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User Review : Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Graphics are perfect.{Gameplay is perfect.{Story is perfect.
  • Nothing!{Might cancel saints row. (should have put that in ups)

GTA is the best game ever!

GTA IV is a perfect game. There is abolutely nothing wrong with it. When you play it you will get such high surges of adrenaline that you will nearly die from a heart attack because of how incredible the gameplay is! Driving down the road while shooting gangsters has never felt so rewarding and so exciting at the same time. You just want to keep doing it over and over while you explore the gigantic city with Niko.

The storyline is also very moving and convincing. You will absolutly cry at the end due to everyones incredible voice acting and the great graphics that render their faces so well. This immersion causes you to weant to replay the story at least 5 times before becoming slightly bored fo it but then you can just do one of the other millions of things that you can do in GTA!.

The graphics are the best graphics ever rendered on a game. Rockstar deserves credit for finally moving out of those bad graphics and creating the revolutionairy lighting system! Its incredible to, the light reflects off of everything including buildings and cars all in real time! Then there is the physics engine that rockstar created. It makes everyone more life like. Especially when you run someone over or blow them up. Rockstar really deserves credit for creating these two things along with the sandbox genre because it will push other games to create bad clones of their games *caugh*Saints row*oough*

Finally therw is the new online system. Rockstar has taken advantage of the internet to make it possible to play online with friends! I know it sounds impossible but Rockstar did it. Their revolutionairy online system will mark a new oevolution for other games but for now only GTA IV can do this. You can have infinite fun playing in Liberty city with your friends and its all thanks to rockstar.

Overall this games the the best game ever in more ways then one. If you dont like it then that too bad. Your missing out because gamers and crtics agree that this is a great game.

Fun Factor
You might crap your pants.
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KozmoOchez3617d ago

but as a person of brutal honesty, i must say, this is ridiculously WRONG!

GTA4 is not the best game ever, not perfect, and I promise you, most of us do not want to continuously drive down the road shooting gangsters over and over, especially with the crappy car physics.

Seriously, im not being a douche, i read it was your first review here, and i just wanted to give you some constructive criticism, and this just doesnt sound like it is a completely honest/unbiased review.

My review of your review: 5/10

sorry for being so harsh

Pedobear3616d ago

I do not approve this review.

ThatCanadianGuy3609d ago

fun factor:6 (nowhere near San andreas)

it should be minimum 7/10 but with a screename like GTA IV...