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10 Addictive Video Games That Totally Destroyed Your Social Life

2d ago - WC How many times have you fobbed off your friends, your significant other or your family to s... | Culture

Returning to GTA V Online

3d ago - TGR's Matt takes a trip back into GTA V's online world and finds things are far better than when... | PS4

PC Games Still To Come This Month

Now - We're halfway through the hottest month of the year, but there's plenty more PC games still to come, so don't go outside just yet! Let's take a loo... | Promoted post

Rockstar Editor on console: How to make GTA movies

5d ago - Vinewood is coming to PS4 and Xbox One: here’s how to get started shooting in San Andreas. | PS4

Forget Forza, Gran Tursimo - GTA V Has The Best Looking Cars

6d ago - With car modding on the PC version of GTA V hitting its stride, has it surpassed Forza and Gran T... | PC

Rockstar Games Anti-Heroes Ranked: From Worst To Best

8d ago - WC Rockstar are the undisputed masters of the anti-hero. From Jimmy Hopkins to Carl Johnson, t... | Culture

Smash up GTA 5 with Hulkbuster armor

15d ago - PCgamer: "So, I've been patrolling GTA 5's city of Los Santos, wearing Tony Stark's Hulkbuster... | PC

Has a GTA Killer Been Found?

16d ago - GTA V is great, but Mafia III could end up being better in several ways. | PS4

'Family' is what separates Mafia III from GTAV

18d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: Mafia 3 came out of nowhere and may have even stolen the best in the show t... | PC

How Mafia 3 and GTA V are Similar or Completely Different

19d ago - SegmentNext - It was a loose comparison between GTA V and Mafia 3, and whether or not Take-Two h... | Dev

Why Rockstar Needs to Make Bully 2

25d ago - "Grand Theft Auto V was an incredible game and Rockstar are some of the most talented developers... | PC

Protecting the citizens of San Andreas in GTA 5

27d ago - Now that Grand Theft Auto V is available on PC, the modding community is coming up with some amaz... | PC

Top 5 Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Mods

28d ago - The PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 has gone mod crazy as of late and we have the best of the bu... | PC

Top 5 GTA Missions That Will Go Down In History

28d ago - Carla at GameSpew writes: "You know that feeling of butterflies people often talk about? It comes... | PC

Video Game Worlds That Actually Feel "Alive"

30d ago - OnlySP: Jay returns this week with a new video editorial discussing video game worlds that really... | PC

5 Allegedly Controversial Games/Scenes

32d ago - Video-games get a lot of heat in the media, they also get blamed for events carried out by inhere... | PS2

Can Video Games Influence The Way We Live Our Lives?

32d ago - Over the years there have been many studies arguing that violent video games ignite aggressive te... | Culture

5 games that exceeded the hype

34d ago - MyGaming: "Hopping onto the hype-train can be a very dangerous, rather dubious ride in the gaming... | Culture

GTA V single player DLC: 8 things we want to see

36d ago - Dear Rockstar, when you announce single player DLC for GTA V, can you include these things? Regards. | PC

10 Games That Consume Your Life

36d ago - There are times in your gaming career that you come across a video-game that consumes your soul.... | PC

Grand Theft Auto Online Review

38d ago - Grand Theft Auto Online is still going strong despite a few bugs. Find out MMOGames' thoughts on... | PC

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

25 Best Selling Video Games Of All Time – Ranked

40d ago - WC The video game industry has been surpassing both movies and music in terms of annual revenu... | Culture

Top 10 Cars in Grand Theft Auto V

41d ago - The following is a list of the Top 10 Cars in GTA 5, On this list is just cars, no other vehicles... | PC

Where On Earth Is GTA 5's Story DLC?

46d ago - Why then, in this age of post-game content support, has GTA 5 never released any story DLC, parti... | PC

The Most "Legitimate" Complaints About Our Most Beloved Games

53d ago - Video games and complaining go together as well as Doritos and Mountain Dew, rather it be that 13... | Culture

15 Game Characters You Wouldn't Want To Meet In Real Life

56d ago - Here are 15 game characters that you wouldn't want to meet in real life and with good reason. | PC
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