertainment. It's not just about fun anymore its about telling a story the best way possible. Yes the gameplay must be good but if its half story based the story must be just as good.
LoveOfTheGame  +   731d ago
Constantly trying to make games be seen as a form of art, I assume you meant art since entertainment basically means to make someone enjoy and videogames have been doing that since the 70s.

We are not making gaming better by trying to put it in a category with movies and books. Saying focusing on Core Design, the backbone of a game, is holding it back is like saying Narratives in books are holding them back and they should add pictures to make them better.
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Wni0  +   730d ago
I think one of the more overlooked things is how impactful or engaging the story is. sure the gameplay might be really great, but if the story is dreadful then its hard to keep playing - at least for me.

it can go both ways though heavy rain is basically the opposite, great story, but clumsy gameplay made it a challenge to complete. but both are great games no doubt. but they are not TLoU.
360ICE  +   724d ago
Well, story and everything associated with that is part of a game too. A reviewer is free to weigh the different aspects of a game different than most people do, even if that means most people are less likely to agree with the review.
Publicglutton  +   734d ago
Rockstar games said from the start that there would be problems with GTA V online, so criticism of this is pointless until online is up and running properly and can be reviewed properly.
Immature review in so many aspects.
Kingdom Come  +   733d ago
This "review" is pathetic. Rockstar suggested patience as a necessity when approaching "Grand Theft Auto Online". You sound like a petulant child crying for attention by scoring it without playing a significant portion...

Grand Theft Auto V is a beautifully crafted, terrifically written, ambitious game, and your score is unjustifiably insulting...
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moegooner88  +   733d ago
Great review man, spot on as well.
Ezz2013  +   733d ago
i really don't agree with this review even though i agree with most if not all your comments

for me this game was not My GOTY
but i still can see why it have it fans
i give it 8.5-9/10
SeraphimBlade  +   733d ago
I'm glad we're taking story in games seriously now, and I agree GTA V has issues and a lot of missed opportunities, but it shouldn't account for a third of the score (or the review body.) I found the actual game part extremely fun to the point I couldn't give it anything less than an 8. I sure as hell got my money's worth.

Oh, sorry, the online part. That will eventually have its bugs ironed out and make your critique irrelevant. Guess that's a problem with reviews anymore. This review's here forever, but the technical issues won't be in a few months.

Here's betting they close it down and relaunch it as GTA Online: A Hood Reborn...
annus  +   733d ago
Gameplay a 6 because the gameplay was fun but the story wasn't good? Next people will start rating audio bad because the graphics were bad.
DoctorJones  +   733d ago
Sorry, but this was a terrible review.

'Like its characters, GTA V’s story is lacking in quality. '

The characters are well realised, voiced perfectly, and the story is a complete improvement from the other games in the series. It retains it's humourous edge and manages to tie the 3 characters together.

'But the missions are very limiting for an open world game.'

The missions were better done than any open world game. There was more variation in missions than any other GTA game, and more importantly any other open world game. Name some missions other open world games do better, please.

'GTA V’s single player mode isn’t a totally mess.'

That's because it isn't a mess at all.

'Overall this game has major problems.'

It doesn't, you seem to be one of the very few that feel it does.

Gameplay The core gameplay is superbly made. Just the story and everything associated with that isn't

So the gameplay is superb, as you state in your review, but you decide to give it a 6 because the story doesn't match up to your high standards? Terrible scoring definitions here.

I don't mind someone not liking a game as much as other people, but your reasoning for your scoring, and much of your reasoning for many factors of the game, is absolutely flawed.

I give this review 4/10.
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luisvideogames  +   732d ago
I give that comment a 10/10.
Pintheshadows  +   732d ago
At this point Iamnsuperman, I think everyone and their mother knew your opinions on GTA5. Good for you, you were not keen on it, many people were. Can you stop constantly commenting on every GTA5 related story now seeing as you think it is just above average and all.

And gameplay and story are two entirely different things so your rating their shows how poorly you understand basic game elements. I can't believe you actually typed that, although I have read many of your whingy over critical comments so...
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Nes_Daze  +   732d ago
I don't agree with the review score, but I honestly think it is more far-fetched or dumb to give this game a perfect 10 than a 6.5. Why? GTA5 is far from perfect...every feature that made a return from San Andreas(haircuts, car modding, clothes, etc.) has been downgraded or limited in some way. I felt like the game was too short, and those other activities where you find collectibles around the city are boring.

The online could've made up for all these flaws and then some, but instead, it is broken. Review scores aren't based on having patience, you review the game as you bought it.
GenericNameHere  +   727d ago
I miss Cluckin' Bell. Why can't I enter a fast food joint?? I want to see Franklin get fat, then go to the gym and get healthy again, CJ-style
Blastoise  +   732d ago
iamsuperman has obviously rustled some jimmies lol
WarThunder  +   732d ago
This game is not a 6.5. Its at least a 8/10.
WarThunder  +   732d ago
Imo GTAV extremely overrated...
#16 (Edited 732d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
SlyFamous02  +   731d ago
I agree with the reviewer, and I have read a few reviews from your "normal" gamers and most of them agree on one thing, and that is GTA5 is over hyped, which makes me wonder, is GTA5 getting its high review scores from gaming journalists because of its reputation?

I give it a 7.5
AceBlazer13  +   731d ago
the game is having a rocky start , i say give it till november then we can call gtao a ambitious failure.
SniperControl  +   731d ago
While I agree with Iamnsuperman's points, I also kinda agree with the score, to me this is a 7 - 8/10 game.
I have been playing GTA since it first appeared on PC as a top down game, GTA 3 was a massive and welcome change, going from birds eye view to 3rd person was a stroke of genius.
GTA Vice City in my opinion is still the best GTA game to date, I absolutely love it, the map was the perfect size, their was depth to the story, every single mission and side mission had a point to play in the overall plot of the game, this aided immensely in drawing the player even deeper into Tommy Vercetti's world.
Alas this never really happened in GTA 5, I never really identified with any of the characters, Trevor just pissed me off to the point, where I didnt want to do any of his missions, when Franklin had to chose, my choice was easy.
I just wish that R* had gone more with the heist element of the game, I really enjoyed that.
For me the game is done and dusted, I will be heading down to my local Game shop to trade it in for Beyond: Two Souls.
Fez  +   730d ago
I disliked the story in this game too. It actually felt like there wasn't enough "filler" missions to get to know characters. Franklin, even though he was my favourite character, had pretty much no reason to be in the game. There weren't enough smaller missions to introduce his background and create a meaningful relationship between him and Michael instead of the superficial one presented.

The ending was laughable too, you can't just spring that sort of ending on the player with no build up or any real reason. Infact the more I think about that ending the worse it seems. It's as if they didn't realise they actually had to finish writing the story and ran out of time.

The saving grace for me is the gameplay and missions - Very fun, with lots of replayability. I thought they nailed the driving mechanics, and the gunplay was almost there but could have been a lot smoother like Max Payne 3's. Flying was pretty fun and just the right amount of challenging. Now they just need an invincibility cheat so I can have fun with the physics :D
#20 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
StrawberryDiesel420  +   730d ago
I'm a bit disappointed with GTA5. It has a tremendous amount of tedious missions that just aren't fun. It also feels very unbalanced, some missions fail very easily for no reason and other are just driving a piece of equipment from one end of the city to the other with no challenge at all. GTA4 had way more shootout type missions, GTA5 is full of filler missions to make the game seem long when it's actually pretty short on action. The online isn't working, for me at least as of today. I think Red Dead Redemption was much more impressive. Not saying GTA5 sucks, I'd give it an 8.5(I'm about three quarters of the way through), it's no where near a flawless game that I'd give a 10. I would have awarded a 10 to Red Dead before this game. I know people who sold GTA5 back already because they were so disappointed. I wouldn't go that far, I don't see myself playing through the SP a second time though. I can't see myself watching all those cutscenes again and driving all around the world doing fetch quests
abusador  +   729d ago
Most open world games get real repetitive and boring quick with their missions and submissions, thats why i never get why ppl put linear games down and open world games on a pedestal. GTA4 was a complete borefest for me, however ill give it to Rockstar having us play as three different characters to break up the monotony and making it three characters with distinct personalities really work for me. The sp got kind of boring to me towards the end but it gripped me for most of the game. The online when it works is really, really fun and if you have friends you link up with it becomes another level of fun.

I would give GTA5 a solid 8-8.5
Nes_Daze  +   727d ago
I wanna who's the idiot that keeps disagreeing with people that are saying this game is 7.5-9.0, because it sure as hell isn't a perfect 10, and I love my GTA games.
D3athc3ll  +   727d ago
LOL to you all!!!

GTA IV was the best game by far, till this came out!



And GTA V online, well it will be awesome one all the bugs etc. are fixed, but for now - the single player alone is the best ever!

I'd say TLOU was an epic adventure and the best story told in any video game so far to me!

GTA V or TLOU should get game of the year!! Nothing else deserves it!!

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