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Ten Japanese gaming auteurs you should know

18d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: ""Auteur" means something a little different to "artist." To put it... | Industry

Goichi Suda updates on Let It Die

37d ago - IGN: The game, which had gone missing for a long, will come over the next year. | PS4

Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Interview: Suda51 Talks LET IT DIE & Being An Old School Otaku | AUTOMATON

526d ago - Goichi Suda - aka "Suda51" of Grasshopper Manufacture - speaks with the AUTOMATON JP staff about... | PS4

Interview: Suda 51 Talks LET IT DIE & Why He Doesn't Care About Ratings | AUTOMATON

531d ago - Goichi Suda - aka "Suda 51" of Grasshopper Manufacture - speaks with the AUTOMATON JP staff about... | PS4

Tales From The Game Shelf: No More Heroes

686d ago - No More Heroes doesn't have the richest plot, but the way it plays on the player's expectations i... | Wii

Gamigon Live: Suda 51's Short Peace Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Days: New Details On Combustible

712d ago - Gamigon Live says: "Today Namco Bandai Games revealed new details on Combustible, the second m... | PS3

Suda 51 on PS4: It's "Immediate," "We Can Develop on it With Ease, and that's the Best for Us"

782d ago - Grasshopper Manufacture Honcho Suda 51 seems to be in love with the PS4. He’s currently developin... | PS4

Suda51: What matters is the game, not the platform

814d ago - In his latest interview Goichi Suda has argued it is too soon to judge the new PlayStation 4 and... | Xbox 360

PlayDevil interviews Suda 51 at Gamescom

893d ago - PlayDevil video editor Alex interviews Suda 51 about his new game Killer is Dead at Gamescom. | Xbox 360

Gung Ho Online Entertainment To Announce New Title Within Three Months: New Game by Suda 51?

919d ago - There are strong hints to the possibility of Gung Ho Online Entertainment announcing a new game w... | Xbox 360

Suda 51 on originality, videogame sexism and next gen development

929d ago - Edge:Killer Is Dead’s creator talks about the role of female characters in his next game, and why... | Culture

Killer is Dead Is Self Contained but May Have a Sequel, Says Suda 51

946d ago - Grasshopper Manufacture’s Killer is Dead is going to be released worldwide on August the 27th, bu... | Xbox 360

Suda 51: "Always Up to the Idea" Of Creating No More Heroes 3

966d ago - The No More Heroes series has been one of the most popular between the creations of the visionary... | Industry

Podcast: Couch Co-op Episode 16

1102d ago - Tanya Valdez writes: A more intimate look into news circulating the gaming industry where we allo... | Xbox 360

GungHo And Grasshopper Comment On Studio Acquisition

1106d ago - Sal Romano: ''Last night, GungH Online Entertainment announced it acquired Goichi Suda-led develo... | Industry

5 Reasons Why Suda 51 Is The Quentin Tarantino of Gaming

1115d ago - WhatCulture writes: It’s a shame that we can’t have more people who feel as genuine or as genuine... | Culture

If They Co-Created

1234d ago - The author ponders what would happen if the greatest Japanese and Western minds came together and... | Culture

New Game + | The bizarre brilliance of Suda51, part two

1275d ago - Andrew Passafiume: "From this point forward, all of Goichi Suda’s projects would veer away from t... | Culture

New Game + | The bizarre brilliance of Suda51, part one

1297d ago - Andrew Passafiume: "Usually in New Game+, I discuss components of games, gaming culture, and the... | Culture

Suda 51 talks zombies, Lollipop Chainsaw, and…CHiPs?!

1396d ago - Suda 51, the rockstar video game creator, discusses Lollipop Chainsaw, zombies, and some of this... | Industry

PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post

Suda 51: Crazy game ideas are 'in my mind all the time'

1398d ago - ( PAX East 2012 last weekend, we had the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with Goichi Suda... | Xbox 360

Suda 51: "Not All Craziness is Good"

1401d ago - Goichi "Suda 51" Suda is a man known for doing his own thing. From otaku assassin Travis Touchdow... | Dev

The Evolution Of Grasshopper: Suda Balances Social, Core, And Growth

1515d ago - Iconoclastic developer Goichi Suda talks Gamasutra about how his studio Grasshopper Manufacture h... | Wii

Lollipop Chainsaw: Suda51 Is Insane in a Good Way

1570d ago - The creative mind behind the cheerleader zombie slayer speaks. | Xbox 360

Suda Hints at No More Heroes 3 In The Works

1590d ago - Goichi Suda, the CEO of Grasshopper Manufacturer, hinted while at Eurogamer that there is a poten... | Wii
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