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Life & Death in Los Santos

308d ago ... There has never been a hero within a Grand Theft Auto story. Tommy Vercetti, Claude, Carl Johnson, Niko Bellic…all of them, by definition, were anti-heroes, people who sought a fair, just end via way of unfair, unjust actions. And in keeping with the calculated brutality of their methods, as well as a desire for peace beyond the crystalline snowstorms and the bloody resolutions was inherent...

On the evolution of Grand Theft Auto

454d ago ... Grand Theft Auto V is now playable from a first-person perspective. That is, Grand Theft Auto, a series that’s as equally notable for its original birds-eye viewpoint as it is its current third-person stance, can now be viewed through the blood-shot eyes of its frenzied protagonist for the very first time. To see how we’ve made it this far is to recollect the gradual yet incredibly realiz...

Turtle Beach's Beautiful Game Search is Turning Out to Be a Joke.

578d ago ... Turtle Beach recently started a "campaign" to crown the best game of all time. They've narrowed it down to the top 15 games that people have been pushing for. Here is that list: Borderlands 2 Call of Duty: Ghosts Dwarf Fortress Far Cry 3 FIFA 14 Final Fantasy X Grand Theft Auto V Halo 3 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Pac Man Resident Evil Super Mario Galaxy The Elder Scrolls V:...

A Top 13 For 2013

705d ago ... The gaming chapter of 2013’s officially one for the history books and with that final note comes the unflinching tradition of the pomp and splendor of the awards that follow. Always one to break with tradition, I take the time to display my very won list, crafted by yours truly appropriate to the year of its debut. Thirteen games for the year of 2013 is the only list I could make in good fai...

Breaking News! GTA Online Isn't Fun Anymore

738d ago ... Well, I already know what most of you are thinking. You're either rolling your eyes or pursing your lips at a potentially inane opinion regarding last year's most anticipated title's online component. I must confess, despite the headline, I still play Grand Theft Auto Online regularly, but more often than not, I find myself yawning after about half an hour. Grand Theft Auto Online simply isn...

N4G GOTY WINNERS! (and Amazon Gift Card Winners!)

742d ago ... SEQUEL FAIL: Call of Duty Ghosts BEST VOICE ACTING: Troy Baker as Joel (The Last of Us) BEST DLC: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon BEST STORY: The Last of Us BEST SOUNDTRACK: The Last of Us BEST MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE: Battlefield 4 BEST NEW VIDEO GAME CHARACTER: Trevor Phillips, Gand Theft Auto V MOST REPLAYABLE GAME: Grand Theft Auto V GAME WITH BEST INNOVATION: The La...

Controversy on Mature Rated Games and Its Stupidity

756d ago ... Every single time I read about something in a game that made people angry, I get angry. Let it be torture scene from the critically acclaimed and controversial Grand Theft Auto V, the sexual violence report on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, or the most recent report about killing a family as Dracula for blood to show how monstrous he has become. I have seen feminists, pacifists,...

Video Game Highlights From The VGX Disaster

794d ago ... So the VGX award show took place last night. I know...who cares right? Yeah, just like in previous years where they had the big Hollywood spectacle, this year's more personal feel was a disaster from the get go. While I could've been doing other things (like watching football, or playing games) I suffered watching the three hour internet stream. Joel McHale helped host the train wreck of a show...

The Hidden Problem with Digital Gaming, Next-Gen and Beyond

876d ago ... This is my very first blog so forgive me if I sound a little naive. I wanted to discuss this because of the certain issue I'm sure a lot of you have had to deal with today. I just finished downloading a little game called Grand Theft Auto V on my PS3, which took me approximately 15 hours to download. 15 HOURS, and it is still currently installing and has been for about 20 mins now. I am very gl...

Memories of Grand Theft Auto

879d ago ... Here I am on a beautiful sunny day, and I'm rolling down the street in my car. A car that I stole. I'm weaving through traffic at a high rate of speed with the police hot on my trail. Why? Well that's because I committed a major crime. the crime you ask? We'll just call it murder. I took out a few citizens at the strip club. Now I need to get away before the cops bust me. What do I do? Well, le...

The Great 9/11 Grand Theft Auto V Leak

881d ago ... Social media outlets such as Reddit, the GTAV Net forums and YouTube were exploding tonight with hype, the screams of a thousand school-girls and the understandable frothing of the loins when someone, somewhere, somehow obtained an early copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar Games' upcoming, highly anticipated instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been undeniably on everyone's radar s...

PS4 vs. GTAV

1103d ago ... With the confirmation of Grand Theft Auto V's September release date, and tease of the PS4 announcement coming only a day apart, I was left wondering what the imminent arrival of the 'next generation' meant for one of gaming's biggest franchises. Rumours currently on Eurogamer point to a US and Japan PS4 release in time for Christmas, with Europe to follow soon after (perhaps like the Vita d...

The 3 worst locations in games

1938d ago ... If you had to live in a gameworld you can think of a long list of places. From the lush regions of Tamriel (Oblivion)to Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball. But which places would you never want to live? I give my own examples, please include your own! 3. Vice City. (Game: Grand Theft Auto Vice City) Why?: Well, this may actually seem like a nice place for some. The beaches are beautiful, the...
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