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User Review : Grand Theft Auto IV

  • story.{gameplay,weapons,best rocket launcher ever!{animations.
  • freezing problems.{online disconection.

Welcome to Liberty City!

After 8 years and four excellent prequels the gta3 sequel has finally come to town and like it`s predecessors the hype is all around it.
so the question is does it live to all the hype? the answer is simple, yes it does.

gta4 takes place in LC which is a recreation of new york,the city looks great with a lot of things going on on the streets from people buying hot dogs to others picking up an umbrella on rainy days.The animations on this game will be the best you will see on any game to this date,the physics ,body hit recognition everything just feel real here.

You play as niko bellic a Russian immigrant who came to America looking for a special someone in the process he will find friends and enemies who will aid him throughout the game on his long searching.

a lot on improvements has been made on this category. On foot: the targeting is more responsible,the free aiming is better and easier to do than in previews games and now you can also take cover behind objects. On car: cars have more weight on them and feel more realistic now is possible to shoot anywhere and not just left and right like before.Helis and boat are nearly the same as before.

this has been always a strong part of the gta series and this time while the radio stations aren`t as great as vice city they really good, the weapons are top notch and voice acting sound as good as it gets.

Those who can get online will tell you how great is to play against 15 other peoples in an open world,is just sweet,too bad a lot of people have problems getting online lets just hope for an update to fix the matter.

If your game keep freezing at some point of the game just sign out of the psn network and you will be able to play the single mode story without any have fun with your 60 bucks game!

Final thoughts:
Gta4 is just one of those games you owe to yourself to play if you are a mature gamer,you can`t go wrong with this one.

best of any gta game.
what you expect for a gta game
great weapon,voice and music sounds
Fun Factor
this game will keep you entertained for very good time.
when working it is a 10 but unfortunately getting online is not that easy good luck to you.
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wolfehound223697d ago

Good review no spoilers. This is a great game can't get enough of it.

Stubacca3695d ago

Great Review mate.

Kept it simple and spoiler free!

Great game but I think the real issues aren't the online bits, it's the lack of things to do after the story and how there is only 2 freakin helicopters.

Niko Bellic3693d ago

No, bad review. this game is a 10

Slayer OP3695d ago

A review with a proper score.

JoelR3695d ago

You really believe GTA 4 deserves that score?
You must base most of your score on feelings and not on objective criteria.
Well to each their own - reviews are just opinions after all ^_^

BeaArthur3695d ago

Why because he didn't reach the same conclusion you did? Everyone evaluates games differently. He gave it a 9.8 and as long as he can back up the claims with valid reasons why he felt that way, who cares.

JoelR3694d ago

to each their own-reviews are just opinions...
guess you didn't read that part of what I said.

Oh well reading skills really need to improve or I might suspect that the education system down south really is like what GTA suggests it is like.

BeaArthur3694d ago can come over and check out my diploma from GMU anytime you want. And I was actually commenting on the fact that you were questioning his score. You said "You really believe GTA 4 deserves that score?"; clearly he does believe it deserves that score otherwise he would not have given it that score. You assume he based his review on hype and not substance, but do to my literary skills I can read the review and see that he has valid evidence to support his score. You try to insult my intelligence and then proceed to make such an ignorant claim about the south, how ironic.

Jinxstar3695d ago

Good Except for a few things. Niko is not Russian. He is "Eastern European". They never gave a specific country and he is not speaking Russian. Matter of fact I can't place his exact dialect and I think they wanted it that way... I know tis because I speak Russian and Vlad and others actually speak it... I think it may be some sort of Bosnian/ Chechen Dialect.

Also Grammar bro...

Amazing game start to finish. I have been having so much fun. The online is good and I am so happy R* did this Gen a solid. Lived up to all I could have wanted and more. Both endings were great and I almost want to just jump right back in and start again =D

Nevers3693d ago

sometimes I swear Niko sounds just like Christopher Lambert but then it slips back to the E. Euro. And for the life of me I have no idea what LJ says on a constant basis.

oh yeah... Nice review by the by...