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User Review : Grand Theft Auto IV

Waste of Time

Well this game starts off with Niko coming to America to earn some money. That's basically all this game is about earning money to have a better life. Niko first starts with tasks from his cousin Roman who sends him on a mission to meet someone, take them somewhere and then bring them back home. For the first few hours of the game that's all you do and it gets boring really quick.

You meet new people as you do missions. Just about everyone you meet has a job for you to do for them. That's how you make your money. You can even have a girlfriend in this game. Niko has to be the dumbest person I have ever seen potrayed in a game because he does anything anyone tells him to do. He goes around as a hit man for people and basically asks no questions just does the job.

Most of the missions in this game are very repetitive and are just plan dull. There were some missions I found to be some fun like the "Bank Job" and the Helicopter mission. There's also this sniping mission where you scale this tall building and shoot people which I found to be quite fun.

There are about 98 main story missions and tons of other little side missions(which I found to be lame) to do in the game.

What really ruined this game for me was the horrible controls in this game. The shooting mechanics are terrible and the driving physics are terrible. Also the way Niko fights is just plain bad. Bad gameplay can ruin the whole game and it did just that for me.

There's also the multiplayer component in this game which has more then 10 different types to play but with the bad controls in it it just ruined the whole experience to me.

The game has some amazing production values as the shows you can go see and the radio stations you can listen to I can tell alot of time went into that. But over all this game just left me disappointed as I was exspecting more. The overall experience just wasn't fun to me and that's what games are all about having fun.

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zdudynot3450d ago

sound is gooud to but the fun factor deservers a 5?!!!