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Let's Talk About: Grand Theft Auto V

533d ago ... It should be no surprise that a company like Rockstar Games - which knows no boundaries when it comes to quality, innovation and pushing the proverbial envelope - is able to craft such an [in]famous series that has been running on a lifespan of sixteen years and counting. Dating back to 1997 with the franchise's debut release of the PlayStation, Windows and MS-DOS title, Grand Theft Auto was on...

"Video games made me do it!" | A Brief Insight to Video Game Controversy

893d ago ... As many of you are well aware, with anything in the entertainment department, there's a cult of concerned soccer moms, congregates of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs), and even the occasional radio personality who weigh in on controversial subjects and often either rally for change or piss and moan until the cows come home. Without a doubt, one of if not the most controversial topic in the en...

365 Days of Gaming - Day 16: Rant

996d ago ... I don't know what it is, but any and every game I play today just seems to share the ability of pissing me off without major effort, especially Battlefield 3 and Test Drive Unlimited 2. I started off with Test Drive, working on earning my A3/A2 license to open new championships. Well, for starters, they made the driving school this round damn near impossible thanks to giving me a trashy Mercede...


2123d ago ... Mafiya Mode is the closest thing to a gta II hd remix and I enjoy it, and believe its grand theft auto IV's best kept secret.

Video Games: Multiplatform Comparisons

2197d ago ... This blog was written before the release of Grand Theft Auto IV and thought I should right about it.

GTA IV: The Better Version

2384d ago ... An in-depth reasoning on the better version of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Zelnick tells EA, Challenge This!

2426d ago ... GTAGaming's member Kodo writes his take on the recent stock buyout offer from EA to Take2, an opportunity for EA to cash in on Grand Theft Auto IV.
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