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Sam Abbott, COO and Producer of Compulsion Games, answers questions about the world of We Happy Few, lessons learned from developing Contrast, and....
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Marvel Heroes With ADG #1: My First Time Playing, Avenger Tower Prologue

755d ago - ADG is bringing you a first in tons of exclusive coverage of Marvel Heroes. First out the gate is... | PC

Marvel Heroes Beta Impressions | Metal Arcade

893d ago - Metal Arcade: A surprisingly fun romp through carnage and chaos with your favorite Marvel Her... | PC


Now - The community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. | Promoted post

Marvel Heroes Interview with Stephen Reid

897d ago - Metal Arcade: Community Director Stephen Reid answers some questions about the upcoming MMO, Ma... | PC

Marvel Heroes MMO: A Wishlist of Game Features That Will Please Every Fan

994d ago - Usually, I’m not the type to write too many wish list articles, but in this case I will make an e... | PC

David Brevik on Marvel Heroes - Ready Up

1010d ago - Quoted from interview: "With Marvel Heroes entering its closed beta next month we grabbed some ti... | PC

Diablo Creator David Brevik Addresses Diablo III, Talks Marvel Heroes

1042d ago - There’s been a lot of online controversy since Gamescom 2012 that originated from Diablo creator... | PC

Gazillion respond to Blizzard backlash on interview

1044d ago - Following the out of order comments from the Diablo 3 development team in response to an intervie... | PC

Gazillion Entertainment President David Brevik Talks Marvel Heroes MMO

1074d ago - SAN DIEGO -- Gazillion Entertainment have Comic-Con 2012 fans a first play of the free-to-play on... | PC

Marvel Heroes “We have access to all these characters”

1090d ago - David Brevik gives a brief overview of the Marvel Heroes game, talking about its settings, proced... | PC

Comic-Con 2011: Gazillion Entertainment to Reveal First Concept Art of Marvel Universe MMO

1446d ago - Gazillion Entertainment is returning to Comic-Con this year to reveal more information on its Mar... | PC

New Marvel MMO Available on Xbox 360 or Wii 2?

1498d ago - Game Rant: "If Sony is running DC Universe Online, a game which charges a subscription fee, exclu... | Wii

Interview: Gazillion's David Brevik On Changing 'The Ways MMOs Are Viewed'

1502d ago - Gamasutra: Former Blizzard North developer David Brevik -- now president and CEO of Gazillion --... | PC

( Marvel Universe Online - Making it Your Own

1519d ago - Weezul "Quite some time ago, Marvel Comics announced that they were going to partner with a small... | Dev

MMO Marvel Universe Writer Revealed - GamerGaia

1520d ago - On April 28, 2011 an event was held by Gazillion in San Francisco that was to reveal the writer f... | Industry

Ex-Cryptic CEO Joins Gazillion

1571d ago - John Needham, who left his post as CEO of Cryptic Studios earlier this week, has takes up the sam... | Industry

No More NetDevil: LEGO Universe studio closes

1588d ago - LEGO Universe developer NetDevil has apparently laid off a large number of staff, with stories al... | Industry

Bay Area Company Seeks To Dominate MMO Genre

1694d ago - San Mateo, California based Gazillion Entertainment is keeping tight lipped about their inner wor... | PC

Gamesauce Conference Leadership panel: How Every Single One of Us Can Make a Difference

1749d ago - When we think of a leader, we may have visions of the president of a major corporation or maybe e... | Industry

E3 2010 Marvel Superhero Squad preview at

1833d ago - Based upon the Saturday morning cartoon of the same name, Gazillion's Marvel Super Hero Squad onl... | PC
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