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Video Games Can Never Be Art So Long As PR Bows To Pressure

1063d ago ... I was going to write up a blog about the importance of characters like Princess Peach and Princess Zelda in their respective games, but I decided to table that in favour of a more pressing issue. If you hadn't heard by now, Sony bowed to the pressure of White Knights all over the internet and changed the name of the God of War Ascension trophy from "Bros before Hos" to "Bros before Foes". So...

E3 2012 Predictions

1358d ago ... In two short weeks, E3 2012 will be upon us and with it a slew of information about the future of the industry. "Innovation Unveiled" is this years slogan for the popular trade show but what can we expect to see out of the show? Many people have posted what they want to see out of E3 but none have posted what will realistically come out of the show. In the first part I will put what will be my...
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