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User Review : Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Good Story{Drunk Driving{Multiplayer
  • not as much fun to just screw around{why can you watch your charachter have sex with a whore but not his girlfriend?{I mean are they trying to promote prostituion?

GTA4 is most definetley one of the best games on the 360... but theres something missing.

First off i would like to thank you there are hundreds, make that thousands of reviews for Grand Theft Auto 4 and you choose mine, thank you. So GTA4 is a game that basically everyone and thier grandmother owns. I in fact had to trade in Halo 3, Gears of War and a wireless contoller to join the party. I must say though i am happy with the deal, at least for now.

Story: The basic gist of GTA4 is much like older versions but with a hint of lime. Their are mob bosses and police officals that hire you do do their bidding, along with some low profile guys. So whats the hint of lime thats thrown in? Well the game allows you to make decisons that will ultimatley alter the outcome of the story. There are actually two different endings to the game. But if you look closely you will see that only one decision acutally changes the ending. But they do put you in some tight spots of killing one guy or another. Sometime they are your friends. They also will let you choose wether or not a man lives. This elemet is cool and refreshing like a hint of lime in soda, hence that... lol. Because i dont want to spoil anything for you fine folks i wont go into great detail about the story. There is one thing i must mention though. Wheres the chick with the lollipop? Shes not in the main story, but i did hear she is on one of the dating sites.

Gameplay: The gameplay and physics were completley overhauled for GTA4. First thing you will notice in playing the game is that the driving is more realistic. Or so they say. I have notcied that its nearly impossible to turn corners at a high rate of speed. Now that may be trye if your going 100mph in a bus but if your driving a regular car at a normal speed you can take a tight turn. This game apparently thinks you have to come to a stop to turn your car. Other than that i love the driving its pretty sweet and it brings a little more realism to the game. Then theres the auto-aim. Im not sure what the testers at Rockstar were high on, cause they didnt notice how flawed this is. A lot of the times you hold down the trigger to shoot an enemy right in front of you the game will target someone 100 yards from you stading behind a building. You will sucome to many WTF! moments while shooting multiple enimies. I remember this one time i had a shotgun as i was attempting to shoot a guy out in the open almost 10 feet from me. Instead the game targeted a sniper on a roof and before i could flick through my inventory the sniper took me down. That brings me to the cover system. For a first attempt at an open-world game this cover system is very succesful. Just dont try using it in close quarters. There is a misson where you are told to get drugs out of a tiny warehouse. And of course the cops come to kill you. Well i did that misson almost ten times because i kept getting stuck along walls. Heres a tip, be against the wall you want to use. And dont hit RB to get off it simply hold A. Overall the gameplay is good. The missons are a little repetitive, but thats nothing new for GTA.

Graphics: Beautiful. Is there anything else that need to be said. You can get lost in the gaze of the fluttering water. But you will also occasinaly get lost when a car or median apperaes out of no where in front of your speeding vehicle. But thats typical GTA. Although that dopesnt make it ok, but for some reason a great deal of reviewers do think is ok.

Multiplayer: The MP is a great leap for the first try. Their are a ton of game modes that really feel distinctive. Now its no CoD4 but youll have fun with it. There are Deathmaches along with distinctivley GTA fun like a race mode where you can shoot the other drivers and a mode where everyone gets an order and the first to complete it gets cash. There are also 4 co-op modes that are pretty darn fun. But the best mode for me is Free Mode, cause whats better than getting 16 people togehter to do what ever you want?

Is it fun?: You will have a blast playing this game. But once you beat the story and side missons im not sure youll know what to do. Thats mostly in part because of the chopped up sandbox mode. In past games you could fly planes, use parachutes, drive atvs among other things. In this one that is absent, sadly. Since i traded in a whole bunch of stuff hoping to be playing this game all summer i am a little ticked off that they took so much out. Also why cant bne at the airport. After being their like 2 mins the cops take you out.

A good atempt with the cover system, but the auto-aim frustrates players.
Amazing graphics... youll be stunned
Great radio stations and the funny charachter comments that notoriously GTA
Fun Factor
A blast, but not as much after you complete the game.
Fun, a great attempt for the first itteration
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Delt43667d ago

Good review. The pop ins bugged me more than i think they do you. But "I mean are they trying to promote prostituion?" F-in funny bro. And i was upset when i finished and that lolipop chick never showed her face. All in all good review.