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GTA Short Turns Assassination Gone Wrong into Awesome Chase Scene

10h ago - Listen: contract killings can go wrong sometimes, okay? It’s just something that happens. But, in... | PC

Watch a GTA V Player Fight For His Life in this Great Fan Film

15h ago - Don't you just hate it when your assassination target doesn't die the first time? Gunfights and c... | PC

The Witcher 3

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Record That: Hovicropter

1d 2h ago - The police have upgraded to some new air defense tech in GTA V | Xbox One

GTA 5 has its first Superman mod

2d ago - The mod everyone has been waiting for is here, even if it’s a simple one. | PC

Red Dead Redemption is 5 years old – watch this tribute set in GTA 5

4d ago - Did you know it’s five years since the release of Red Dead Redemption? Time flies when you’re cat... | PC

Breaking Bad’s Parking Lot Shootout Recreated In GTA 5

5d ago - One Angry Gamer "The quality of GTA V machinima is starting to pick up. One of the newest videos... | PC

GTA 5 meets Jackass again in Trevor’s second episode as Steve-O

6d ago - YouTuber Abstract Mode has uploaded a second video of Trevor’s foray into the world of Jackass. | PC

GTA 5 PC Mods: Telekinesis 0.8 Mod Gameplay – Jedi Force Powers

6d ago - This Telekinesis PC mod for GTA 5 allows you to pick up vehicles and pedestrians and throw them o... | PC

GTA 5 : Breaking Bad Video Brings Back Memories

6d ago - What can 5 do from the PC version of GTA all the extensive Rockstar Editor, already proven many f... | Culture

Sorry About This GTA V Mod, PETA

6d ago - Yannick LeJacq writes:"We’ve heard tales of cats rampaging through GTA V’s city of Los Santos. Bu... | PC

New GTA 5 Mod Let's You Shoot Animals From Your Gun!

9d ago - Object Spooner mod latest update let's you shoot animals, pedestrians and just about every object... | PC

GTA 5 Angry Planes Mod

11d ago - This mod is hilarious, it spawns in all types of planes that either swoop you or if they have roc... | PC

GTA V Mod Causes Tsunami, Drowns Los Santos (Again)

11d ago - GtaGamer222 has made a mod that does pretty much as advertised: it covers Los Santos in water, so... | PC

GTA V Can Enter the Whole Building

11d ago - You see in the title, you have to be disallowed entry to our building right in the story mode "Al... | PC

Bring Back Hydraulics Footage in GTA 5 - Abstract Mode

12d ago - Here is the video which is recently uploaded Bring Back Hydraulics in GTA 5 for gamers. Must watch | PC

All Grand Theft Auto V Was Missing Was A Flying Monkey With A Gun That Shoots Exploding Cars

13d ago - Move over, Goat Simulator, Grand Theft Auto V modding is giving you a run for your money. This vi... | PC

Grand Theft Auto V - Two Videos From The iCEnhancer Timecycle Mod Surface

13d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ gained access to the experimental version of... | PC

GTA V Mods – The madness has begun

13d ago - Check out the crazy GTA mod that replaces bullets with cars. | PC

GTA 5 mod recreates the pedestrian riot cheat

15d ago - Is carnage relevant to your interests? If not, I'm not sure what you're doing reading a post abou... | PC

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GTA V + Gravity Gun = Tomfoolery

16d ago - Grand Theft Auto V, meet Half-Life 2. Half-Life 2, this is Grand Theft Auto V. You two should get... | PC

GTA V Trailer Recreated in GTA V Using Rockstar Editor is Pretty Impressive

18d ago - Gamers may get a bit of slack and be perceived by the ill-informed as Dorito munching, Mountain D... | PC

GTA V Madness: Watch a Car Take Out a Chopper in a Very Die Hard 4.0 Manner

19d ago - Remember the scene in Die Hard 4.0 where our aging action hero takes out the bad guys' chopper wi... | PC

GTA 5 3D is Utterly Amazing

19d ago - A selection of direct feed HD quality downloads, Youtube videos and a couple of images which show... | PC
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