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Cosplay Wednesday – Grand Theft Auto V’s Bikini Girl

385d ago - Grand Theft Auto V’s got countless NPCs, groups, gangs, and more to meet and interact with, but o... | Culture

GTA 5: We Have The Complete Aerial Challenges Map

388d ago - We have a well made map of all the locations where you do all the Under The Bridge and Knife Flig... | Xbox 360

Check Out the Most Awesome Cop Escape Stunt in GTA 5

389d ago - Here’s a brilliantly twisted way to get away from the cops in Grand Theft Auto 5. | Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter Egg Map Will Blow Your Mind

392d ago - GR - "A map within GTA 5 will aid you to discover easter eggs." | Xbox 360

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GTA 5 Cars List | Rare Cars

393d ago - GR - "GTA 5 Rare Cars List: We take a look at a few of the cars that are slated to appear in Gran... | Xbox 360

GTA 5's Take On A Popular Piece of Political Graffiti

393d ago - Gameranx: "A particularly popular, and poignant piece of political graffiti made it into GTA 5." | Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto 5: Real Life Venice Beach Compared to Vespucci Beach

394d ago - "Grand Theft Auto 5 has finally released and in between $1 billion in revenue within the first th... | Xbox 360

18 awesome selfies from Grand Theft Auto V

397d ago - Grand Theft Auto V players have been making Michael, Trevor, and Franklin take some awesome selfi... | Xbox 360

The sleaziest thing you can do in GTA V?

397d ago - Kotaku - No, it's not stealing a Jumbo Jet, but parking like a jackass. Bonus points for Trevor b... | Xbox 360

GTA V Satellite Map in 6000X8000p Looks Amazing

397d ago - Reddit user Stabyourself has stitched together the huge GTA V satellite map from (Grand Theft Aut... | Xbox 360

You Can Play GTA V As Breaking Bad's Heisenberg, Basically

399d ago - Kotaku - When it comes to pop culture, this week people are mostly talking about two things: Brea... | Xbox 360

GTA 5: Xbox 360 vs PS3 Direct Screen Comparison

401d ago - GR - "Rockstar has reached near parity with latest GTA for both consoles." | Xbox 360

Has Rockstar Gone Too Far Opinion Poll Results In -

402d ago - The gaming community were asked to share their opinion on if they felt rockstar had gone too far,... | Xbox 360

GTA V New Gameplay Images

403d ago - 18 units GTA V New Gameplay Images.. | Xbox 360

GTA 5 Collector's Edition Image Discovered

404d ago - GR - "This is what the Grand Theft Auto 5 Collector's Edition looks like in real life." | Xbox 360

New GTA V In-Game Screens Leaked, Graphics Look Stunning

404d ago - Whatever GTA V leak we have seen so far all were related to gameplay footage (that too poor quali... | Xbox 360

Standing on the Vinewood Sign in GTA: SA vs GTA 5

404d ago - Gameranx: "We've shown you multiple comparisons of the map size in Grand Theft Auto 5 compared to... | Xbox 360

Leaked hi-res GTA V photos look spectacular

404d ago - The recent Grand Theft Auto V leaks have showed us a lot of new things that we didn't expect. Unf... | Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto V All Weapons & Vehicles Revealed - New Info

405d ago - Grand Theft Auto V All Weapons and Vehicles have been revealed from game guide. (Contains SPOILER... | Xbox 360

GTA V compared to GTA: San Andreas

405d ago - This is a screenshot we have found of the GTA San Andreas and a compared to GTA V. Graphics have... | Xbox 360

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

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Five New GTAV Characters Revealed

408d ago - STFUandPLAY's Tony Polanco writes: "While perusing Reddit I came across a link that has poster... | Xbox 360

Official Grand Theft Auto V Gangsta Urban DualShock Controller

414d ago - An "official" GTA 5 PS3 controller has appeared for pre-order | PS3

GTA V: 6 Things We Learned From The ESRB Rating Breakdown

422d ago - WC - It’s come as a surprise to literally no one on the planet that Grand Theft Auto V was handed... | Xbox 360

The GTA V Hype Train Destroys Other Games With Animated GIFs

424d ago - Kotaku - In anticipation of Grand Theft Auto V, members of the GTA Forums amused themselves with... | Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto V: The Evolution of Helicopters

429d ago - Grand Theft Auto series has come a long way, from top-down perspective (first two games) to open... | Xbox 360

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