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Resistance 3 Beta Impressions

967d ago ... To start, I just have to come straight out and say this; the Resistance 3 beta is UGLY. No, I don't mean "sub-par" nor "Not Uncharted". I mean ugly. The ghosting is horrible. Is there a blur effect in place? I don't know, nor care - it's headache inducing. I've never had a problem with any such thing while playing a console game until now. It's not exactly blurring crystal clear HD gra...

PlayStation 3 Games are better than PC Games

1204d ago ... Judging the title alone, I just know I am going to get a thousand comments saying things like “The PS3 is 5 year old hardware, you cant compare it to the PC.” First off, I am not judging graphics, nore do I care if your PC games has more lighting particles and higher res textures, I still have many valid reasons that PlayStation games surpass the PC. One of the main things seen in a lot of P...

PS3 OR 360 OR BOTH Part 1

1207d ago ... Its a question that gets asked on this site pretty much every day "which console is the best" and to be honest in my opinion its to close to call. On one hand you have the PS3 which is clearly the more powerful console, it has a great roster of games exclusive and multiplat and it has a blu-ray drive which is a huge bonus. On the other hand you have the 360 which also has a great roster of game...

GOTY Awards

1222d ago ... Well I do this every year, because I don't agree with many of the choices the major websites pick, as it seems like they're trying to push certain games over others. So here's my GOTY awards. Best Action-Adventure Winner: God of War 3 Runner Up: Red Dead Redemption Honorable Mentions: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Bayonetta, Darksiders, God of War Ghost of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid...

What I did in order to purchase Kinect day one

1374d ago ... Now that I have your attention I'll start by saying that I own all three major consoles and I usually own all the consoles each generation. I consider myself a gamer first and foremost. I do however consider myself to be a competitive gamer. So of course when it comes to playing games online, I play the 360 pretty exclusively. I also am up front that most PS3 titles aren't worth actually buying...

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Just the Facts!

1380d ago ... So you've probably heard every rumor there is to hear about the God of War franchise - especially that God of War 3 isn't the end of the sequential franchise - but I'm here to lay down the spoiler free truth, and the truth only. Forget everything everyone else has told you, these are properly researched facts, and I WILL mention it if I start predictions. Let me just clear the air about the...

Innovation... Or Not

1408d ago ... Something's been bothering me for the past few years: innovation. Specifically, the word "innovation" and how carelessly it's been tossed around by gaming "journalists." (Yes, the quotations marks are there to indicate a lack of authenticity and/or legitimacy. More often than not, "innovative" seems to be a nonsense word--a cluster of letters with no real meaning, only a vaguely positive con...

2010 games you shouldn't miss - playing the hardcore way: God of War 3

1436d ago ... Well, the first month of 2010 are gone already and we there have been some amazing games already. This year should be a huge one for games, even bigger than the last one. Many very promising games are coming (Alan Wake, Modnation racers, Red Dead Redemption) and E3 is just around certainly with big announcements (apart from the ones revealed already, for example Little Big Planet 2 and Assass...

Donate to charity for God of War 3 hands on?

2330d ago ... Donate to charity for God of War 3 hands on?
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