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User Review : Gears of War

  • Sports some of the best visuals on the 360.{Online Multiplayer is a blast.{Supports online co-op.
  • Campaign is a bit short.

Gears of War is truly a great showpiece for the Xbox 360.

Gears of War was the premier release for the Xbox 360 in 2006. Microsoft had to find another big hitting game that did not bear the Halo name. Indeed, Microsoft did seem to find a truly heavy hitter that would tide the gaming public over while the next iteration of Halo was way off in the distant future. I am happy to report that Gears of War is everything that Microsoft could have hoped for and then some.

Gears of war ditched the popular viewpoint of first person, and instead opted for a less traditional third person perspective. The formula end ups working out really well. Using cover is a key element to Gears of War’s game play. Gamers not using this feature will find themselves meeting a certain quick demise. You take cover behind fences, benches, crates, etc, wait for the enemy to pop up from cover and then start firing. You move from cover point to cover point with a quick button press. Gears is also a glorious depiction of brutality. Blood is flying, cities are ravaged and heads are getting crushed with a quick curb stomp.

The story of Gears of War is depicted around Marcus Pheonix and the Locust Horde. The Locust Horde is running rampant and attacking all the major cities. There is all around bloodshed and many human casualties. Eventually the Locust are at the prison where Pheonix is being held. He disobeys orders and leaves the prison in an effort to save his father. He eventually wages an all out battle against the Locusts. Personally, I thought the story was kind of generic. In my opinion Epic has not been known for great stories but most of their games have been more focused on the game play. Gears of War seems to fall into this mold.

Visually, Gears of War is a true jaw dropper. Epic has proven that they do know the ins and outs of their Unreal Engine 3. The characters and environments are really detailed. The only complaint I have is that the environments are not very expansive. The effects of the gunfire and explosions are also equally impressive. One truly unique feature to Gears of War is the chainsaw attachment to the rifle. You can literally leave your enemies in a bloody pulp. This is definitely satisfying. The Hammer of Dawn is also a lot of fun too.

The sound effects are also of good quality. With guns sounding realistic and fitting the mood. The voice acting is also decent although the dialogue is a bit cheesy. The AI is also good with enemies attacking when they should and taking cover accordingly. Most of the time enemies will not just allow you to kill them by just standing still. The main campaign is of decent quality but is a bit on the short side. The main story is definitely loads of fun but where Gears of War really excels is the multiplayer.

The game is full of multiplayer options that should please some of the most hardcore online multiplayer fans. Even the campaign mode offers a co-op feature where you and a friend can play through the entire game online. There are also an ample amount of maps to play online. The online portion of Gears of War adds tremendous replay value to the game. It is no wonder that Gears of War is one of the biggest hits on Xbox LIVE even years after it’s release.

Overall Gears of War is truly a stunning showpiece of for the Xbox 360. The graphics, sound, multiplayer, and fun factor are all of great quality. It is still a blast to wipe out the Locust Horde even today, and the online components are stellar. The only complaint I have is that I wish that the party system and game start up was a copy of Halo 3. I guess you can’t have everything though. Gears of War is a definite must have for any hardcore shooter enthusiast. I am in eager anticipation of the sequel.

There is something satisfying about having the ability to saw you opponent into pieces.
Visually this is still an amazing looking game.
The music and effects do fit but the dialogue is cheesy at times.
Fun Factor
There is great fun to be had, but offline players may not think so.
The game is full of multiplayer options that should please some of the most hardcore online multiplayer fans.
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NO_PUDding3695d ago

Gears is mediocre. But defitnely not deservign of below a 7, but defintely not deserving of a 9 or higher.

Basically I would say a fair re-review of this is 7.5 - 8.

And to show you that I am not a PS3 fanboy I would say that Uncharted is definately a 7. Although most of it's points came from visuals, it's gameplay is awful.

BeaArthur3694d ago

Calling the dialog cheese is a massive understatement, and the multiplier was buggy. Very very overrated game.

PS360WII3694d ago

Nice review and yes the Hammer of Dawn was fun to use on the peons in the campaign as well as the big bugs ^^ It really was the game for 2006 and I think many would agree with your score. It really was a gritty and bloody game my only faults I would give it were the lack of bodies for each encounter. Yes they certainly seemed like enough on harder settings but you know...