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The Top Ten Video Games Releasing in November 2014

16h ago - Raymond Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "November offers a huge selection of titles relea... | PC

30 More Outrageous GTA V Snapmatic Pictures

2d ago - Mr. Kennedy of The Koalition writes: It has been over a year now since GTA V was released on... | Xbox 360

Should We Be Using Celebrity Likenesses in Video Games?

2d ago - CCC Says: "Recently, there has been a bit of legal conflict concerning the use of “celebrity” lik... | Culture

Top 5 Best Alternatives to GTA V

2d ago - ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is today considered by many to be the best open-world sandbox-style action t... | Xbox 360

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GTA 5 – New DLC Before Next Gen Release?

3d ago - Though it is still not completely clear whether the DLC will be launched ahead of the Next Gen la... | Next-Gen

Top 10 Games of the Last Generation Consoles

7d ago - writes: This seemed to be quite the tall task when approached about this, becau... | Wii

Opinion: Is the technology ready for the new generation?

8d ago - One thing seems unanimous when speaking of this generation of game; the online play and social sh... | PC

14 Incredible Video Games Still To Come In 2014

9d ago - WC: "The slow trickle of titles across the year has suddenly become a river. As the year slowl... | PC

November – Why Do You Hate My Bank Balance?

10d ago - IM PLAYIN discusses the month of November, and the fact that there will be a lot of great games c... | PC

Top 10 Things We Want from Remastered GTA V

11d ago - GTA 5 Cheats lists the top 10 things they want to see in the PS4/Xbox One/PC versions of Grand Th... | PC

Why GTA V Will Be worth Replaying on the PS4

11d ago - PS4Home: "Even better, if you decide to go ahead and pre-order the game before the November 18th... | PS4

The argument for video games as a form of literature

12d ago - Gabriel Polychronis wonders if games are the new face of literature? "Because of its broad nat... | Culture

Gaming's Top 10 Most Controversial Scenes

13d ago - "Gameranx has rounded up some of the most questionable scenes in video games." | PC

Top Video Games We'd Like To See As A Film (Part 2)

14d ago - Console Monster writes: "The highly-anticipated sequel to Top Video Games We'd Like To See As A F... | Culture

Top 10 Mods for GTA V on PC

14d ago - With GTA V being released on PC early next year, GTA 5 Cheats has created their top 10 list of mo... | PC

GTA 5 player plays the game entirely as a pacifist

14d ago - In January of this year, YouTuber Jeremy Mattheis, who goes by the name “goldvision” on his chann... | Xbox 360

This Game Should Not be $60

14d ago - GaminRealm: We wanted to shed some light on something that seems to be completely disregarded. I... | PS4

GTA V Remastered: 11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

15d ago - GTA V is still firmly etched into the public conscious as one of the greatest achievements in the... | PC

5 Most Awaited GTA 5 Mods for PC

17d ago - Grand Theft Auto games are pretty much famous for their Mods or Addons.These mods or addons are a... | PC

Console exclusive titles which are coming to PC

20d ago - Gaming Worm Says: ''Recently we have discussed how rapidly PC Gaming is increasing. This rapid in... | PC

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

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Grand Theft Auto V Still Has The Most Realistic Water I Ever Played In A Videogame

21d ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs - where the console controls us writes: Something I thought ab... | Xbox 360

Stunt School: GTA V on water

21d ago - Trevor takes to the life aquatic as we check the stunts you can pull off terra firma in San An. | Xbox 360

GTA V: 10 Things FPS Mode Must Have

21d ago - WC: Rockstar has already made the most richly detailed open-world in video games, and the new-gen... | PS4

6 Reasons Why T-Bone From Watch_Dogs Bad Blood Is Just Like Trevor From GTA V

22d ago - "It appears that Ubisoft are hoping T-Bone can take watch_Dogs towards a new direction. With the... | PC

How to make us buy GTA 5 again

24d ago - As many gamers know GTA 5 will be re-released in November for the next gen consoles. For some peo... | PS4
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