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User Review : Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Its GTA Fun{New York is a great locale.{Holds true to the series
  • Not a graphical masterpiece{Missing that special something{Empty feeling multiplayer

NO Perfect 10 here.

I want to start my review by saying this game is no perfect game. My review will be fair to how I see the game, but I'm not getting paid for this review therefore I plan on being honest.

Normally I break up review in to the tradition categories. But for a game of this scale and hype, I will go alittle less traditional.

So unless you have been living under a rock you have heard something about Grand Theft Auto IV. This series has become a constant symbol of new ideas and massive gameplay. Being a "Sandbox"/Open world game, a lot of time goes in to the game. Developers have to analyze every inch of the world because the player can venture anywhere. Realistically it would be impossible to make this game with out any glitches. This game suffers a fair amount of glitches, but for the most part, it is amazing.

Niko Bellic is the best character thus far in the series. He's a character with more depth. Some one you can connect to and enjoy controlling. While at times he sounds like Shrek, the lines are well written and easy to follow. The only character I dislike is Little Jacob. His Jamaican accent is so deep that most of his dialouge is hard to follow. Each character is easy to differentiate, even the Irish brothers encountered later in the game. The overall character roster is well thought out and easy to keep track of, although at times it seems you don't have time to keep every one happy.

Liberty City is a play off of New York City. Having never been to New York, I can't say how it does in its imitation. As for size, its smaller than San Andreas. It seems like there are alot fewer icons of places to go shop. Liberty City is divided in to 3 areas which the icons mirror each other. When you want new fire arms you usually have to drive out of your way to get there. But for the most part this stays true to the series.

But if you are reading this, then you most likely know something about this game. So what's wrong with this game? What keeps it from being that perfect 10?

The first thing that keeps it from being a 10 in my review is simple. It doesn't live up to the hype. It didn't take my breath away the instant I put it in. It didn't suck me and and hold me in. Soon after playing I found myself able to turn my system on and move on. A perfect game to me keeps me sucked in for hours and hours.

Secondly, theres not too much new to it. Sure the location is different, and the characters have changed, but the game is the same. The things that have changes is the removal of things, such has character customization and planes. While I do enjoy watching t.v. it doesn't make the game better than others in the series.

Next, multiplayer. Since GTA III, I said multiplayer would be great, so when I heard it was coming I was really excited. But when it got here, I was, well, Disappointed. Character customization is very limited, most game modes are pointless, and crappy teammates can leave you feeling helpless. A lobby system that gave you a choice of room choice would have been nice, so you can get in to a room thats near full, as opposed to near empty.

What else could keep it from perfect? Have you ever played a game and just felt that something was missing, even when you just can't put you finger on? Well thats how I feel about this game. It's great, it's fun, but somethings just not quite right. I don't know what it is, but it is that factor that for sure holds up perfection.

Doesn't push the GTA bar to the level of expectations. With GTA, its expected that you're going to experience a game like no other, one that just blows your mind. This leave you waiting.
It holds true to a series which has never been known for graphics, but still out does its predecessor. Raises the bar for GTA but not for gaming in general
For sound I'm really grading its soundtrack. This is possibly the best soundtrack for any game. NO matter what your musical preference is you can find something to listen to and enjoy.
Fun Factor
While it's not everything I expected it is still a fun game. You decided the life your character lives. Their life is your decision.
Disappointing. Very Disappointing. But atleast there is online.
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Milky3598d ago

Yh I am really dissaponted with online, like you said, very empty. I am bored of GTA IV now, too many repetitive missions and not enough great ones.

HelloBabe693598d ago

Wow empty feeling multiplayer? Yeah doensn't seem like you've played much at all. I've only played a few missions in single player but multiplayer is all I play. Me and my buddies just roaming around the city starting cop chases and doing some ranked deatchmatches are pretty insane and pretty much the best multiplayer games I have ever played. Go play some more multiplayer or just find some friends to play with and see what I mean.

hokageof20093596d ago

its the same game different graphics but if gta 4 came out for ps2 and san andreas came out for ps3 how do u thnk everything would have changed??? (remember a game called o wat is it that microsoft made ummm o yea saints row)