Grand Theft Auto IV Interviews  

Greenburg: '360 Will Extend Lead Over PS3 in '08'

2517d ago - Destructoid was able to secure an exclusive interview with Aaron Greenberg, Group Product Manager... | 2,13

GTA 4 Music Man Explains How Those 214 Songs Made The Soundtrack

2523d ago - When the man in charge of the 214-song soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto IV first wanted to figure... | 1,2

Filmwatch Contest Details

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Media Coverage: IGN Says Variety May Have 'Grudge'

2523d ago - GameDaily speaks with IGN editor Hilary Goldstein, who responds to criticisms of his "ethica... | 1, 2, 11, 13

Do violent games like GTA create violent kids?

2524d ago - While early reviews of Grand Theft Auto IV herald it as a masterpiece, some familiar anti-violenc... | 1,2,11

Which Console is Best for GTA IV? - Part 1

2526d ago - MCV asked infinite Field Marketing Solutions to go North of the boarder and ask retailers the que... | 1, 2, 13

Which Console is Best for GTA IV? - Part 2

2526d ago - MCV asked infinite Field Marketing Solutions to go North of the boarder and ask retailers the que... | 1, 2, 13

GTA: Industry Perspectives - Ted Price, David Amor, Frank O'Connor. Jamil Moledina and David Perry

2527d ago - GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "What did opportunistic politicians, fear-mongering media types an... | 1,2,11,13

GamingNexus talks to Geoff Keighley about Grand Theft Auto IV

2527d ago - Chuck Husemann from GamingNexus chats up GameTrailers.TV host Geoff Keighley to get his impressio... | 1, 2

X-Play Exclusive: GTA IV Console Battle

2527d ago - Adam Sessler gets some time with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal and Kotaku's Brian Crecente as they discu... | 1,2

It's Just a Game, Says Man Behind GTA

2527d ago - Its output has been described as "sick, deluded and beneath contempt" and banned for it... | 1,2,13

Interview: Do Other Developers Hate GTA IV?

2527d ago - GamesRadar speaks to Bungie, Epic, Gearbox, Eat Sleep Play and more to find out if GTA punches th... | 1,2

Grand Theft Auto producer is Godfather of gaming

2529d ago - The Times writes: "Penetrating Rockstar North's office has proved to be trickier than stea... | 1,2

GTA IV Screens and Q&A - Weapons, Cover, and Combat

2531d ago - Grand Theft Auto IV is the game everyone wants. You know it, GameSpot knows it, and developer Roc... | 1,2

GTA 4: R* talks about working with Natural Motion + Screens

2531d ago - Following on the heels of the information Rockstar North provided on the RAGE engine and its appl... | 1,2

GTA IV: The Power Broker

2532d ago - IGN does an interview with Leslie Benzies, Producer at Rockstar North to talk about the design pr... | 1,2

Rockstar explains the tech behind GTA4, with new screens - 1UP

2532d ago - 1UP writes: "With Grand Theft Auto IV's release on the horizon, Rockstar North's techni... | 1,2

GTA IV Q&A: Animating the World + 8 Screens

2533d ago - Now that GTA IV has gone gold the team over at Rockstar North is finally getting a chance to fiel... | 1,2

Motormouth: A GTA Q&A with Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser - 1UP

2533d ago - It's not that Rockstar founder Sam Houser is a man of few words. Get him talking about Grand Thef... | 1,2,11

Eurogamer: Grand Theft Auto IV's Aaron Garbut Interview, Part 2

2533d ago - In part two, Grand Theft Auto art director Aaron Garbut explains how GTA IV's development echoed... | 1,2

Eurogamer: Grand Theft Auto IV's Aaron Garbut: Part 1

2534d ago - Eurogamer writes: "Grand Theft Auto IV is finished. It's on the way to the shops right now,... | 1,2

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

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Dan Houser: 'We protect our IP, not exploit it'

2535d ago - Variety's The Cut Scene has just posted up an extended version of its recent interview with Rocks... | 1,2

Grand Theft Auto IV: Audio Q&A

2537d ago - Exclusive: Rockstar dishes on why gunfire has never sounded so good. | 1,2

GTA's radio phenom Lazlo goes on the radio IRL

2537d ago - Lazlo interview by Opie and Anthony. New details revealed. Part 1 below and Part 2 below that. | 1,2

Next-Gen Interview: Microsoft's Console War

2538d ago - Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg gives Next-Gen an in-depth view on the console war... | 1,2,3,13

Interview with NZ's Chief Censor about Grand Theft Auto IV

2539d ago - Gameplanet puts some questions to New Zealand's Chief Censor, Bill Hastings, regarding Grand Thef... | 1, 2

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