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User Review : Grand Theft Auto IV

  • deep story line{large open sandbox
  • potential freezeups{moderate pop in{bad controls

GTA IV a must have but no 10

A game that is worth playing and definitely is an achievement of an amazing caliber... flawed but excellent. You have to try Base Jumping out of a Helicopter ^_-

Deep and engaging while still allowing you to play around... Quintessential GTA gameplay. Can't go wrong with it. Play it!

Almost nextgen - a significant improvement over the previous editions but not as good as the top or even the middle of the next gen graphics heap. It is somewhat surprising considering how much time they took developing the title... Maybe next time they will try ProFX

Near perfect, voice acting is top notch and sound effects while still not perfect recreations of the real items are very close. Both the X360 and the PS3 version should get a prize for best sound this year

Technical Build:
Somewhat disappointing on many levels, with next gen hardware pop-in should be minimized even more then it is, AA was top notch mostly for the PS3 with some startling exceptions where AA appeared to drop out entirely. Overall an improvement over the X version but still not great.

moderate control issues with basic controllers (x360 and PS3) but nothing that can't be compensated for.
I have serious reservations about the Motion Controls on the PS3 for all vehicles but the motorbike and boat... use it for em. Helicopter has a huge learning curve but if you can master it the heli is actually more manuverable using sixaxis - otoh learning it is like dining in hell - something you never want to do.

Immense - that is the only word for it. Still not the biggest map ever (but with expansions...). You will not run out of places to visit for a very long time and the feel is very metro.

weak for the most part and can be beaten by judicious planning.

If you can get on and if 8 ball is fixed it's great.

Deep and Engaging
Improved but not as much as most Next Gen Games
Great Sound, Great Cameos
Fun Factor
More fun than you can have with your girlfriends top down....
mu ha ha ha - honestly try it - it's fun
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TheDeadMetalhead3678d ago

And to be fair, the graphics never were the high point of GTA. I'm glad you realize that:)

JoelR3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Graphics do hurt it but the game is excellent anyways ^_^
My feelings have always been Storyline > Graphics but both should be excellent for the best of breed.
Gamelocking bugs are a no no in my mind for releasing a product - so while it was awesome they released it it probably should have been QA's a bit more before release...they delayed it once - they probably should have a 2nd time. (otoh that evil EA thing forced their hand)

as a big UK review site put it:
"But in four months time we'll remember it as a superb game, rather than a new epoch in videogaming."

TheDeadMetalhead3675d ago

In my opinion, the 2 most important parts of a game are the Gameplay and the Fun Factor. I'm not saying Graphics and Sound don't matter. Just not as much.

fenderputty3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

the game very much as well but, I don't think this game deserves the praise that its received. I was expecting much more form the amount of 10's that were given out. I mean honestly ... the reviews make this game out to be the best EVER. While it's fantastic, frame rate, pop in, clunky driving controls and a clunky hand to hand combat make the game far from perfect. I hate the fact that people have auto aim online too. What's with kicking you back to the apartment too?

Honestly ... I would give the game and 8.5 or 9 out of ten. Nothing higher.

JoelR3677d ago

when you base a review on a feeling rather than on rock hard facts you get anomalies in what rating is given... Feelings are only part of the equation. Technical aspects effect how the game plays as well and they can be marked by an objective standard.

fenderputty3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

I feel like most of the reviews have been out of emotion alone. I just don't see how this game can get SOOOOO many 10's when its clearly flawed to some extent. I still think the game is amazing but, I could never give this game anything over a low 9 and still feel rational in my decision making.

Hell ... in one of the first missions, I was chasing some dude up ladders. Just getting Niko on a ladder was a chore.

I just feel like 10's were given out simply because its GTA.

beavis4play3676d ago

the review scores it's getting could be related to the same reasons halo 3 got such great scores- all the hype leading up to those reviews. both games were hyped (and looked forward to) by everyone. the final products may have been less than perfect, but they both received a bunch of "9.7 and up" scores even though both games really didn't merit them.

JoelR3676d ago

no worries about attacking ^_^
If someone disagrees they disagree with my rating.

and yes hype and advertising budgets do tend to determine a paid review more than it does for direct uncompensated reviews.

LastDance3676d ago

im with you all.....It definatly doesnt deserve game since ocarina of time...nope...not for me. Hand to hand combat is just short of broken.

JoelR3676d ago

It definitely is a great game though - worthy of most any video game library. -It's just not perfect-

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