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Twinfinite: Ghost Trick Nominated For Major Award, There Is a God

1195d ago - Ghost Trick was a fantastic, tragically under-the-radar adventure/puzzle/mystery hybrid which I c... | Nintendo DS

Mean Gentlemen: Ghost Trick Review (DS)

1204d ago - Meangentlemen take a look at what could be the best point and click adventure game to grace the N... | Nintendo DS

Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

The 12 Best Games of 2011 []

1209d ago - Games Catalyst: "Now the turkey has been eaten and Auld Lang Syne sung it's time to reveal Games... | Wii
10° - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

1214d ago - Warning: This Review may take away your soul. | Nintendo DS

The Reviewcast-MixedUpzombies Top Ten

1214d ago - A word of warning I sadly hardly played any games this year. So making this list was extremely di... | Nintendo DS

Gametrailers: Best Nintendo DS Game 2011

1217d ago - Gametrailers: Nintendo's DS put up a valiant final year in 2011. Find out which title closes out... | Nintendo DS

Gametrailers: Best Puzzle Game 2011

1217d ago - Gametrailers: It was a year that tested our brains like no other, but which title had all the rig... | Nintendo DS

Gametrailers: Best New IP 2011

1220d ago - Gametrailers: With the gaming world being dominated by the sequels and blockbusters, these titles... | Nintendo DS

Gametrailers: Best Story 2011

1221d ago - Gametrailers: The past year has featured many tales of adventure, adversity and woe! We honor the... | Nintendo DS

Barrel Roll Podcast #146 – “Doughnut Drake and the Golden Corral” |

1221d ago - writes, "This week on the show, Jonah and Jesse are joined by Mike Bachmann of “A... | Nintendo DS

DS Game of the Year 2011 | Trendy Gamers

1222d ago - Trendy Gamers: Even with the launch of the 3DS this year, the DS still saw a few great games. We... | Nintendo DS
110° An Argument for Innovation

1222d ago - "Games that break the mold or truly immerse players aren't just a breath of fresh air. And they d... | Nintendo DS

Newbreview: "Ghost Trick" review

1223d ago - Jose from Newbreview reviews Capcom's Ghost Trick! | Nintendo DS

SBG Holiday Gift Guide 2011: DS/3DS

1231d ago - SBG: "Looking for a good game for yourself or someone else this holiday season? We’ve got you cov... | Nintendo DS

Twinfinite: Overlooked Gems: Ghost Trick

1275d ago - An article about the Nintendo DS game Ghost Trick, released in January of this year. The article... | Nintendo DS

GamePeople Reviews Ghost Trick 8 Times

1334d ago - A little like the time-rewinding mechanic of the game itself, GamePeople got 8 of their reviewers... | Nintendo DS

9 Most Underappreciated Games of 2011

1356d ago - Chances are the highlights of your gaming year so far involve the likes of Portal 2, LA Noire, Ki... | Nintendo DS

SBG Podcast: The Return

1453d ago - SBG: "Whoa! We have a podcast again? That's right, we're reviving the 'cast for all you readers a... | Culture

Review - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

1453d ago - CFD!'s Hayley Winter reviews Capcom's DS adventure release from the man behind the Ace Attorney s... | Nintendo DS
60° 2011 Spring FGA Winners Announced

1469d ago - "The following games have been selected as winners in the 2011 Spring Family Gamer Awards (FGA).... | Nintendo DS

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective: The Best Game You’ve Never Played?

1474d ago - TSA writes: "First up, allow me to apologise for the rather presumptuous title. For all I know yo... | Nintendo DS

Thumbpad: Season 5 Returns: Episode 1

1501d ago - Welcome to Season 5 of ThumbPad On this Season 5 Premiere show, Thumbpad kick things off with:... | Arcade

Long-form Review of Ghost Trick DS Makes Missile Character of the Year

1505d ago - Mark Clapham writes: "Missile the ghost-dog is a fantastic character, bouncing around with canine... | Nintendo DS : Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

1510d ago - What do you do when you wake up to find you’ve been murdered? Do you go on to whatever afterlife... | Nintendo DS

FragLand - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

1514d ago - FragLand - Imagine: you wake up and see your body lying underneath you. Slowly the realisation se... | Nintendo DS

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

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